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The benefits of home made beard oil

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

You’re a discerning man, so you care about how you look. That much is obvious because you’re here. Every morning, you go through a precision crafted routine that leaves you looking and feeling absolutely 100% so that when you step out of your front door and face the world, you’re doing it at your best.

Obviously, a huge part of looking good is having a good looking beard. After all, it’s on the part of your body that everybody’s going to pay attention to. But even though beards are fashionable right now, a lot of guys just don’t do it right. I keep seeing guys with scraggly, ill groomed beards, and to me, that’s just a cardinal sin.

After all, once you know what you’re doing, looking after your beard is relatively simple. You just need to add some good beard oil to your daily routine.

But you probably already knew that. Which is why you’re here. And there’s a good chance you’ve already read our article on how to make your own homemade beard oil. If you haven’t, you can find that right here.

But before we get into the benefits of home made beard oil in particular, let’s run over why you should be using beard oil in general.

The real benefits of beard oil

real benefits of beard oilIf you’re serious about your beard growth, then you’ve got to be serious about what you put on your beard.

People have been oiling their beards for literally thousands of years, from the Greeks with their olive oil, to Vikings using sheep linament (seriously,) and hand carved combs that were so important they were considered an essential thing to be buried with, alongside a sword, so when you’re fighting alongside the gods at the end of time, you still look your best.

And if a lineage of men this strong, who thought you could literally judge a man on the strength of his beard, used beard oil, you probably should too.

But what does it do?

Beard oil has manifold benefits, which will make your beard thicker and more lustrous at every stage.

beard oil moisturizes the faceFirst off, beard oil moisturizes the face. Little known fact for anyone who has never grown a beard, but the longer your beard hair gets, the more essential face oils it wicks away from your skin. Beard oil replaces this, preventing you from getting a dry, itchy face, or worse, beard dandruff.

Second, beard oil nourishes the beard hairs themselves, leaving your beard looking and feeling soft and supple, and contributing to beard health.

Finally, beard oil makes a beard so much simpler to control, especially when paired with a solid beard brush or comb.

If you’ve never looked into it, a good starter guide on the benefits of beard oil, and some of the different varieties, can be found here.

But that’s just beard oil in general. Why would you use a home made beard oil?What are the benefits, and does it do anything better than a store bought or the internet bought beard oil?

Home made beard oils. Advantages and disadvantages

(If you’ve come here looking for our article on how to make your own beard oil, find it here.)

There are some distinct advantages to making your own beard oil in the comfort of your own home, but at the same time, there’s a couple of things that you’ve got to be aware of, which we’ll detail first.

The cost breakdown

cost breakdownA lot of beard oils aren’t cheap, but making your own beard oil can sometimes be a lot more expensive up front than even the most expensive beard oils!

The component parts of your beard oil can be pricey, with some essential oils running over $10 per bottle, and the bottles are small. Carrier oils don’t tend to be as expensive, but you’re still looking at several dollars for a bottle. Plus you might need droppers, spare bottles to store it in, and other accouterments.

So why is this an upside?

Because it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Once you’ve bought all of the ingredients to make your own beard oil, they last for literal ages. You’re only going to be using a small fraction of each essential oil to make a bottle that will last you weeks, if not months, so once you’ve got a recipe you like, you’ll actually save money in the long run.

Complete control

This is the other issue I mentioned earlier, and it’s relatively minor. After all, making your own beard oil takes time, and some guys might want the convenience of buying a store bought bottle of oil.

But making your own oil only takes an hour or so of experimentation, and the process itself is enjoyable, in a hands on kind of way, so it’s unlikely to be a deal breaker for most guys. But if you really can’t spare the time, it might be better to buy a bottle.

You know exactly what you’re putting into it

You know exactly what you're putting into itIt sounds obvious, but it’s true. When you make your own beard oil, you’re entirely responsible for what goes into it.

That means if you want a particular essential oil, because, for example, it has a fantastic effect on beard growth, you can throw it in.

If you know you’re allergic to certain carrier oils, or you’ve got a skin condition that requires special treatment, you can make up a blend that’s guaranteed not to irritate it further.

Or maybe you just love a particular scent combination, and the current offerings out there just don’t give you what you need.

Well, guess what, when you’re making your own beard oil, you can do anything you want, whenever you want.

All natural, pure ingredients

All natural, pure ingredientsWhilst technically, this could be rolled into the above example, we feel it’s distinct enough that it bears mentioning separately.

In this day and age, we’re more aware than ever of what we’re putting into and onto our bodies. A few guys I know are really careful with this stuff, because there are so many artificial toxins and crap in the products we use, and we don’t really have any idea whether any of it has harmful effects.

And when you buy something online, do you really know what’s gone into making it?

But you’re probably going to be buying the component parts of your home made beard oil from your local health shop, and the bottles you buy are going to contain 100% pure essential oils. So when it comes time to slap it onto your face, you know it’s made from the highest quality ingredients possible, and there’s not going to be anything added that you aren’t expecting.


There’s a lot of good reasons to make your own beard oil, and it’s something that we think most men should try at one time in their lives. After all, it doesn’t take much work, but the benefits are potentially massive.

Hell, if it goes that well, next time you’re here you could be the CEO of your own burgeoning company of beard products. But in all seriousness, if you’re a man who appreciates a little bit of control and a personal touch, making your own beard oil could be just the thing you’re looking for.

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