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Air Conditioner Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Air conditioner repair is a very expensive undertaking especially if a professional has to come in. There are instances whereby professional repair services are unavoidable but it is best that you first troubleshoot the system prior to contacting a professional. This is because there are air conditioner problems that are easily fixed compared to others hence no need to incur costs.

DIY repair

There are times when a little DIY is all that you require to fix air conditioning problems. These are easy and small fixes that you can do alone to ensure the air conditioning unit is running. Some of the easy repairs that can be done without professionals include the following:

• Replacing a fuse. The fuse may be blown and the circuit breaker might have been tripped. This kind of restoration does not require professionals to intervene.

• Cleaning the condenser.

• Unblocking the condenser.

• Small air duct leaks.

Check AC settings

Both central air units and window are fitted with a thermostat to regulate temperature as well as a fan-only option. The dial should be on the cool setting. Alternatively, set the thermostat’s temperature to be lower compared to that of the ambient air in the room. Furthermore, ensure the dial or switch is in cool position rather than on the fan the only position.

Check outdoor electrical box and the breaker

Air conditioner repairCheck to ensure that the AC breaker for the central air circuit has not been tripped at the breaker box. It should be noted that there are central air systems that have been fitted with an outdoor electrical box that has a lever switch or breaker. This is a plastic or metal box located on the wall next to the condenser unit and the outdoor fan. Check to ensure that the lever switch is at its rightful place as well as the breaker.

Check the filters and coils

Coils that are blocked or dirty, located on the condenser unit outdoors can result in the inefficient dissipation of heat energy such that the AC system works poorly. This can also be as a result of dirty filters. Changing or cleaning the dirty filters and spraying off outdoor coils using a garden hose should do the trick. Ideally, technicians would utilize strong liquid acid to dissolve the grime that has accumulated on the coils. However, a garden hose should do a decent job at cleaning. In addition, clear any plants, objects or leaves at the condenser unit outdoors, which might obstruct the free movement of air.

Thawing frozen coils

Shut off the system compressor, this can be done by turning up the AC’s thermostat to a temperature that is much higher compared to the ambient room temperature. Alternatively, switch it to fan only. Allow the indoor blower fan to operate for a number of hours; the system will operate again after the ice buildup has thawed. The possible causes for the frozen coils are low refrigerant, a blocked drain or dirty coils. However, these can be quickly fixed and will work until a professional can look at it.

Good cleaning

Sometimes an air conditioner is dirty and only requires simple cleaning. The fan blades can be cleaned and any debris inside the unit removed. In addition, clean the fins of the condenser but take care not to curve or break the fins and blades.

Examine the ducts

The ducts should allow air to pass through them easily; if they do not then they require cleaning. Sometimes a register might have been partially closed by accident. Conduct a cursory check as it is the best way to ascertain air flow.

The tips listed above are some of the things that you should do when your air conditioning is doing any of the following things:

• Not working at all.

• Need for repair.

• Blowing less than cool air.

These quick checks and fixes will help to restore the level of comfort in your home while saving a substantial amount of money.

The list is not exhaustive as there is much more than you can do by yourself. Only call a qualified technician when your efforts have failed to work.

Professional services

There are certain air conditioner problems that are not advisable to try and resolve by yourself, these require the intervention of AC experts such as aircon servicing Singapore. Some of them include the following:

• Loud screeching noise emanating from the compressor

This is a big problem that requires you to turn off the outdoor compressor and contact an expert. There is a high likelihood that high quantities of internal pressure might have built up in the compressor.

• Large air duct leaks

It is very difficult to seal over large air duct leaks. If you decide to do it yourself and you make an error, the level of comfort will decrease and your electricity bill will soar.

• Broken motor

Placing anew motor in your AC is an integral and technical process hence quite difficult for you to perform on your own.

• Water leaks

Water leaks from vents can be as a result of many issues. The last thing you want to do is waste time attempting to diagnose it. This is because the water can lead to the formation of dangerous mold that is disastrous to your home.

• Installing a new unit

It is not advisable to attempt installing a new AC unit on your own as it might fail to properly function or you might end up ruining an expensive product. Professional installation is always best.

• Refrigerant leak

This is both a problem for your AC unit as well as the environment at large. You should contact a qualified technician to handle it instead of doing it yourself.


Air conditioning challenges are common and that is why it is important for homeowners to learn some air conditioner repair tips that they can do by themselves without incurring charges. It is good to keep in mind that AC maintenance is the best way to take care of your unit. Furthermore, make sure to get all the facts right prior to undertaking any AC DIY project as a simple fix can turn into a very expensive mistake.

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  1. I saw that you mentioned that it would be smart to unblock the condenser on your unit. Personally, that sounds really messy and like it would take a while. I would rather have a professional do something like that for me. That way, I know it would be done quickly and I wouldn’t make a giant mess.

  2. Making sure you keep your air filters clean will not only save you money, but it will keep you from getting sick. So many allergens are caught in the filter. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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