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Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews in 2021

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Bathroom Makeover? Than you’re probably looking for best bathroom faucets for it. Bathroom renovation is a common occurrence nowadays, and one of the most vital elements of the appearance are the faucets you are going to fit in.

Why is the faucet so important?

Well, as a part of the bathroom equipment, the faucet is an item you will get to use practically every day.

In regards to this fact, it is wise to ensure you get the best quality that will give an excellent and functionality.

Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews in 2021

Moen Eva Bathroom Faucet Review

Moen Eva Bathroom FaucetThe legendary Moen brand did not hesitate in unleashing its quality through the Eva Bathroom Faucet.

With its matte bronze finish, the single-handle high arc tap is an excellent addition to bathroom sink or tub.

The outstanding elegant design will guarantee that the faucet never goes out of trend.

Moreover, the gleaming golden adds to the already creamy texture made up of a scintillating combination of matte bronze and chrome.

The Moen Eva One-Handle will have a single-hole mount with an additional 3 -hole installation option for added convenience.

Although the design might seem small, the fluid stream flow carries in the range of 1.6 GPM at a rate of 60 PSI.

Moen Eva PROS:
  • Simple use with the single lever
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • Aerated water flow
  • The drain also has a stopper to control the outlet
Moen Eva CONS:
  • Some features are plastic
  • Complaints of manufacturing flaw with sharp edges

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What we think about Moen Eva:

87 %
92 %
User Rating
97 %
Our Overall Score
92 %


If you are a lover of Moen products, then you would find the above-reviewed piece is a suitable choice to consider.

Unlike others, it is equipped with excellent features and excellent specifications.

Delta B3596LF-OB Windemere Bathroom Faucet Review

Delta B3596LF-OB Windemere Bathroom FaucetDuring the renovation, not every homeowner seeks to go with the regular chrome or bronze look with their faucets.

If you fall into such a category, then the Delta Windemere B3596LF-OB bathroom is going to impress you and your loved one.

The size of the fixture stands at over 6 inches, with a 4-inch spout that ensures you can install the faucet in either a deep or shallow sink.

Also, the high-end bathroom faucet small size is an excellent fit that can accommodate a 3-hole center set for your bathroom model.

But being a Delta product, the Windemere B3596LF-OB faucet does beyond the superb design by having an environmentally-friendly concept.

The faucet is certified of less water consumption at a rate of 20%.

Delta B3596LF PROS:
  • Great look and design
  • The installation process is easy
  • ADA-certified
  • High-performance with value for money
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Delta B3596LF CONS:
  • Lacks the appropriate flexibility

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What we think about Delta B3596LF:

88 %
93 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
91 %


The Delta Windemere model is one of the most cost-effective designs that meet the expected quality and performance.

Overall, if it is within your budget, then the beautiful piece is an excellent addition.

Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Centerset Faucet Review

Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Centerset FaucetThe product from GROHE ranks as another top choice considering it provides for a lifetime operation.

Thanks to the SilkMove technology, the faucet will carry out its functions with minimal chances of wear.

There is also the GROHE StarLight which is the scratch-proof technology that helps the faucet resist instances of tarnishing on the surfaces.

Its EcoJoy technology which will allow your household to save 50% percent of the water consumption in the bathroom.

The GROHE Cosmopolitan Eurostyle faucet only measures 7 to 7/8 inches tall with a 4-inch spout that has a keyhole-like lever handle.

The water flow is available by tilting the stem to 7 degrees which is optimal for ergonomic comfort.

Eurostyle Cosmopolitan PROS:
  • ADA and WaterSense-certified
  • Ergonomic design with a contemporary outlook
  • The efficient water flow of around 1.6 GPM
  • The chrome finish maintain a mirror-like look for years
Eurostyle Cosmopolitan CONS:
  • Installation can become complex

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What we think about Eurostyle Cosmopolitan:

86 %
92 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
91 %


Regarding refined quality and finesse, this GROHE faucet model is exact setup to choose due to its elegance and well build quality.

The shape of the metal handle and spout is just one of the points that buyers have found impressive with the general finish and function.

KES L3109A1LF Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet Review

KES L3109A1LF Bathroom Vanity Sink FaucetAs a start, the KES l3109A1LF Bathroom faucet is probably one of the best-priced products in the mid-range category.

And as the name suggests, the model does spot a fresh design with an ideal waterfall-like spout feature.

