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Is Bathroom Faucet Water Usage Different from Kitchen?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

The use of faucet water in most households is something that we cannot ignore. This is because both the bathroom and the kitchen are the most water-consuming sections in the house. Hence, no matter the kind of faucet you are using (there are several types including the pull-down, pull out and the standard ones), you will still discover that quality faucets would, in the long run, save high water bills as opposed to cheap and poor-quality ones.

Another factor that significantly contributes to the frequency of faucet water use in various households is the number of people it hosts.

For instance, a single person would obviously use less faucet water in comparison to married couples with kids.

water dropThe same case applies to extended families, commercial usage; the list could go on and on.

Water dripping from a leaky tap might seem little hence ignorable to some individuals, but if you took time to place a container underneath, you would be surprised at how many gallons of water you lose on a daily basis.

If you combine days into weeks, months and then years, that right there is a major throwback to environmental conservation efforts.

Water usage in the Kitchen

The first thing that probably strikes most people’s minds when they hear the term “kitchen” is food.

But critically thinking, there is so much activity that goes around in that single room of the house than you would imagine.

And as much as the tap water usage in the kitchen is yet to match that of the bathroom, it still makes to the second runners-up, something that you should take seriously.

The use of the kitchen sink is the primary start point of kitchen faucet water usage.

First, it’s here that you wash your hands before handling any type of food; whether raw or cooked.

After washing the hands, you would probably give those cooking ingredients a thorough wash before embarking on your cooking skills display journey.

And with this comes incredible merit of having a tap with a spray head.

The spray gives you full control of the amount of water you would use as you get to adjust the flow of water until you achieve a thorough outcome.

If you have to boil something you would need to fill up the pot, which makes tall faucet arcs an advantage.

kitchen faucetAll you need to do is place your pan under the sink and turn the water on/off.

It could be even better with a spray head faucet, as you don’t have to move your pot from its current location.

There are various kinds of kitchen faucet spray heads so you have to choose what would efficiently work for you.

Having a multifunctional spray head brings with it several advantages that cooking lovers continue to appreciate.

Therefore, it’s advisable to go for a 3-in one or more functional kitchen tap spray head.

Don’t forget to cater for your hand washing needs in your choice of the kitchen faucet.

For instance, one with a soap dispenser offers so much convenience.

The same case applies to handless kitchen faucet selections that would ensure you don’t keep the circle of germs transfer running.

You, however, have to exercise patience as adjusting from standard kitchen tap usage to a touchless one isn’t easy.

But the reward is enormous once you master the setting skills.

Water usage in the Bathroom

It goes without mentioning that the bathroom is the number one water guzzler in the house.

Therefore, this automatically makes faucet water usage undeniable more than that of the kitchen.

Makes a lot of sense, right?

After all, if you’re like most people, you also start you and end your day in the bathroom.

Let’s elaborate further.

bath.sinkThe first thing you undertake when you wake up is to brush your teeth at the sink in the bathroom, then you wash your face or take a bath in the adjustable shower or tub.

Don’t forget that last trip to the toilet before you head to the dressing table.

And after the makeup, shaving and other sorts of grooming, you wash your hands at the sink in the bathroom before heading out.

In fact, some people repeat some of these processes more than once, so imagine the kind of water you get to use!

Remember we haven’t mentioned them before bedtime evening tasks.

If you take a bathroom faucet water usage record from most homes, most people would admit to forgetting to turn off the taps after use.

It might sound weird, but it happens; more than when in the kitchen.

So, if you are thinking of incorporating some water saving measures in your house, ensure not to forget the bath.

And if you find all this unbelievable, try jotting down the number of times you pinch yourself for walking to shower with the tap in full force.

Faucet Water Usage Conservation Tips

Before we mention our top tips, it’s best that you remember that the conception of the world’s best ideas begins, and so do our daily actions.

Water saving starts with you; don’t leave it for today or tomorrow, but instead, start today!

  • Ensure you turn off the faucet in between frequent pauses in activities such as teeth brushing and vegetable cleaning.
  • If you prefer sink dishwashing over the dishwasher, then consider filling up the sink with water before soaking up all the utensils.

The amount of water that you waste as you continually run the faucet is nerve wrecking.

  • Make frequent checks on your taps for leakage detection.

Fixing a single leak can save hundreds of gallons per month.

It doesn’t matter how small the drip might seem as no leak is better.

We hope that you find today’s read insightful.

Remember the amount of faucet water you get to use in the kitchen and bathroom depends on how busy your household can get.

Also, homes with larger kitchens and bathrooms consume more tap water than smaller ones.

Hence, ensure your faucets are efficient and reliable to save up more on those monthly water bills.

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