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15 Awesome Benefits of Home Treadmills

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Thinking of purchasing a new treadmill but are not certain it will be of benefit to you? With at least 160 minutes of modest workout weekly, treadmills are an effective and convenient way to ensure you are staying active.

NordicTrack C 1650 TreadmillHowever, convenience is not the only reward to utilizing a treadmill. Likewise, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Federation reports that treadmills are by a big margin the most popular fitness gear in America. It’s not shocking!

Treadmills represent an awesome way to become fit and you don’t have to fret about busy roads with no sidewalks, dimly lit streets, and bad weather.

Because most trainers have to put in ten hours or more every day, it may be tough to get time to run or walk outdoors during the daytime.

The only drawback to a treadmill regime is that it can become a little more routine!

Although sticking to the same routine day in day out can bring diminishing returns, treadmills have distinct benefits as discussed below:

Improved cardio health

Treadmills provide an awesome cardiovascular exercise and help to boost your heart health. Every time you run on that treadmill you fortify your heart and as the heart becomes stronger, you reduce your blood pressure.

In addition the act of walking or running assists in getting the blood to circulate thereby lowering stress levels in your heart. Aerobic workouts can also aid in reducing harmful cholesterol while boosting the good one.

With the heart disease being one of the leading causes of death it is very vital to boost your cardiovascular health.

Enables you to do other chores simultaneously

I know you might be asking why do you need to exercise when you don’t have a lot of time in your hands.

But a Mayo clinic study conducted in 2012 has revealed some interesting fact which will help answer your question.67% of Americans feel there is no need to exercise due to lack of time but curiously over 56% of respondents feels it’s okay to watch TV every night.

What does this mean? As much as we don’t have time a treadmill can make exercise less of an exercise since you can do other things simultaneously. With a treadmill, you can run while you are taking coffee or watching your favorite program.

Compatible Music PortLikewise, you can listen to your favorite music during the exercise.

These are easy but successful techniques to keep your exercises interesting.

Instead of trying to avoid to your daily workout regimes you will look forward to it.

A treadmill will help you lose weight

Obviously, the number one benefit of utilizing a treadmill is that it will assist you lose weight. Walking and running for only 30 minutes at 7mph daily will burn around 335 calories and if you accelerate it to 9mph you will burn nearly 370.

If you decide to combine your workout regime with a balanced diet you will attain your weight-loss objectives in no time. Besides you can even burn more calories on this equipment by sticking to the machine`s incline or adhering to HIIT principles.

With HIIT, you interchange rounds of walking /running at a modest pace with brief rounds of walking /running at a much quicker rate.

Exercise programs

If your treadmill has a digital display, there is a good possibility it has inbuilt exercises as well.

These exercises might differ your incline or speed throughout your exercise to make the routine more challenging. Exercise programs are awesome since they make your exercise sessions fun and interesting.

Improved muscle tone

best treadmill reviewsRunning or walking on a treadmill tones and strengthens your calves, quadriceps muscles, and buttocks.

Employing the incline functionality will make your legs to become toned even more.

If you run/walk without clutching on the handles you will also be able to tone up the arm muscles.

Likewise, walking /running on a treadmill regularly aids in preserving a vibrant musculature system that includes bones, muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments.

As a weight bearing regime, treadmill running applies a pulling pressure on the bones that aids in preventing age-linked bone loss.

Treadmills and diabetes

According to Mayo Clinic treadmills present a fantastic way for motivation to workout frequently. And as they point out regular workout is an essential factor in managing levels of insulin in type 2 diabetes.

Based on a study posted in the Canadian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry web site frequent exercise lowers the levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients. Essentially, the combination of exercise and diet is the most ideal way to fight diabetes signs and symptoms in people who aren’t insulin dependent.

It’s important to consult your doctor before starting your workout since an exercise which is too intense may actually elevate blood sugar levels.

Workout reduces disease risk

Just as we have seen the connection between diabetes and treadmills, the use of this equipment can help lower your risk for pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, colon and breast cancer, depression and degenerative arthritis.

Walking and running on a treadmill or engaging in another type of gentle intensity for around 150 minutes weekly lowers the danger of dying prematurely. To accomplish all these rewards you need to attain a fast running pace and don’t fret if you are unable to do thirty minutes simultaneously;

3 ten minute walks/runs daily have confirmed to have the same good effects as one continuous exercise as pointed out in the American Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Boosting running speed

Quick InclineIn order to run fast you will want to do it quickly. By boosting your acceleration, you will be able to attain your optimal speed quickly than other people assisting you to get ahead of the competition in your next tournament.

By using the incline functionality available on the treadmill, a study published in the Journal of Conditioning and Strengthening Research in 2006 found that one can boost his/her overall start-sprint speed.

It was established that that the participants conducted exercises with an incline 2 times weekly for 6 weeks.


If you are someone who is self-conscious and don’t wish to run outdoors or join a fitness center having a treadmill in your home can remedy most of your concerns.

Enhanced joint flexibility

treadmill cushioningAs a gentle-intense workout treadmills assists to keep your joints mobile and since you are running on a treadmill opposed to a hard pavement, you lower the effect on your joints and knees.

If you’ve arthritis, the mill is an awesome way to keep the joints loose as wells preventing unnecessary pain.


If you not already aware, a treadmill is an n excellent way in ensuring that you are receiving the workout you want to remain healthy. With this gear, you can workout at the comfort and convenience of your home anytime you want.

Easy to use

Unlike other fitness gear, treadmills are the easiest to use and if you are the kind of individual who frets about sloppy terrain or has issues walking/running uphill the mill’s surface is predictable and flat.

With a treadmill, you do have to fret about trails, sidewalks or curbs. One of the reasons why most people like treadmills that much is because they are so easy to use.

Track your progress

Large LCD WindowWith a treadmill tracking your progress is straightforward.

Most of the treadmills offered in the market come packed with digital displays which show you vital stats such as calories burned, time, distance covered and heart rate.

Even better, some units allow you to create several users and store your statistics, meaning you can check out how much you have improved over certain duration.

Monitoring your progress is essential particularly if you are working toward a weight-loss goal.

Emotional and mental benefits

In addition to the physical rewards, a treadmill will also offer you several benefits connected to your emotional well-being and mental health. Aerobic workouts trigger the release of certain hormones called endorphin that supply a feeling of well being.

Treadmill workouts can therefore, assist you to relax and relieve symptoms of depression. If you endure from mental tension and anxiety, a treadmill workout at an aerobic degree of intensity will help alleviate these symptoms.


Workout-AppsIf you’ve health issues which make unregulated outdoor workout unsafe such as morbid obesity, seizure disorders or heart disease a treadmill enables you to workout in safe and sound, supervised indoor setting.

The capability to regulate climate, inline and speed during exercise may boost your motivation and impetus for treadmill exercises and make you conduct more workouts with all associated raise in health benefits.


Treadmills offer mobile, indoor exercise alternatives that can provide a place for either walking or running. A majority of treadmills measure your calories burned, time, heart rate, distance and speed as you exercise that can boost your level of motivation and effectiveness in exercising.

This equipment is also ideal if you’re recuperating from a physical injury. Irrespective of whether you are seeking to improve your health or build muscle, this handy equipment is well worth its money.

It’s easy to use, convenient, and assists you monitor your progress.

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