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[Infographic] 3-Step Formula to Optimizing Your Magnificent Beard

Last updated on: February 26th, 2018

3 Step Formula To Optimizing Your Magnificent Beard Infographics

3-Step Formula to Optimizing your Magnificent Beard

Historically, bearded men were considered to be wielding immense power. That is why if you flash back then you will probably realize that a lot of powerful figures of the centuries gone, spotted beards.

Fast forward to the 21 st century and beard phenomenon is fast catching up with us again. It is what is trending at the moment, even the male models are not being left behind, in fact, it is very common these days to find them wearing a bit of facial hair.

Do not be fooled, growing beard is not a child’s play. If you thought that it will be as easy as not shaving your beard for a few weeks then you are in for a rude shock.

This is a process that requires a lot of willpower and time to perfect. There is no need to freak out, didn’t they say that »where there is a will there is a way«? Well, you got the will lemme show you the way. Below is my three step formula.


Commitment – facial, unlike scalp hair, grows very slowly so you need to stay the course to grow your beard to your desired length, you need to cope up with the ragged look and the discomfort that the first weeks of beard growing brings along. You need to do all the process that is required of you, however, tedious it may be.

Patience is a virtue – there is no reason why this should not be the case in beard growing, in fact, it is a necessity. The itching that normally characterizes the first four weeks of growing your beard can become unbearable.

If you sum that up with the fact it will take you longer to probably grow your beard to the desired length, chances of giving up are pretty high. So be patient and you will reap the benefits.

Be active! – sounds far fetched right? An exercise is actually essential if you want to grow that facial hair, this is mainly because exercise will improve blood circulation meaning the hair follicles will be sufficiently supplied with supplements needed for hair growth.

Proper dieting – If you need to succeed at this then you need to eat right. Your diet should have foods that are rich in proteins such as; fish, meat, beans e.t.c. It should have food that will help boost your testosterone levels like; cauliflower, spinach, avocado, and broccoli.

Cope with that annoying itch – the first four weeks of beard growth will be uncomfortable, unbearable even. The itch more often than not causes people to shave their beards and abandon the whole process entirely. To deal with the itch, you need o regularly moisturize your beard to relieve the discomfort.

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Age factor – the growth of facial hair depends mostly on genes and hormones rather than age, it is very common to see a teenager with full grown facial hair and his adult counterpart with no facial hair. The fact is all of us are born with hair follicles distributed all over our bodies. The genes and hormones will only dictate how soon or late this follicles will be activated. It is crucial to note that the general age gap for facial hair to develop is between 21 -35 years of age. So if you are in your late thirties and you are still spotting patchy and uneven facial hair, chances are that naturally there is no hope for you.


After growing out your beard the next step is how to trim it in order to edge out that shaggy and ragged look that comes with untrimmed hair. There is also need to find which hair style best suits you.

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Shaping the beard -The type of beard style that you will rock will mostly be dependent on your sense of style and the shape of your face. If you have full cheeks then keeping your beard short on the sides is the best choice for you. If your face is narrow then you may opt for a longer beard. A personal sense of style entirely depends on you, “each man has his own poison”, choose yours.

Trim beard – The main key areas that should be focused on are the lip area, the upper cheek, and the neckline. The common tools that are used are; razors, trimmers, combs, and a pair of scissors.

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The most common mistake people often make is rushing to trim their beard, you ought to wait until when the beards are a little longer since when beards are shorter the beard lines will not be fully established.

You may end up trimming your beard too low or too high as a result, so timing is everything. For the two months use the beard trimmer, however, there is a need to advance to the scissors as time progress.

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Always stair straight to the mirror while trimming so as to have a clear view of the facial hair.


Unkempt/Untidy/Dirty beard – growing a beard should never be used a lee-way to be dirty. The beard should be neat and tidy this can be achieved by employing the use of the ‘good old comb’. For the perfect look always comb downwards with the grains.

Clean that beard – wash you beard regularly to ensure that they are clean. You should use warm water and a mild soap that will not irritate the skin, you can also you a shampoo for the same. It’s crucial to avoid shampoos that will make your skin dry.

Moisturize your beard – even though the beard has a natural oil called sebum that helps soften, it is never enough, there is a need to encompass other oils that will help with the same.

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Beard moisturizes such as; argan, coconut, hempseed, olive, and jojoba oils have been tested and proven to be the best at keeping your beard soft and moisturized.

  • N/B: There has been a lot of myths about smoking and facial hair growth, the fact of the matter is there hasn’t been any scientific research that can link smoking and increased hair growth or vice versa.
  • The most amazing or surprising thing is that most people with abundant facial hairs have been seen puffing or smoking at one time or the other. With all that said and done my advice is to stay off that pipe the associated risk are too enormous to dare facial or no facial hair.
  • Wild beards should be a no.no! An image is everything in this day and age, the wild beard will lead to a negative perception that will do you no good.


There are a myriad beard growth supplements that can enhance the growth of a facial hair. A case in point is Biotin. 2mg of this supplement on a daily basis can have immense benefits however biotin should not be bought over the counter. You should consult your physician for medical advice.

You can also increase your beard growth by applying beard oils or beard balms regularly. Moreover your beard will get softer and stronger.

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There is always two sides to every coin so the benefits do have some underlying side effects, it will enhance growth in not only your facial hair but in other parts of your body such nails and head e.t.a.


This is a no-brainer, cleaning up after shaving or trimming can be a tedious and a messy a fair no one enjoys such tasks especially after shaving. This is where a beard bib comes handy, it allows to do your business without worrying about cleaning up.

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Beard bibs are fabrics whether nylon or polyester that you can attach to the mirror to act as a safety net by trapping the fallen facial hair that results from clipping the beard. They may be black or white: always go for that which contrasts your hair color. Get yourself one of this to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

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