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13 Amazing Indoor Cycling Benefits You Need to Aware Of

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Indoor cycling is an organized fitness activity that is done using a stationary bike in a classroom setting or the house. The stationary bike has a big weighted flywheel, handlebars, gears, pedals and an adjustable seat. It is among the most common fitness exercises done globally since the invention of the wheel because of the many benefits it contains.

In this write up let’s dig into some of the benefits of indoor cycling:

Sporting and fun activity

Indoor cycling aside from being a fitness exercise can also be a fun experience especially to lovers of bike riding. Read our recumbent exercise bikes reviews and find the best fit for you.

For instance, if the weather outside is foul or you are around a rough or dangerous terrain, you can hop on the stationary bike and just enjoy the activity.

It lowers stress levels

benefits of recumbent exercise bikeAs our spin bike reviews unfold, the activity can take place in groups, you can get to ride your bike, and when done at home it tends to be a more private and peaceful activity.

This is because you can regulate the atmosphere Fitness research studies has proven that indoor cycling as an activity releases body tension.

And in turn emits neurotransmitters known as endorphin which has been known to reduce stress levels.

When done as a group, it also creates some adrenaline rush to the body which also acts a stress reliever to the body.

It is more of a private activity

Indoor cycling can only be done by one person at a time on one bike and so for those that love their privacy this can be a beneficial exercise to them.

In a gym setting, one can have his or her towel, a bottle of water and put on their type of music on their phones before partaking the exercise.

Once the training begins, there is a lot of privacy because the activity will revolve around the person, the bike, and the music that they are listening to.

It can also be done in the house which in this case is more private especially if one is living alone.

It is risk-free

recumbent bike benefitsCompared to the normal two-wheel moving bike, indoor cycling is very safe as one is free from sustaining any kind of body injuries that can be incurred from riding a regular bike on the outside.

Most of the risks involved with riding a bicycle on the outside are head on collisions with pedestrians; injuries sustained from falling from high speed, heavy traffic, bad weather, collisions with vehicles, cases of rough terrain and also in some cases there have been deaths resulting from cycling outside.

All of these are avoided by indoor cycling because the best upright stationary bike involved in this case is stationary and therefore the user can go up to the maximum speed and not get injured in any way.

Once one is perfectly positioned on the stationary bike, they become free from any cycling related injuries and accidents.

Improve muscle strength

benefits of a recumbent bikeYou will increase your agility and strength. Simply said, “Cycling won’t get easier, but you will get better.”.

Indoor cycling incorporates many muscles when performing the exercise as it is a process.

When one sits on the stationary bike, they include the leg muscles when pedaling against resistance with the shoulder muscles when handling the handle bars.

There are also the butt muscles from sitting down with the back muscles from regularly switching one’s position from time to time while cycling.

Incorporating all these muscles can significantly boost the stamina of all leg muscles.

This means that you will be in a better position of performing their day to day activities without being prone to small leg injuries like muscle pulls and ankle twists.

It is a major calorie burner

Indoor cycling will play a major role as an exercise in your fat loss or weight reduction objectives.

It has been discovered that one can burn around 500 calories in a 45-minute indoor cycling class.

One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. You can simply calculate that with a biased diet you need around 7 indoor cycling classes.

This means that the longer the time spent on the stationary bike, the more the calories are burnt.

It has also been discovered that a 60-minute indoor cycling exercise is equivalent to 15 to 20 miles of riding a bike.

It is a low impact exercise

recumbent exercise bike benefitsAlthough using the best recumbent exercise bike is a high-intensity workout it is surprisingly very low impact.

Correct bike setup is important, and you need appropriate footwear then you can indulge in the exercise without the worry of sustaining hip injuries and foot pains which are often commonly associated with running and the traditional aerobics classes.

This is because cycling allows a proper extension and flexibility.

Thereby enabling great results from a low impact workout but should be done with high intensity.

One is also able to regulate their intensity without the risk of giving up or getting bored as in the cases of running.

It is a great warm up

Many times we see sportsmen and women using stationary bikes as warm-up exercises before they get into the track and field.

This is usually common among soccer and rugby players and also athletes because a 3 to 5 minutes cycle on the stationary bike creates an adrenaline rush on the body and it also increases the body warmth as a little sweat is removed.

Indoor cycling also increases the energy level for the players, and that is why they are so common in their dressing rooms.

Likewise, in the gym bodybuilders have to cycle to get them in the mood for the weight lifting process.

In some cases, indoor cycling has also proved to be a major warm down tool for joggers, athletes, and people that have just completed an aerobics session.

This is because after an intense workout they can sit on the stationary bike and cycle on low speeds which are effective for cooling down of the body.

Minimizes the risk of heart diseases

benefits of recumbent bikeSurvey has shown that indoor cycling provides cardiovascular fitness in that it eases the flow of the blood to the heart and also allows easy flow of oxygen in the blood and tissue.

This is because a well directed indoor cycling class will keep the heart rate steady from the different intervals of cycling.

Doctors usually recommend to those that are prone to heart failure to always participate in indoor cycling sessions.

It can also lower body pressure and the body cholesterol which makes it even a more vital exercise for the body.

It is also great for any age group

Since fitness has no age group, indoor cycling is the best exercise for all age group.

This is because it is an easy fitness exercise to partake and does not require a lot of guidance.

It also does not create any strain to the body which means that even those in their old age can easily take part in this exercise without fearing any injuries or body harm.

Research shows that persons from the age of 10 years to 85 years have the ability to exercise, and indoor cycling has greatly been associated with all the age groups.

It also saves time

Many people in the working class category like to work out before they go to work or after coming from work and therefore to avoid the outside hassle indoor cycling is usually the best remedy for them.

There is also the point of getting ready if one wants to go for an outside workout and thus indoor cycling is great in saving time as one doesn’t have to get ready for anything.

It also ensures sound sleep

Those with sleeping problems are often advised to take on indoor cycling as the higher the intensity of the work out the easier you will sleep soundly.

Setting Your Bike for Maximum Results

Many settings can differ based on the recumbent bike vs upright bike, but some general settings still apply.

  • Seat height

You need to sit comfortably, and you achieve that by adjusting the seat so that the feet are well placed on the pedals. The legs should be extended almost completely, but they should meet the pedal, and you still need to sit comfortably at the same time.

  • Handlebars

Adjust them up and down and also front and backward. I shouldn’t say you need to reach them too. For comfortable position, you need to keep shoulders relaxed and open chest to breathe normally.

  • Seat forward and backward

This is to ensure the knee is aligned and in neutral position compared to pedals. This adjustment should be for an average rider, and one should be within reach of the handle bars.

  • Foot placement

Position your feet on the pedals and adjust the shoe strap to ensure it fits. Tighten the strap and do a few pedal strokes so that you can adjust anything that does not fit your comfort.

To sum up, indoor cycling is the best and most comfortable fitness exercise you can indulge in. It also has much efficiency and enhanced effectiveness for all people.

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  1. My friend and I have been wanting to get in shape, and we’ve been toying with the idea of indoor cycling. I like that it can help be lose weight, but I had no idea that cycling could help me to have better sleep. I have been a little stressed lately, and if indoor cycling can help me to relax and sleep better, then I am willing to try it. Thanks for the insight.

  2. I have been reading more about indoor cycling lately – seems like it’s picking up in many cities. I’m pretty sure it will give many of the same benefits as regular exercise of other forms!

  3. The resistance element of cycling means that it doesn’t just burn fat: it also builds muscle particularly around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

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