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6 Most Common Work Boots Mistakes To Avoid

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

A best work boot pair can last for as long as three years on your feet, while a bad work boots selection can spoil your mood as well as waste your money. Though it’s true that you can’t judge a wearable until you try it yourself several times, there are certain mistakes that you can avoid to minimize the risk of making a bad selection.

Most wrong choices made while purchasing best work shoes is all due to some mistakes that are don’t recognized as mistakes.

If you want to avoid them, you need to know what they are and how can they act as the top spoilsport for your work boots purchase.

Here is the list of 6 most common work boots selection mistakes that are very easy to be completed.

Following the brief description of each mistake, a short prevention explanation is also available.

6 Most Common Work Boots Mistakes You Need To Avoid

  1. Blaming Boots while Problem is Your Very Own Feet Mistake

    Several feet abnormalities can give you a hard time with some particular work boots.

    Did it ever happen that despite the boot shape and size, there is always a pain/discomfort in your feet whenever you put them on?

    There is nothing wrong with these work boots as the problem is related to your feet entirely.

    Until you’re able to identify the problem, you won’t be able to enjoy the bliss brought forward by any work boots.

    Inhibition – You need to consult a foot doctor to identify the issue with your feet.

    Most of the issues once identified are easy to be taken care of later.

    Before you start blaming your work boots and decide to throw them, consult the advice of an expert first.

  2. Guessing the Size Mistake

    Getting wrong sized work boots is the most common mistake that devoid people of the joy that a work boot pair offers.

    You can eliminate the mistake by actually going to a work boots showroom and wear the shoes to check whether they are of the right size or not.

    For others who prioritizes online shopping over wandering in showrooms due to the huge selection, convenience, and prices that eShopping brings; there is a greater chance of getting the wrong size.

    So, how to get the right size? Easy, Google it.

    Inhibition – Several eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay dedicates a special page to each of their product, whether it is a work boot pair or an LCD TV.

    On that page, there are some honest reviews from customers that bought the product. You need to check these reviews to decide whether the size is right for you or you need to pass that one.

    Also, Amazon offers a section dubbed “Expected Fit” that features an overall rating based on the ratings provided by different individuals. Look for a score more than 70%.

    Even if you get a wrong sized work boot pair, don’t worry as they can be replaced later but remember that prevention is always better than the cure.

  3. Only from a Brand Mistake

    Brand shopping is important but not supreme. Sometimes you purchase an expensive looking product for the sake of brand and what you get after the purchase is distant from your expectations.

    On the other hand, sometimes you get something that is too good to be available at the price you got it, especially from an unknown brand.

    Inhibition – To avoid any Brand-related problems you need to do some research about the work boot pair you’re interested in first.

    There are very few work boot designs that are brand specific while others are adopted by several brands, including famous ones and newcomers.

    The point is that it’s good to judge some part of a work boot pair from its brand name but don’t forget to look the same design concept from other small-time brands.

  4. Ridiculously Concerned about Budget Mistake

    You need to be conscious about the price of work boots that you purchase because nobody likes to purchase a pricey plus bad/poor product.

    Price is one of the deciding factors and hence, can’t be neglected unless you’re a billionaire.

    Being conscious about price, ok; but being overly conscious, not good.

    Remember you only get what you paid for. In the case of work boots, you’ll be paying for something that you wish to keep on for the entire working week hours.

    Inhibition – To keep it short, be budget conscious but don’t overdo it.

    If there is a big investment to be made for a work boot pair that may keep your feet at comfort during all the hard work you do, then you should go for it.

    Cheap boots are inexpensive but wear out soon, and in the long run, they won’t be inexpensive anymore.

  5. Right Boots for the Wrong Job Mistake

    Right Boots for the Wrong Job MistakeThere are just so many different kinds of work boots and they all are tuff. However, none of them are suitable for working in all type of environments and conditions.

    Purchasing and putting work boots to use in inappropriate conditions not only damages them faster but also makes it uncomfortable to work.

    Inhibition – Consider the environment for which the work boots, you’re interested in, are designed for.

    Do they match your working conditions? If you spend all working time on your feet, then you need something light and shock absorbent.

    Likewise, for working indoors, you need work boots that are light on insulation.

  6. Work-only or General Mistake

    It is often advisable to keep a certain type of work boots reserved for your work environment and others for a casual walk.

    Depending on the style and built, some work boots are made to work day in, day out while others are specifically restricted to only some conditions and environments.

    As soon as you start putting on your specific work boots for other non-work conditions, they’ll start to wear off.

    Inhibition – Before purchasing a work boot pair first decide, whether you wish to keep them for work only or you need them to be available for almost everywhere.

    Depending on your decision, you need to select a work boot pair and use it accordingly to save it from an untimely demise.

    Most work boots with expensive price tags can be justified by wearing them for almost any location provided there quality is assured.


It’s said that humans learn from mistakes so that they can avoid them in the future. However, it’s totally out of practicality to even try to make a mistake after you purchase a pricey and worthless pair of work boots.

All the mistakes mentioned above are easy to make unless you’re aware of them.

So that now you’re aware of them, try to avoid them while keeping in mind that some other mistakes can also spoilsport your work boots selection.

However, if these are dealt with those other are no longer a problem.

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