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7 Electrolysis Hair Removal Benefits

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Getting rid of unwanted hair is something that most people do. The options for different ways for removing hair are endless. From shaving to waxing to at home laser hair removal, there are always new choices popping up. Electrolysis is one of these new methods and is rapidly gaining in popularity, likely due to the benefits of the process. Each hair removal process has its own pro and cons, and everybody has a preference for which they like best.

The benefits of using electrolysis outweigh those of all of the other methods. Here are the top 7 benefits to using electrolysis to remove hair.

1 – The process isn’t painful.

A common misconception about electrolysis is that it is very painful. This idea is likely rooted in the way electrolysis works. The person performing the treatment – called an “electrologist” – inserts an extremely thin needle into the hair follicle and sends a tiny current of electricity into the hair. The needle is thinner than a hair, so it can’t be felt. The electricity destroys the hair and prevents another one from growing in that spot. This process sounds painful, but in reality, it doesn’t cause anything more than a prickling sensation.

Electrolysis is one of the least painful methods for removing hair. Since the hair is destroyed by electricity within the follicle, there is nothing for the client to feel on the skin, unlike with other methods. Most people who want a painless way to get rid of unwanted hair opt to shave. However, there is always the potential to cut yourself with the razor. Since there are no blades involved with electrolysis, it isn’t possible to cut yourself.

Ingrown hairs are another potential side effect of shaving. While these hairs aren’t always painful, they can be excruciatingly painful if they become infected.

Electrolysis destroys the hair and prevents it from growing back. Therefore, painful ingrown hairs are not possible.

Even laser hair removal has some pain involved. This procedure provides semi-permanent results, however, it is not pain-free. The concentrated beam of light used to destroy the hair feels like a pinch or the snap of a rubber band.

2 – There isn’t any ongoing maintenance required.

While the number of electrolysis sessions required to fully remove the hair varies from person to person, once it is complete there is nothing else you need to do to maintain the area. This is different from every other hair removal process – electrolysis is the only hair removal method that is recognized as being permanent.

Until electrolysis became available, the closest people could get to permanent hair removal was waxing or laser hair removal. This method provides results that last up to eight weeks. In comparison to permanent removal, eight weeks isn’t very long.

Also, once you wax you need to regularly exfoliate and moisturize the skin to hold onto the silky smooth feeling. Laser hair removal is semi-permanent, but it takes several sessions, potentially spanning over a few years, to see results that last. In between sessions clients need to take care of the area being treated.

With electrolysis, the client does not need to do anything for the results to last. This method provides permanent results without any input on the part of the client, which makes it much more convenient than any of the other hair removal methods.

3 – Electrolysis can be used on all body parts.

Most hair removal methods are not safe to use on all parts of the body. Consider, for example, razors. While they are effective at removing hair from larger areas, they are not safe to use on eyebrows. Conversely, tweezers are perfect for the eye area but are extremely tedious and time-consuming when used on the legs.

Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is suitable for use on both large areas like the legs and smaller areas such as the eyebrows. The process of removing hair using electrolysis is very precise – each hair follicle is targeted individually, so the electrologist is able to use it in small areas. Since the process is based on using electricity rather than someone manually pulling each hair, larger areas can be treated in a reasonable amount of time.

It can also be used on parts of the body that are usually too sensitive for other hair removal methods, including the bikini line and upper lip. These areas often respond poorly to hair removal treatments because the treatments affect the skin. Electrolysis only impacts the hair, so the skin is safe. The bikini area is a spot that many people want hair removed, and electrolysis is the gentlest way to achieve this.

4 – This method can be used on all types of hair.

While it is common to have one overall type of hair on your body, there are still variations from one body part to another. People who have thick hair on their heads tend to have thicker hair on their body, as well. This doesn’t mean there can’t be some areas of the body that grow fine hair, such as the upper lip or the fingers.

Since the kind of hair we have varies from one body part to another, those of us who want to remove some of it are often stuck using different kinds of hair removal in different areas. Other hair removal methods are intended to be used on either thin hair, or coarse, dark hair, but not both.

Electrolysis is effective on all types of hair, so you don’t need to use a different process for each type of hair on your body. Since electrolysis works by reaching the root of the hair, it doesn’t matter what type of hair it is on the surface.

5 – All skin types can use electrolysis.