There is also the extra functionality with the customizable water hoses which allow for the mounting of any 3.8-inch compression thread that is compatible with the mounting hardware.

The superior part is that the faucet only weighs three rounds with measurements coming in at 5.2×1.6 ×6.5 inches and that provides ample space for the installation and design.

  • Lightweight
  • Suits a contemporary bathroom design
  • Lasting use
  • Prevents water dripping or potential leaks
  • Presence of mounting hardware and supply lines
  • Only operates with one hole
  • May need a deep sink for the installation

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What we think about KES L3109A1LF:

93 %
85 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


If you are in search of a faucet that meets the standards in style and strength, then the KES L3109A1LF Waterfall vanity faucet is a good recommendation.

All-in-all, there is plenty of reason why this faucet is a worthy investment for your bathroom.

Moen 6610BN Brantford Bathroom Faucet 1 Review

Moen 6610BN Brantford bathroom faucetIf the KES L3109A1LF model does not meet your standards, then this product could become an excellent variation for your bathroom.

The product from Moen’s Brantford collection spots a two handle bathroom faucet with an additional drain assembly for easy installation.

The overall grey metallic polished look stems from the use of brushed nickel finish to add to its visual quality.

The Moen 6610BN Brantford bathroom faucet has a drain assembly of 4″ centers with 0.5″IPS connections for the Centerset model.

To add to its reputation, the excellent product from Moen is a full ADA-compliant faucet, with the functionality also meeting the WaterSense standards for water consumption.

The rate of use for the Moen 6610BN stands at 1.6 GPM which is a standard quality of most faucets.

Moen 6610BN PROS:
  • Attractive nickel finish giving yet a classical look
  • Easy installation
  • Saves on water consumption
  • ADA-Compliant and WaterSense certified
  • Provides for three hole installation
Moen 6610BN CONS:
  • Customers do complain of low water flow
  • The stopper functionality may fail

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What we think about Moen 6610BN :

87 %
93 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
90 %


The 6610BN product goes to show just how Moen’s potential to create conventional yet high-quality construction with impeccable functioning.

At the market price, the model is a worthy purchase.

Pfister LF042VGKK Vega Bathroom Faucet Review

Pfister LF042VGKK Vega Bathroom FaucetApart from the outside view, the real value of the Pfister model is in the material.

It features a Pforever seal with an advanced ceramic disc valve that prevents potential leaking.

There is also the push and seal drain that need no tools to install and work as perfect as the standard pop-up drain.

The waterfall spout is also an advent feature with the trough spout delivering an excellent cascading of water.

However, where the Pfister LFO42VGKK Vega bathroom faucet makes up in design, it loses out on its water flow force.

The style only stands at 1.2 GPM while although the dimensions are 18.3″× 7.5″× 2.9″ inches.

Pfister LF042VGKK Vega PROS:
  • WaterSense-certified
  • The full set includes the installation hardware and instruction
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with three hole system although it works with internet handle/lever placement.
  • Has an aesthetic deck plate
  • Use of advanced technology in the disc valves
Pfister LF042VGKK Vega CONS:
  • Has a reduced rate of water flow

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What we think about Pfister LF042VGKK Vega:

86 %
93 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
93 %


As a product from Pfister, the LF042VGKK does not fall short of becoming a nice aesthetic faucet with a lovely waterfall effect.

Its well-made, solid feel will guarantee not just efficient but also smooth functionality.

American Standard 2475.540.002 Colony Faucet Review

American Standard FaucetA highly ranked faucet regarding features is the American Standard 2475.540.002 Colony Soft Double-Handle Laundry Faucet.

The obvious start is the brass swivel spout and the 2-handle design that provides the precise control that any user would want.

The low arc spout makes the water accessible with the height standing at only 4-3/4 inches.

The visual appeal is thanks to the brass construction that will protect the faucet from scratch with the additional chrome finish for attractive durability.

Long-lasting performance is also an element of the American Standard 2475.540.002 Colony Soft-Handle laundry faucet with the ceramic disc valves delivering reliable water flow without potential leaks.

Considering safety and ease of use, the faucet also meets the standards of ADA, which adds to reputation.

American Standard PROS:
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lifetime performance
  • Excellent contact with the water flow.
American Standard CONS:
  • The size may seem large for small sinks or basins

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What we think about American Standard:

88 %
94 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
89 %


Just like its counterparts on the list, the American Standard 2475.540.002 bathroom faucet comes loaded with plenty of slick features to deliver high-end performance.

