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9 Ways You Can Be the BEST New Pet Parent

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

If you have recently become a pet owner then you might have noticed that your furry friend craves for loads of attention. One of the things that we love about petting is that we get to run our hand against their furry coat. Animals take this as a sign of love and care.

But many might not know that there are right ways and there are wrong ways to pet them. Even though every animal is different in its own unique way, but there are some tips that you can follow in order to become the best parent for your pet. Given below are 9 ways in which you can be the best new pet parent.

  1. Doing a little research before getting a pet

What is separation anxiety in dogs?If you’re not a pet owner yet, then it is important to consider the kind of pet that is perfect for your family. You might want to reconsider getting a pet that needs too much of your time and attention if you’re working most of the day. Also, some pets are energetic and require playtime. So, if you think that you can’t give constant attention to your pet then consider getting an old dog or a cat.

Older pets are generally low maintenance and don’t require as much attention as their younger counterparts.

  1. Maintaining a pet friendly environment

Pets are known to get bored very easily if there’s nothing there to entertain them. And it is impossible for anyone to entertain their pet all the time. So, it becomes imperative to create an environment that maintains the euphoria of entertainment for them 24/7. Doing this can be proven beneficial to both pet as well as the owner since it can give you a time off and also help in keeping your pet busy while you’re at work.  You can create a pet-friendly environment by filling your house with toys or something that can help in keeping them occupied. Also, try to introduce food-dispensing toys in your house.

  1. Reaching out to a veterinarian

If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, then it is time get in touch with a good veterinarian in your neighborhood. A vet can help you in keeping your pet healthy and prevent it from any disease. If you want any advice regarding food or anything, then a vet is the right person to approach. If you want to be the best pet owner then it is crucial to get a medical health check-up from a trusted vet at least once every year.

  1. Microchipping the pet

Another thing that makes you a responsible pet owner is providing your pet with an ID. But if we consider the worst case scenarios, then these IDs are known for falling off or getting stolen. This way, the safety of the pet comes into danger. That’s why, one should opt for a microchip. As the name suggests, microchip is a small piece of technology that can be embedded into the skin of your pet (the process is painless). This microchip gives your pet a unique ID code. These codes can be scanned with the help of a scanner which gives the full information about the pet. After getting your pet microchipped, make sure that the information is up-to-date all the time.

  1. Creating a routine

 Just like human beings, animals also benefit from following a certain routine. Make sure that there is a specific time for all their daily activities like eating, playing, going out, bathroom breaks and bedtime. This way, they become more organized and their behavior becomes easy to predict. This helps you as an owner to take care of them more efficiently. In order to execute this, try to set reminders on your phone. Once everything gets organized, you can plan your day according to their routine. This way you won’t have to wake up to your pets asking you to take them out for a bathroom break.

  1. Keeping them well-groomed

Yorkshire terrier eating treats in bedOne thing that especially makes you the best pet parent is keeping your pet clean and well-groomed. It is important to keep your pet’s coat clean because their fur is prone to infection. A dirty fur attracts ticks, which can lead to a lot of complications in a pet. If your pet develops an itch or skin infection then you should go for apoquel alternatives. They can offer safe ways to help your pet in getting rid of the irritation.

Also, it is the responsibility of owner to trim the nails of the pet frequently as long nails can lead to arthritis in animals. If you are unsure about trimming your pet’s nails yourself, then always feel free to take your pet to the vet.

  1. Socializing

If you own a pet then one thing you can do to become a good pet owner is let your pet meet with other animals of its kind. This gives them an opportunity to make friends and socialize. This can lead to positive behavior in pets and can help in keeping them healthy. The more they get introduced to unfamiliar places and people, the more social they become. Try to set-up playdates with other pet owners from your neighborhood. This can help you in keeping them entertained and also help you and your pet in making new friends.

  1. Training your pet

Being a pet parent can be a big responsibility but if you want your pet to be well-behaved then it is crucial to start training them as soon as they come to your house. And if you are not able to find time to train them then you can always search for training classes provided by the animal shelters. Also, you can ask for pet-trainers from your friends. If you are getting a dog then try to teach them commands like stay, sit, come etc. You can do this exercise with them 5-10 minutes every day and after the exercise, you can reward your pet with a treat.

You can also teach your cat some commands, but it takes time. Cats are different from dogs when we compare their general behavior. So if your cat is making a nuisance or scratching furniture, then you can teach them not to do so by interrupting them in-between their act. Also, you can prevent them from doing something by tapping on a table top. Just make sure that you don’t scare them.

  1. Quality of food

Feeding your pet with healthy food helps them in the long run. A balanced diet is the key to keeping your pet fit for many years to come. It is important to know that there is a difference between the diet of a small puppy and an adult dog. So, if you have any query regarding the diet of your pet, try to consult your local vet.

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