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21 reasons to buy a pet stroller for your dog

Last updated on: September 26th, 2018

If you have a dog, there are many reasons why you need a pet stroller. A pet stroller is similar to a baby stroller but for dogs and other pets such as cats. Its a means to transport your pet from one place to another comfortably and securely.

When you look at dog owners pushing their pets in a pet stroller, you may find it funny or silly. However, if you look at the following benefits of pet strollers, you may even go out and get one for your dog.

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Reasons why you need a best pet stroller

1. Your dog is physically disabled

If your dog is blind or cannot walk, you need to find a way to take it outside for fresh air and sunshine. A dog stroller is a great way to do this because you get to push your dog wherever you go therefore it does not need to walk.


2. Your dog is old

When dogs get old, they suffer debilitating ailments as humans do when they age. They also have a tough time running around and walking as they did when they were pups. A stroller is a great way to transport your old dog around to spare it any pain or discomfort.


3. Your dog is sick

When dogs get sick, they often find it hard to move around and will sometimes lie down in a corner depressed. Even if your dog is ill, you still need to take it out for walks. Frequent walks and time spent outside will cheer up your sick pet. A pet stroller is a great way to take your ailing dog for walks or to the dog park.


4. Your dog is injured

If your pet suffers an accident and gets injured to the point they cannot walk, a stroller is a great way to move them from place to place. Injured dogs often find it hard to walk, and they also need a lot of rest to recuperate. A stroller is an excellent way to minimize their physical movement while taking them out for much-needed sunshine and fresh air.


5. Take your dog to events and concerts

Sometimes you want to go to great dog events with your pet. Since its often hard to control a dog on a leash during public events, you may have to leave it at home. However, with a pet stroller, you can secure your dog and attend any fun outdoor event without fear of losing it. It also gives you freedom of movement to explore and enjoy what is on offer and make friends.


6. You are old and have problems walking

Dogs are exuberant, and they like to run around and have fun. When we get old, it’s hard for us to play with our pets as much as they would like. It’s also hard to take the dog for frequent walks as needed. A pet stroller can help you put your age aside, and take your dog out to the park or for walks at your pace during such times.


7. Take your dog to restricted places

Many public places forbid dog owners to bring their pets in on a leash. However, they can allow dogs access if you carry them in a carrier or pet stroller. It’s good to use a pet stroller in such cases because it’s easy to move the pet. You also don’t have to fear your dog will run off because the stroller allows you to strap your dog in securely.

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8. Extreme weather

When it’s too hot or cold, it’s easy to burn our feet or freeze them on the ground. Imagine how much tougher it is for dogs to walk on surfaces that are too hot or cold. You can protect your pet during walks from the effects of extreme weather by using a pet stroller. They also get to stay warm if you cushion the inside of the stroller with a warm rug or blanket.


9. For long walks

Sometimes you feel like taking long walks that you think your dog cannot handle. In such cases, you can use a pet stroller to move your dog so you can enjoy your long walk with no worries. By doing this, you can be sure the dog will not suffer from exhaustion, or harm its paws from walking too much.


10. Carry many dogs

If you have many dogs, you should not ask why you need a pet stroller because you know how hard it is to move multiple dogs from one place to another. A pet stroller will help you save time and energy when transporting a group of dogs. With a large stroller, you can carry multiple dogs comfortably and get them safely to any destination.


11. Bring your dog to work

Sometimes you get a chance to bring your dog to the workplace. A pet stroller will help you to move your dog fast during your work commute. It will also give the dog a comfortable spot to rest while you are working in the office.


12. Visits to the vet

When your dog is not feeling well and needs to visit the vet, a pet stroller is a convenient way to move it. When you get to the vet, the stroller is a great place to restrain your dog especially if it fears the vet and wants to run away. It will also keep your dog comfy instead of letting it lie down on the cold floor as often happens in many vet offices.


13. Better than a pet carrier

If you have a small dog or puppy, you may be using a pet carrier to move it from place to place. However, it will be more fun for the dogs, and more comfortable for you to transport your dog using a stroller. Otherwise, transporting a pet in a carrier could strain your back shoulder and neck a lot especially if you carry it for a long time.


14. Walking in a high traffic area

When walking dogs in areas with a lot of traffic such as busy streets, it’s common for them to get anxious due to fear. An excellent tool to use when walking dogs through high traffic areas is a pet stroller. When strapped into a stroller, the dog is secure and easy to control as opposed to when you are using a leash.


15. Protect traumatized dogs

If your dog suffers from trauma, it may find it hard to socialize with others. Some dogs with severe trauma are scared of everything and find it hard to go outside. Such a dog still needs exercise, and you must take it out for sun and fresh air even if it is afraid. An excellent way to do this is to use a stroller and zip it in. It will be able to breathe and look through the mesh but also feel safe from anything it finds disturbing.


16. Emergency escape

Sometimes you need to move your dog quickly during emergencies. You may need to get somewhere fast, or you need to get away from a dangerous situation quickly. A pet stroller is a great way to move your dog during such emergencies because it helps you travel quickly without any hindrances. Its also restrains the dog so that it does not get confused during the process and become uncooperative.


17. Windy days

If you want to get your dog outside on a windy or wet day, a pet stroller is an excellent means of transport. Pet strollers have covers that allow you to zip your dog in and protect it from the wind and rain. It’s much better than exposing your dog to the elements while using a leash.


18. Quality time with pets

Pet strollers allow you to access many places with your dog that you would otherwise not be able to when using a leash. It gives you the chance to spend a lot of time with your pet visiting exciting places no matter how far it is from home.


19. Traveling on water

Sometimes you have to move over water with your dog on a water vessel such as a ferry. Some dogs hate water and will get very nervous. Other dogs love water and may want to jump in. A great way to travel with your dog over water and avoid any drama is to use a pet stroller. You can secure your dog in the stroller and keep it there until you cross the body of water while on a boat or ferry without any issue.


20. Multitask

A pet stroller is also a great way for you to multi-task. For example, if you have a child and need to move both your child and the dog, a pet stroller will come in handy. You can carry your baby strapped to your body in a baby carrier and put your dog in the pet stroller. It’s a convenient way to go for a walk with your dog and baby.


21. Want your child to walk the dog

Sometimes your child will want to walk the dog. However, if your pet is frisky, your child may have trouble holding on to the leash. You can buy your child a dog stroller to take his or her pet on walks to the dog park or around the street. It will allow your child to stay in control and also keep the dog restrained so that it does not escape.


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These are 21 points that show you why you need a pet stroller. Every dog owner needs one because at one time or the other it will come in handy to move your pet from one place to another. So why don’t you buy a pet stroller for your dog today!

If you have a dog, there are many reasons why you need a pet stroller.
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