Its overall looks are only an addition to the already price value of the faucet.

Moen 6903BN Voss Bathroom Faucet Review

Moen 6903BN Voss Bathroom FaucetThere are plenty of fixtures that come with the Moen 6903BN Voss High Arc bathroom faucet, and it guarantees to deliver a transitional style for your bathroom.

The outstanding feature is the standalone structure that facilitates a single-hole installation for a trendy look.

The 6930BN Voss bathroom faucet also has an advent brushed nickel finish to give the grey metallic look.

Moreover, the model also comes with an oil-rubbed bronze and chrome finishes for another choice.

The arc stands at 100 degrees to keep the water temperature at an optimal rate.

The installation will accommodate an optional three-hole deck plate which is compatible with three-hole installations.

Its water consumption is a mere capacity of 1.2 GPM at 60 PSI for the consumption rate.

Moen 6903BN PROS:
  • Easy to install and handle
  • Its features are entirely metal making the construction study
  • The product set comes with the full installation hoses
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Moen 6903BN CONS:
  • Low water flow delivery

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What we think about Moen 6903BN:

86 %
90 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
89 %


Like most Moen products, the 6903BN receives plenty of positive reviews from the past customers, and it is evident also from the high rating it has on the market.

Overall, the faucet remains the most straightforward yet flawless faucet that will not give you a headache in regards to installation.

Designers Impressions 653387 Bathroom Vanity Faucet Review

Designers Impressions 653387 Bathroom Vanity FaucetAn apparent feature if the oil rubbed bronze finish which gives it a blackish yet shiny look to add the extra modern theme to the bathroom.

The best application for the model is probably the bathroom sink faucet within the vanity.

Moreover, a proper consideration for the Designer Impressions 653387 is on the lack of washer valves which makes the water flow more powerful yet consistent at a rate of 2.0 GPM (7.57 LPM).

And with the lack of valves, the installation becomes an outright natural process.

On the part of installation space, the Designer Impressions 653387 does not take much space for the supply end with the dimensions only occupying 13.1× 10.7× 2.5 inches.

Designers Impressions PROS:
  • Has a natural do-it-yourself installation process
  • Low lead compliant
  • Comes with a two handle design
  • ADA compliant
Designers ImpressionsCONS:
  • Components are made up of plastic

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Designers Impressions:

89 %
94 %
User Rating
79 %
Our Overall Score
87 %


The Designers Impressions 653387 Vanity faucet prides on having one of the most reasonable value yet still able to deliver on design and functionality.

Even, the use of plastic lining the waterways does not seem to pair nicely with most of the customers

Grohe Bau Edge Faucet Review

Grohe Bathroom FaucetThe beginning feature is the two lever handles that do ascertain the broad concept with the faucet.

With the separate handles, users can smoothly operate without much confusion on whether they are about to open on the wrong water value.

Its minimalistic quality also balances the use of functions with additional cost to the bathroom ambiance.

However, the unique widespread faucet does not end up there since the coating is itself a stand-out element to add a contemporary bathroom look.

The Grohe Starlight Chrome finish also carries scratch-proof and anti-tarnish properties to ensure long-lasting use.

On the technical parts, the Grohe BauEdge Bathroom faucet features a metal lever, spout with mousseur and a ceramic head part.

Grohe Bau Edge PROS:
  • Has a solid brass construction with the shiny chrome finish
  • Grohe’s SilkMove technology is efficient enough to allow for temperature control
  • Efficient performance
  • Easy installation with few issues
Grohe Bau Edge CONS:
  • Small-sized
  • The price is quite high

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Grohe :

86 %
92 %
User Rating
82 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


The Grohe Bau Edge is probably the only widespread model in the list, and this further adds to its already essential functionality.

The summary can remain that it is a recommendable faucet if your bathroom sink meets the criteria and you have the budget for it.

While a good number cannot afford to buy the most expensive, the last option is to end up buying cheap and defective models without knowledge.

If you fall into this category, you should not worry since this article will walk you through the essential tips to consider.

Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Faucet

The process of buying best bathroom faucets for your bathroom is not an easy task judging from the plenty of wrong information and lack of knowledge.

However, as a smart move, there are several things to always consider before getting to buy the bathroom faucets.

1. Style

bathroom faucetFirst and foremost, bathroom faucets play a significant role in making or breaking the overall look of the bathroom.

