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Bathroom Mirrors; the Worthy Additions to Your Bathroom Décor

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

We all know one primary function of a mirror, and that’s for grooming purposes. But if you have a more in-depth look, you would realize how much of additional value a simple mirror can be to your bathroom.

pedestal sinkEver thought as to why you often find glass doors outstanding?

The primary goal could be probably because of the beautiful reflections they display.

Therefore, if you are looking for something multi-valuable to add to your interior décor, then maybe a set of mirrors is all you require.

Here‘s how to create the best bathroom decor out of your mirror collection.

Mirrors as a Source of Light

If the location of the bathroom in your house doesn’t allow in much natural light, it would be a good idea to invest in an excellent piece of lighted mirror.

With this one, you can be sure to leave the house with the right shade of make-up and also save up on extra lighting expenses.

There is also a pleasant feeling that accompanies the turning on of Led-lighted mirrors.

The shade of light is not only inviting but also beautiful.

And as if that’s isn’t enough, you get to save on your energy bills as this type of lights don’t consume so much energy.

Thinking of how to make your small bathroom exciting?

Think of purchasing a vanity with a high-quality mirror.

That way, you would have a double win, one for your grooming needs and the other for illumination.

Perfect, right?

When Do I go For Multiple?

Although most homeowners prefer going the standard interior way when it comes to mirror mounting, you don’t have to move with the flow.

You can decide to forgo the above the sink single mirror trend and instead work with multiple sets that would accommodate various users at the same time.

The trick here is to go for smaller pieces and spread them above the large area above the sink area

Multiple mirrors can also help make your space look more prominent, thus suitable for small bathrooms.

However, ensure to moderate as too much of it can make the room seem too busy.

Should I Wall Hang Them or Keep Them Standing?

The decision as to whether to keep your mirror standing or wall-hanged entirely depends on your preference and location.

However, for an elegant outlook, you would find hanging more convenient.

If you don’t have enough space to hang your mirror, then you can accessorize it into other fixtures such as part of the medicine cabinet face.

Let Them Speak Your Style

If you are good to go with multiple mirrors, then it’s now time to get ready for some fun.

Head to the marketplace with an open mind.

Remember you don’t have to go with all things uniform, as there are so many designs at your disposal.

You can mix round overall and even square.

Or if you want a uniform shape, then go differently with the colors.

You just have to ensure the colors complement well.

Also, check out some unique frame designs.

You can get all this from particular offer stores, car boot sales and other forms of seasonal sales around your area.

If you can’t find anything that perfectly fits your imagination, consider hiring a mirror crafting specialist to customize your looks.

Additionally, take your time to reconsider your choice of pre-framed mirrors vs. frameless ones.

While the pre-framed options offer more creativity and are less expensive, the frameless ones provide a seamless look and would work correctly along with your bathroom walls.

How Do I place my mirrors?

Decorative Bathroom MirrorThere is no limit as to how neatly you can place your mirrors.

Here you have to play around with what works for you.

If you love reflections, it would be ideal to have two mirrors facing each other more especially at the dressing table or space.

The look can also work along the hallway or better yet why not work with what you already have? For instance, you can strategically place the vanity mirror to directly opposite that mirrored piece of art on the wall for a thrilling reflection across the room.

You can also opt for a mirror door around the tub for an exquisite look.

And if you love watching the appealing sight of nature as you go perform other tasks, you can place a mirror opposite the window, so you get a clue of what’s taking place on the outside.

A Bathroom Mirror wall?


Well, sometimes you just have to get wild and think outside the box and push yourself to accomplish something extraordinary.

For instance, not many people would think of constructing a mirror wall as they would a mirror over the sink.

So, if the thought of seeing yourself in the bathtub doesn’t scare you, then maybe you need something more exciting like a mirror wall.

Combine this one with a contemporary bathtub, and you would surely make a bold statement.

You will appreciate the warm charm this antique mirror-mirror would bring to your space.

Layered mirrors

If you want to make a bold statement, then placing a mirror on top of a mirrored surface brings out your class and creative side.

However, be ready to spend more money as this design doesn’t come cheap as compared to wallpapers, ceramic or even porcelain.

The advantage of this design is the fact that you will get more light into your room and the look will definitely look more prominent and more attractive.

Nevertheless, it takes a reasonable amount of time to clean, and the installation process might take longer.

You might also have to hire a contractor to help you out.

The list could go on and on as there is so much more you can do with mirrors and anything to do with glass in your bathroom.

We hope you find these tips inspiring and if you feel there is an idea we have left out, feel free to leave a comment for the same.

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