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5 Simple Steps to Using a Beard Bib

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Not sure what beard bib is, and what are the main features best beard bibs of 2017 simply should have? Read on for everything you need to know about what beard bibs are, step-by-step instructions for how to use one, and whether or not a beard bib is worth purchasing.

The idea of the burly woodsman with the wild beard is rapidly disappearing. Men who groom their facial hair are becoming more common every day. Companies everywhere are listening to this demand, and constantly creating new tools for men to use. There’s now an abundance of products available for men to choose from, ranging from oils and balms to ergonomically designed razors to non-comedogenic creams.

However, no matter what products men choose to put on their skin, grooming facial hair is a messy process. Whether completely shaving off a beard, cleaning up the edges of sideburns, or trimming a mustache, facial hair has a tendency to go everywhere.

Fortunately, clogged drains, fuzzy floors, and hairy soap will soon be part of the past. Now men can use a beard bib to minimize the mess that comes with grooming. This somewhat obscure invention is rapidly joining the mainstream selection of merchandise found in salons and barbershops and finding its way into the homes of men across the country.

What is a beard bib?

what is beard bibA beard bib is exactly what it sounds like – a bib for your beard. Initially, the idea of a beard bib seems a bit strange, but the product itself is ingenious.

This piece of fabric is used with the intention of keeping the wearer clean while grooming a beard. In general, bibs are most commonly thought of alongside babies and pureed peas. Bibs have come a long way in the last few years, and the beard bib is specially designed for use by men while taking care of any form of facial hair.

Beard bibs are essentially a large piece of fabric – or occasionally plastic – that fasten around the wearer’s neck and attach to the bathroom mirror, creating a solid barrier that catches the hair that falls during shaving or trimming. This prevents hair from landing on the person, floor or sink, and in the drain.

Once the user is done, the pile of hair is easily disposed of. Since it is all in one place, all the user needs to do is tip the bib over the garbage and wipe the hair into it. This effectively eliminates the time needed for cleanup by preventing any mess from occurring in the first place.

The beard bib was initially developed by Beard King, a company devoted to making the daily grooming of men easier. They originally debuted the beard bib on the television show “Shark Tank”, which was the public’s first introduction to this kind of product. New products can be hit or miss, but US-based Beard King now ships the beard bib internationally to men who want to eliminate the mess that comes with shaving and trimming their facial hair.

As with any product that becomes popular, several other manufacturers now produce beard bibs. Users can purchase the bibs directly from the manufacturers, or from third-party sites such as Amazon and eBay.

How do I use a beard bib?

Adding a beard bib to your grooming routine is incredibly easy, and it will save you tons of time. Here are five simple steps for using a beard bib:

Step 1 – Put on the beard bib.

Remove your beard bib from its packaging, and put it on. Wrap the velcro tabs around your neck, and fasten them together. The straps should be secure enough to feel snug against the skin, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable. Leaving the straps too loose will result in hair falling through the gap and onto your clothing.

Make sure to smooth the fabric over your shoulders so that it can catch any hair that lands in this area. The bib should lie flat without any parts folded over.

Step 2 – Secure the suction cups to the mirror.

On the end of the bib that is opposite to the velcro tabs you’ll find suction cups. Hold one suction cup in each hand, and hold your arms shoulder-width apart. Place the cups on the mirror at the same height as your shoulders.

For larger mirrors, users can spread the bib open all the way. Be sure to avoid pulling the bib taught, as this will make taking the suction cups down later more difficult, and increase the likelihood that you will spill the hair.

For smaller mirrors, place the suction cups a bit closer together to create a groove in the material. This is where the majority of the hair will collect.

Step 3 – Groom as usual.

beard groomingBefore you start grooming, lean forward slightly to ensure that the hair lands on the beard bib instead of around it. Use a comb or brush to remove any loose hairs from your beard or mustache, then shave or trim as usual. Most of the best body groomers of 2017 have long trimmer attachments for full beard operations.

If at any point during the grooming stage you need to take a break, the bib can be taken off without removing the suction cups from the mirror. Simply undo the velcro from around your neck, and place the ends on the hooks attached to the suction cups to form a fold that will hold any hair until you are ready to resume grooming.

When you’re ready to start again, place the velcro tabs around your neck as you did in step 1. Be sure to keep the bib steady so as to avoid spilling any hair on the floor.

Step 4 – Collect the hair.

Gently shake the beard bib or tap the sides to collect the hair in the middle of the fabric. To include any hair that has landed higher up, use your comb or brush to sweep it downward towards the bulk of the hair. Also, brush off your forearms and hands and carefully tap your razor, beard trimmer, or scissors over the bib.

Shorter hairs may require additional brushing to bring them to the center of the beard bib. Once all the hair is in the middle of the bib it should collect together into a small ball.

Some beard bib designs include a pouch at the bottom of the bib. To utilize this feature, brush the hair into the pouch instead of collecting it in the middle of the bib.

Step 5 – Dispose of the hair.

how to use beard bibDo not remove the bib to dispose of the hair. Pull the suction cups from the mirror, and place them both in one hand. This creates a narrow crease for the hair to follow. Hold the end of the bib over the garbage, and tip the hair into it. Give the bib a soft shake to get rid of any stray hairs. When all the hair has been removed, take off the bib by undoing the velcro straps.

To empty hair that has been collected in a pouch, simply open the pouch over the waste basket. Give it a good shake to make sure that no hair has been left behind.

After the hair has been disposed of, the beard bib is ready for storage until the next time you use it. It doesn’t need to be washed or wiped down with disinfectant.

Is a beard bib worth buying?

Trying a new product isn’t always worth it. When it comes to a beard bib, the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

Not only are beard bibs incredibly easy to use, they drastically reduce the amount of time needed for clean up after grooming. Since all you need to do is tip the hair into the garbage, there’s no more need to wipe the bathroom counters or sweep the floor. The lack of mess also means you won’t have any more arguments with your partner or roommate about hair trimmings all over the shared bathroom.

Beard bibs are also one size fits all, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing the right size. The velcro straps are adjustable, so the bib will fit no matter how large or small your neck is.

Using a beard bib doesn’t require a great deal of time. This is definitely a plus for anyone who is pressed for time. Not only do users save time cleaning up, they don’t waste time trying to set up a difficult product. Most beard bibs also come with a storage pouch. This is definitely a plus since it will keep the bib safe from damage by children or pets.

Also, the bib doesn’t need to be cleaned after every use. This product is designed to allow the hair to slide off easily, so all the wearer needs to do after using the bib is shake off the hair.

Beard bibs are also very affordable. The original Beard King bib is under $30 US dollars. This is low considering it is reusable and requires very little maintenance. Other brands offer the bib for as low as $12 US dollars, but as we all know, having a low price is not a guarantee for high quality.

There are several tutorials available online for do-it-yourself versions of a beard bib. However, the price for the materials needed to make your own bib adds up quickly, and it’s less expensive to order one online.

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  1. This bib is amazing. It can really make my life easier. But, I would like to ask if the hair won’t stick on the cloth?

    • Hi Lee

      It is important that the fabric of your beard bib is completely dry before you start trimming your beard. Otherwise trimmed hair might get stuck to the surface on the wet spots. That’s pretty much it, after you’re done you should be able to wipe all the collected hair into the trash can and you’re done till the next time.

      Hope this helps,


  2. I appreciate your effort responding instantly. I purchased one last week and just can’t wait to try it. Thank you Nicholas!

  3. Excellent. Absolutely loved reading and very helpful at the same time 🙂

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