When choosing the bathroom faucets models, you can get to select between traditional, transitional or contemporary depending on the preference you want.

If you for the conventional style you would seek for antique look furnishing that will match the bathroom.

Transitional and contemporary faucets will often feature generic and futuristic centerpieces which present a modern décor to the bathroom.

2. Finish

As another severe consideration, the finish of the bathroom can add a respectable elegance to the décor.

While there are hundreds of choices, popular finish styles such as Chrome, Bronze, and Stainless steel remain popular due to their functionality and capacity to complement the bathroom.

Still, it is essential to ensure the finish does not clash with the bathroom overall design.

3. Price

The price is a paramount consideration and working with a budget is always a wise decision.

Overall, if the bathroom faucets hit three the planned price budget, it is not the right choice no matter how beautiful it seems.

The market has plenty good models which have excellent and smooth functionality.

The bottom line is not to overspend since there are right functional faucets at reasonable prices.

4. Mounting

bathroom faucet wallThe mounting process is the placement of the faucet on the fixture.

Usually, there are several choice to go for regarding mounting with pedestal, corner mount sink, and wall mount as the leading mounting designs.

Additionally, the mounting application will consider the pre-cut faucet holes on the fixtures.

You can choose between single-hole or three-hole mount applications, as they are the most popular.

Types of Bathroom Faucets

As the first item to learn, the types of faucets and identifying them is a critical element in getting to choose what appeals to you.

Remember the faucet is an item you get to use for quite a considerable time unless you plan to keep on changing.

So here are the original styles for bathroom faucets:

Centerset faucets

A centre set faucet features a single spout with an additional handle or two to make up the whole unit.

The design works well with the 4″ pre-drilled three-hole bathroom fixtures.

Additionally, there the handles and spout can be mounted on 6 inch trim plate for a compact design.

Single-Hole faucets

As the name suggests, single-hole faucets do possess one handle and one access point for the water feed pipes.

Therefore, the single-hole faucet will have to work with the single-hole layout in all of the bathroom fixtures.

The spout and lever also come as a single unit from where you get to control water flow and temperature.

Wall-mounted faucets

Another popular model is the wall mount faucet that is often in showers, tubs, and other vessel sinks.

The design of the faucet can either be widespread, centerset, single lever or dual spout depending on what you chose.

However, the underlying factor remains that the bathroom wall should have the necessary water feed holes pre-drilled during plumbing.


Widespread faucets are probably the most flexibility faucets regarding design and variety.

The faucet has all the components separate with the handles and spout as different pieces mounted on separate drilling positions on the sink.

In short, the faucet appears as three separate pieces on pre-drilled holes.

How to Install a Bathroom Faucet?

At times, the faucets may require outright replacement after an extended period of use or to improve on them.

However not all faucet installation need a plumber as most of the upcoming models are designed with the customer in mind and often feature installation guidelines or do-it-yourself procedures.

Still, the determining factor remains the level of difficulty that the faucet project carries.

There’s some good content on how to fix a dripping faucet at anytimeplumbing.net.

The comfortable bathroom faucet replacement or installations jobs usually feature the following general guidelines:

  1. Before anything, the first action is to turn off the bathroom’s water supply and stop the valves.
  2. A shut off valve can also come in handy as an attachment to the drain under the sink.
  3. Now you will need to remove the old faucet using the appropriate tools for the nuts and washers.
  4. That means you may need the correct wrench sizes (socket and basin) to gently remove the bolts and detach the old faucet from the pipes and sink.
  5. As an extra precaution, check on the condition of the tubes for any cracks or damages
  6. Once the old faucet is entirely removed, and all the pipes are thoroughly inspected and cleaned, you can proceed to clean up the installation area to allow for a tight fit.
  7. Dry off any water or dirt after cleaning.
  8. Securely position the new faucet on the installation spot by screwing in the nuts and washers that come with the faucet.
  9. A wrench is handy in ensure the faucet fits securely and tightly in place.
  10. When tight enough, apply caulking to the sides of the faucet area.
  11. If the faucet is secure enough on the sinkhole, the next step is to attach the water drain and pipes.
  12. The last action would be to turn on the water flow to check for any leaks present

Consider Your Bathroom Plumbing Style

Whether replacing faucets or upgrading to new models, it is imperative to know that not all faucets carry an easy installation process and would necessitate the help of a professional plumber.

