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7 Alternative Ways To Straighten Your Hair

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

If you’ve read our hair straightener reviews, you did already get to know one of the ways to straighten your hair. But there are also alternative options with great results. Try out these simple tricks and choose whichever one you think will work best with your hair.


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1. Use A Flat-Iron

Flat irons (originally hair iron) are pretty darn natural. They’re basically just a heating element that you can apply to your hair with a little bit of pressure and tension. This keeps your hair straight, artificially finishes the drying process, and teases it into the shape that you want. If you’re in a hurry, there’s no way you’re going to beat a flat iron.

2. Brush Hair In Front Of A Fan

This might not work for everyone, but for some people, it works great. The trick to straightening your hair is to get it to dry while it’s being held straight. If you simply brush your hair constantly while it dries, you can often trick it into staying fairly straight. You’ll need to brush the whole time in order for this to work. If you’re not up for this much brushing, try just brushing your hair every 5 minutes while it air dries.

3. Rollers

Rollers can hold your hair straight while it dries. The trick here is to use really big rollers (although more normal sized rollers might work for people with really curly hair). This is because your hair will “remember” the shape of the rollers after you take it down. The bigger they are, the less curly it will come out. Shower first, then wrap your hair around the biggest rollers you can find. You’ll be surprised at how easily this gives you the results you want!

4. Ponytails

If you can’t find big rollers, try using ponytails to keep your hair straight while it dries. Simply section off your hair in however many ponytails you want, then use elastics or bobby pins every inch or so to hold it straight. Many people go to sleep like this and enjoy having straight(er) hair in the morning. The trick here is to avoid any moisture at all once you’ve set this up. If you get your hair wet, it will frizz out.Ponytail Curly Hair


5. Buns

You can’t exactly leave your hair on rollers or in striped ponytails throughout the day. Try twisting it into a bun while it dries and see what happens. This method isn’t anywhere near as effective as the tricks above, but it’s definitely worth a try for people with more cooperative hair. Even if it doesn’t work at all, you won’t have wasted much time.

To be clear, don’t just make a loose bun. Instead, gather your damp hair into a ponytail, then twist it so it stays together. Next, tightly wrap it around itself in order to form a bun. Secure this with an elastic (or whatever other accessory you use to secure buns) and then wait for this to dry. Brush your hair out when you’re all done for maximum straightness.

6. Commercial Products

Before you go making crazy concoctions in your kitchen sink, consider looking for a product with the sorts of ingredients you think are natural. There are plenty of shampoos, conditioners, and pre-made hair masks that are made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients. You can probably find a reputable product that works the same way as the home-made mixtures below that’s nowhere near as gross to put in your hair. Many of these have the added advantage of being made with other natural products you can’t easily pick up at the grocery store.

7. Make A Home Hair Product

If you don’t trust commercial products or you want to make sure you have full control over what goes in your hair, you can simply make a mixture at home of your favorite hair-healthy ingredients. Here are some of the more popular ones that you can easily make at home with ingredients you have in your kitchen.

a) Milk

Milk is a natural moisturizer that’s full of protein. You can apply it directly to your hair with this mixture. Simply make a mix of half milk, half water in a spray bottle, then gently spray it into your hair. Comb it out, wait about a half hour, then shower.

b) Honey

Honey is thick, luxurious, and delicious. Try mixing about a tablespoon of honey with a full cup of milk and applying this to your hair. Wrap in a towel and let this mixture do its thing for a couple hours, then wash it out. You’ll love the results when you comb out your hair.

c) Banana

Bananas are full of potassium, which can help your body regulate and grow hair. You can apply bananas directly to your hair, too. Simply mash one up and mix it with a bit of oil, some yogurt, and even a pinch of honey if you’d like. Thoroughly rub this mixture all over your hair, then cover it in a towel. After an hour or two, shower and then comb out your hair.

d) Eggs

If you want to make your hair strong and shiny, eggs are definitely the way to go. Add a bit of olive oil to really moisturize things and keep things natural. Mix two eggs and half a cup of olive oil in a bowl until they’re well blended. Apply this all over your hair and scalp. Comb any tangles out, then protect your hair with a shower cap or towel. After about a half hour, shower and comb your hair again.

e) Coconut Milk

For the ultimate DIY straightening mask, look for coconut milk at the local grocery store. The go-to recipe is 1 cup coconut milk, 2 tablespoons olive oil, about half a cup of lemon juice, and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch. Stir this mixture over low heat until it’s quite smooth, then let it cool and apply it to your hair. Let your hair absorb the goodness for up to an hour, then shower and comb it out.

Straighten Your Hair The Way You Want

All of the methods above are quick, easy, and powerful. By using the ones that work with your hair (and your sensibilities), you’ll be able to tame your curls and get your hair to look the way you want it to. Remember — it’s your hair and your hair-care routine. Customize it in a way that works for you! You’ll love the results.

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