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5 Reasons for Buying Electric Shavers

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Blades and razors are passé. Technological improvement has made shaving much easier. The innovation of electric shavers has made shaving an enjoyable experience for men. An electric shaver not only offers a clean and smooth shaven skin, but it also prevents bruises, skin irritation and rashes. They are designed to reach all the grooming areas including face, back, chest as well as the head. They have great ergonomics to fit easily into your hands and provide a comfortable shave. If you’re still using razors, let’s take a look at why you should consider switching to electric shavers.

5 Reasons for Buying Electric Shavers

1. Cost Effective

Razors may seem like a cheaper option now as compared to the price of one of the best electric shavers in the market today. But if you think about it, by purchasing an electric shaver, you’ll actually be saving quite a bit in the long run.

A recent survey revealed that on an average, around $250 is spent annually on a razor. As compared to that an electric shaver is only a one time investment!

You can invest in a sonic shaver that lasts for up to five years at least. In fact, even the added cost of replacing the blades of an electric shaver will be much lesser than regular razors. Hence, if you’re way to compare electric shaver vs razor, you’ll realize that electric shavers prove to be cost effective.

2. Quick & Easy

Man In A SuitGetting ready and reaching your office on time is probably your priority every morning. If you’re able to get up early, then right from shaving, having a hearty breakfast to getting ready and leaving for work on time will be a breeze. But on days when you’re late, the best shaver for men will prove really handy.

With the electric shaver, you can get rid of those unwanted stubble in as little as five minutes. In fact, the best shaver is very easy to carry it with you. When you’re in a rush, take it along with you to office. Pop in the restroom for a few minutes and you’ll have a clean shaven look in a jiffy!

3. No Skin Irritation

It becomes simply impossible to shave with those razors when you run out off shaving cream. It can cause skin irritation and painful cuts.

However, with the best electric shaver for sensitive skin, you don’t really need to worry about skin irritation. Whether you use a foil shaver or a rotary one, the blades of these shavers will give you a cleaner shave unlike any of the razors. No doubt, electric shavers are able to avoid those ugly red patches and cuts on your skin.

4. No Dead Battery Anymore

If you are using a skull shaver, all you’ll need is 10 minutes to charge it and you’re ready to use it. When your shaver is out of battery and you need to shave urgently, you can toss it in the cradle to charge.

Grab a quick bite or quickly browse online while you wait for it to charge. While you complete a few chores around the house, your shaver will be charged and ready to use!

5. A Close Shave

This is probably one of the most important reasons for you to buy your own electric head shaver. Foil and rotary shavers can offer you the closest shave. Since a foil shaver usually comes in a rectangular design, some men face issues shaving the chin and around the nose.

However, a rotary shaver can be of a great help. This shaver has the highest level of flexibility and easily gets into the contours of your face. You’ll be able to get a fine and close shave once you buy the best electric shaver for men.

The Price and Guarantee

Electric Shaver

The price of the best electric shaver for black men varies from one brand to another. Of course, you will come across some cheapest models of bald head shaver while browsing online. Nonetheless, these shavers may prove to be a disappointment in the long run.

They are not as efficient as compared to the premium models. A good quality head shaver may cost you more, but it will certainly be worth it as it will last longer. It’s only an initial one time investment, but you will be able to reap its benefits for years to come.

Moreover, if you have a lower budget, then you can always opt for a slightly cheaper, but a more efficient model.

As far as the guarantee of a best electric shaver for head is concerned, it depends on the model that you eventually end up buying. The more expensive models usually come with a guarantee of more number of years when compared to their low-priced counterparts. So, when you buy an electric shaver, you can look up this information at that time.

The Power Consumption of Top Electric Shaver

Broadly, there are two types of shavers available: electric shaver with a plug-in charging unit and a corded electric shaver. The battery powered ones need to be fully charged before you can use them. If they are not completely charged, they will stop operating midway.

Once charged, you can use it for around an hour and shave all the areas perfectly without worrying about it going out of power.

However, for daily use, battery powered shavers may not be a good option. They are low in efficiency when it comes to power consumption. But if you’re traveling, they are the best option.

On the other hand, corded shavers are usually not preferred as the cord gets in the way while shaving.

The Mobility of Head Shavers

The mobility of a cordless shaver is simply fantastic. Since the cordless electric shavers come with a plug-in charging unit, they offer high-end results and provide maximum flexibility. Since you don’t really need a plug point while shaving, you can shave anywhere that’s convenient.

A battery powered shaver also provides the same mobility, but you need to limit it only for occasional use. They are not as efficient as electric shavers if you need to use them regularly.

A corded shaver is the least mobile as you can only use it plugged in. If the plug points are not located at strategic places in your home, then you’ll definitely face a bit of difficulty while trying to shave!

The Durability of an Electric Shaver

Usually, a best electric shaver for women lasts for two to three years if you have opted for the best brand. However, the lower-end products are durable for six to 12 months only.

Moreover, the high-end shavers last for more than their warranty period. If you’re not really bothered about the price, then consider buying the most expensive electric shaver! These shavers will serve you for at least seven to 10 years, which sure sounds like a great investment!

Some Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for the Best Electric Shaver

In order for the electric shaver to last longer, you need to follow the tips outlined below:

  • To maintain a best head shaver, you need to keep it dry when not in use. Since water can corrode the shaver and damage it, you should ensure that no water remains after use. For this, you can always activate the dry setting feature of the electric shaver, so that the water is drained completely.
  • It is always better to buy a shaver with an auto-cleaning dock. These docks are quite easy to use. Place the electric shaver in the dock and choose a cleaning level. It will clean the shaver without your intervention.
  • If you have been using any oil or lubricant when shaving, then avoid doing that. It will damage the electric shaver by accumulating skin particles and hair with that oil over the time. You should only stick to good quality shaving gels.
  • The most important tip to maintain your electric shaver is to get new blades. Blades can wear out over time and will need replacements depending on the frequency of your use. Dull blades are not effective and can result in skin rash or irritation.
  • The simplest way to maintain your electric shaver is to clean it immediately after use. You can use warm water to rinse off the skin particles, hair and any guck from the shaver.

High-end electric shavers can prove to be the best option for you. It is the finest choice for the ones who adore automatic electronic devices. These electric shavers can be auto cleaned, take only a few minutes to charge completely and another five minutes to clean the stubble for a smooth shave.

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  1. You actually provide good tips. I managed to damage my shaver by getting too much water in it. Next time I’ll be buying a waterproof model. Great review man.

  2. Not to forget, electric shavers are also comfortable to use and the comfort of use can deliver great results

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