However, this relies on your plumbing system and the model of faucet.

Still, replacing it is a process that is easy to understand, and if you are careful, you should not encounter any problems.

Who Makes the Best Bathroom Faucets?

Whenever one decides to decorate the bathroom, we are left spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to go for in regards to the look.

But where can you get the best modern faucets for your bathroom?

Here are the leading companies whose line of products have a reputation in the faucet market.

American Standard Plumbing

American `Standard has a long history of over 140 years, and it is no surprise that their faucets always appear as popular choices among professionals and consumers all over the country.

Their Town Square widespread faucet is just among the popular models of the brand and is available in satin, bronze, and chrome.

It ceramic discs offer better water flow with long-lasting experience.

A good number of their expensive faucets range from $135 to over $650.


Moen is another common kitchen and bathroom fixture brand with designs in multiple collections of faucets. Check more Moen products here: https://ever-unfolding.net/best-shower-system-reviews/

Customers get to choose modern and traditional styles with installation types ranging to four.

The use of eco-performance technology to the lifetime limited warranty are just some of the features that set the brand apart from the rest.


As one of the oldest brands in the market, Kohler offers plenty of variety of styles and models for kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Additionally, they have some of the cheapest faucets with prices ranging from $25 to more expensive design of over $1,800.

Get extra features of four installation designs and the handle types.

Price Pfister

Another legendary brand if you and Prifster would not miss a top list of faucets without one of their products.

Their faucets typically spot ergonomic design, next-generation technology and a wide range of finishes or colors.

If you are in search of advanced technology in your bathroom faucet, then Pfister is probably a right place to start.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Bathroom Faucet?

Bathroom faucets that are no longer underestimated when it comes to renovating the bathroom and as a homeowner, it is always necessary to go for sound quality.

While function remains essential when purchasing a faucet today, there are plenty of other advantages that come with an excellent faucet.

Increase the value of your home

A significant gain with remodeling your bathroom with the great faucet is that it increases the house value.

It may seem like a simple replacement, but right faucets increase the amount although in a minimal proportion.

Save yourself from potential risk

Secondly, a right faucet potentially protects you from health or accident risk in the bathroom.

Remember a shower is a place that has a lot of scope for danger for bacteria, mold, electricity, and leaks.

A proper faucet installation could go a long way in successfully combating severe ailment or accidents in the future in the most used room in the house.

Save on money

save moneyOften the price is a significant factor when deciding the best faucet to use.

With such a mindset the customer ends up getting cheap items that will enable them to save the money.

However, these competitive model often end up being expensive in the long run, with frequent replacement and plumbing costs.

There best advice is always to pick an affordable faucet that meets the both the regulator’s and your bathroom standards.

Enhance the bathroom appeal

One of the few another thing that some with remodeling the bathroom with right bathroom faucet is the ability to change the bathroom scenery profoundly.

There are plenty of finishes to choose from, but it remains vital to choke one that invokes a subtle feeling of relaxation for those using the bathroom.

Also, ensure the faucets look pairs with the rest of the bathroom fixtures as we would not want walking into a visual extravaganza.

Hygienic properties

It is little known that some models of faucets do have sanitary properties that eliminate germ build-up.

A good example is the brass faucet that is germicidal due to its property to denature and kills microorganisms.

Ultimately such a feature would effectively make your faucets natural clean and safe to use.

What Are the Prices To Expect on Today’s Bathroom Faucets?

The faucet market has plenty of models to accommodate a wide range of prices.

The cheapest designs start off at $20 to a little over $200.

At the cheap end ($20-$100) are the plastic models with a small number of metal ones.

Above $100 are the entirely metal faucets with the metal quality increasing with the price from that point.

The high range of $200 and above are a focus of more decor and personal style with more emphasis on fancy or classy designs.

There isn’t much consideration for the high-end faucets as customers do seek budget-friendly faucets.


Overall, the replacing or introducing new faucets to your bathroom sinks must always fit the whole bathroom plans, and it is best to consider the furniture and hardware within the vanity sink.

That means the faucet theme should be similar to the overall bathroom.

Additionally, there is the possibility of accessorizing it with extra items such as knobs, grab bars, towel bars, and toilet roll dispensers.

With the help of the internet, there are plenty of ideas that you can get to complement your bathroom faucet decision.

Get to mix and match but remember to stay within one faucet hardware theme to allow the décor to flow together.

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