As anyone who has tried various hair removal methods can attest, not all methods are suitable for sensitive skin. For example, sugaring and waxing are not suitable for diabetics, and often leaves sensitive skin bright red. In severe cases, waxing can cause the pores to bleed. Also, depilatory creams tend to cause dermatitis when applied to sensitive skin.

Electrolysis can safely be applied to any skin type, without any negative side effects. This means that more people can use it to get rid of their unwanted body hair. This is especially good news for people who have dark skin and hair and aren’t seeing the results they want with laser hair removal. Laser removal works best on lighter hair, which leaves people with darker hair at a loss. Electrolysis doesn’t have this limitation, making it the most effective method for removing dark hair.

Also, many people who don’t have particularly sensitive skin find that some body parts react badly to rough hair removal treatments, due to the damage these treatments inflict on the skin. Electrolysis can be used to remove hair from these areas without doing any harm.

6 – It is less costly compared to non-permanent methods.

On the surface, electrolysis is more expensive than any other hair removal method. This is because there is a higher upfront cost, and it is paid in a few chunks rather than over a lifetime. Clients pay for each session of electrolysis, which cost more than what you would pay for one session of another process, such as a salon visit.

However, these other temporary methods are more expensive in the long run than electrolysis is. Because the results are temporary, you have to keep paying for the treatments over and over again. Over time this adds up to cost significantly more than all of the electrolysis sessions you would need for permanent hair loss.

This is still true when considering at-home hair removal instead of professional services. Although at-home hair removal is cheaper than going to a salon, there are still a number of items that need to be purchased.

Primarily this includes supplies such as wax, strips, shaving cream, and more. Each of these products has a limited lifetime, so they also need to be purchased on a regular basis. Tools such as wax warmers or razors also need to be replaced, as they are manufactured with the intent that they will last forever.

7 – Electrolysis is less time-consuming than other methods.

In addition to repeatedly paying for these other types of treatments, you spend more time getting them done than you would at electrolysis sessions. The average electrolysis session lasts from fifteen minutes to one hour, and several sessions are needed for the hair loss to be permanent. Altogether, the average electrolysis client spends several hours being treated.

In turn, a visit to a salon for waxing lasts approximately twenty minutes to half an hour. While the salon sessions are shorter, you will need to continue getting them every one or two months for the rest of your life.

The amount of time spent on aftercare should also be taken into consideration, whether it be at the salon or at home in between treatments. By comparison, a few hours in electrolysis doesn’t seem very long.

This is time you could spend doing any number of other things, and that doesn’t need to be taken into account for electrolysis.

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  1. Is electrolysis a permanent hair removal method? I read somewhere that you’re going to have to go in regularly so the hair doesn’t grow back.

  2. I did not know that electrolysis doesn’t have any negative side effects for any skin type and works very well with dark hair. As someone who has both, not having to worry about negative side effects and getting a complete removal would be amazing. Looking into any electrolysis specialists in your area in order to see when they are available and to ensure they have the proper skills and equipment would probably be a good idea so that it’ll get done properly.

  3. Wow great article! Now i’m interested about electrolysis hair removal. Thank you for sharing this information. Have a great day

  4. I had never thought that I could remove unwanted hair so easily. Electrolysis is only the technique which has helped me.

  5. I’d prefer Electrolysis over anything else, just because it is the least painful method for removing hair. It’d be nice if I were able to have a laser hair removal treatment done before I leave on vacation, that way I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll just have to start searching around for a professional, or I could even ask around for a few referrals.

  6. Thanks for mentioning that electrolysis can be used on both large areas and small areas without any pain or time consumption. I’m getting married soon and one of my bridesmaids suggested I remove all my hair through this process. Now that I know I’ll only have to go through electrolysis to get through removing all the hair I want to on my body, I’ll be sure to look into local services.

  7. Thanks for explaining how there is no ongoing maintenance when choosing electrolysis. It would be smart to consider what the long-term benefits would be of this procedure. I’m considering hair removal, so maybe electrolysis would be good.

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  10. It was interesting to read that the process of electrolysis isn’t painful. My sister has always hated that she has to shave her legs so frequently in the summer. I think she would really benefit from getting laser hair removal, especially if it’s not so painful.

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    Electrolysis seems to be typical but actually is more effective than other methods. Thank you for sharing the details.

  12. I find it interesting that electricity can be used to destroy a hair follicle and prevent a new one from growing in its place. If I were to get this treatment before the Christmas party, I would find a local clinic that offers hair removal treatments. Finding one will make sure that one can have someone close to talk to about body issues.

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