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Best Dog House Reviews in 2021

Last updated on: March 13th, 2020

At times the dog might outgrow the house, or you may be expecting a baby or even an elderly person. In each case, the solution would not be to cast the dog outside in the backyard without any shelter. No matter the choice you make it is important to always provide a dog house for your dog to continue living comfortably and safely.

Our 3 Top Rated Best Dog House:

Best overall with Good ventilation and Good quality construction.


Highest Rated, Efficient ventilation and Igloo-shaped pet house designed.


Top Rated, Weatherproof and solid construction and Traditional looking dog house.


Best Dog House Reviewed

Here’s a comprehensive overview of our pick of best Best Dog House available online:

Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor (Red) Review

Petsfit Dog House (Red) - best outdoor dog houseThe dog house model is made from kiln cedar planks and is available in three sizes for comfortable accommodation for a variety of dog breeds.

Apart from that, the dog enclosure ensures your pet is adequately protected from direct sunlight, rain or snow through its stable structure.

The moderately insulated dog house also features an inner size of 41.3″L x 25.8″ W x 30″H dimensions with the reinforced floor supporting a weight of up to 80 pounds.

The floor and hinged roof are both removable to allow for easy cleaning and assembling process.

The Petsfit Wooden dog has a dominated slanted roof with the overall design allowing for water drainage from the roof, potentially shielding the house from adverse weather.

Petsfit Dog House review on Amazon.com

Petsfit Dog House PROS:
  • Good quality construction
  • Easy clean-up thanks to the removable parts
  • Good ventilation
  • The adjustable feet make it easily movable around the yard
Petsfit Dog House CONS:
  • May require additional insulation

What we think about Petsfit Dog House (Red):

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
The Petsfit Dog House is a good recommendation especially since most owners do confess getting value for money from using the product. Overall, the quality of construction and the model’s aesthetics are evidence enough that the Petsfit model should receive the praise it deserves.



Petmate INDIGO W/MICROBAN - best igloo doghouses and best igloo dog houseThe Petmate Indigo doghouse is an igloo-shaped pet house designed for outdoor use.

Unlike other resin-type dog houses, the temporary structures for the Indigo model have a design to accommodate all weather situations and conditions.

The interior base has made up of the Microban element that repels odour-causing bacteria while also eliminating potential mould or mildew build-up.

That works by eliminating internal moisture away from the pet and toward the outer edges of the floor.

And like any canine enclosure, the Indigo dog house from Petmate also maintains a constant airflow for the pet through the improvised air vents.

The Indigo dog house comes with three dimensions for a variety of dogs

Medium: (37.5” L x 30.5” W x 22.8” H) for dogs 25-50 lbs.
Large: (43.8” L x 34” W x 25.8” H) for dogs 50-90 lbs.
Extra-Large: (51.5” L x 39.3” W x 30” H) for dogs 90-125 lbs

Petmate INDIGO W/MICROBAN review on Amazon.com

  • Built with durability
  • Efficient ventilation
  • Easy to assemble or install
  • Not convenient for all dogs
  • Heavy duty making it less portable

What we think about Petmate INDIGO W/MICROBAN:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
With regards to the sizes provided, the Indigo model is a well-constructed enclosure that can offer your dog the necessary protection against many elements. From the overall design, material and igloo-shaped construction, it is safe to say the Petmate Indigo dog house is an excellent outdoor shelter for your dog.


TANGKULA Wood Dog House Review

TANGKULA Wood Dog HouseThe traditional looking dog house is made from fir wood with the black metal support and asphalt-based shingles making up its roof structure.

The dog house sits on four adjustable plastic legs with a removable base floor made from wood slats.

The Tangkula Doghouse also comes in four different sizes that will accommodate different dog sizes and breeds living on the outside.

However, for the medium size dog house, the dimensions stand at (32″ H x 31″ W x 35″ D) with the total weight coming in at 35 lbs.

For additional convenience, the dog house comes with an open doorway to allow free flow of air for a comfortable and perfect living.

If possible, it will require you to position the house against the house to block cold wind at night.

TANGKULA Wood Dog House review on Amazon.com

  • Easily adjustable
  • Groove design
  • Weatherproof and solid construction
  • Comes with the necessary hardware for installation
  • Lacks a wind block door

What we think about TANGKULA Wood Dog House:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
The Tangkula dog house is probably one of the best wood house models in the market. And for the price, it is evident one dog house that could suit any pet and within a budget.


Petsfit Dog House (Light Grey) Review

Petsfit Dog House (Light Grey) - best big dog housesPetsfit is a renowned company in the pet house world, and their outdoor model is built with dogs in mind.

The first consideration the company puts to our canine friends is the available sizes that the Petsfit dog houses come in:

  • the smallest dimensions measuring 33″ x 25″ x 23″ while
  • the larger version stands at 45″ x 30″ x 32″.

Currently, the model is available in grey with white accents on the sides to give your backyard a pop of colour.

The cedar makes quite strong and resilient, which makes it an excellent material for housing all seasons.

Petsfit Dog House (Light Grey) review on Amazon.com

Petsfit Dog House PROS:
  • Easy to clean with the removable features
  • Setup is easy
  • Slanted roof drains all the rainwater
  • A massive duty floor for added stability
Petsfit Dog House CONS:
  • May require additional insulation

What we think about Petsfit Dog House (Light Grey):

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
The Petsfit Wooden Outdoor dog house leaves a good impression on any dog owner with its simple workings. The well-thought design, use of cedar and a mixture of plastic materials gives you features sat a considerably reasonable price.


ASL Solutions Deluxe Review

ASL Solutions DeluxeAs the name probably suggests the ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog house is just like an insulated outdoor palace for your dog.

With the most minimalist of designs, the brand consists of an outstanding insulation system that keeps the pet warm during the winter and cool during summer.

Additionally, there are adjustable window panels to allow for efficient circulation of air inside.

But the main insulation feature comes with the 4-inch EPS Foam insulation on the interior, making it an ideal choice for outdoor weather.

The polystyrene exterior material also offers the sturdy yet lightweight structure.

And as an excellent solution for medium to large dogs, the ASL model features dimensions of 31.5W x 47.5D x 38.5H inches

Interior: 24W x 35.5D x 30.5H inches

Floor to the door: 11 inches.

ASL Solutions Deluxe review on Amazon.com

ASL Solutions Deluxe PROS:
  • Made from durable and durable material
  • Proper air circulation
  • Provides ground protection
  • Easy to clean and maintain
ASL Solutions Deluxe CONS:
  • Minimalistic design

What we think about ASL Solutions Deluxe:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
If you are looking for all-year-round insulation for a medium or large-sized dog, then the ASL Solutions’ Insulated dog house is the best model to start the market. Most dog owners do ascertain that the Dog Palace is a wise and long-term investment to keep your large dog comfortable.


Suncast DH350 Dog House Review

Suncast DH350 Dog HouseThe modest dog house can fit dogs up to 100 pounds in its 33” x 38.5” x 32” dimensions.

The grey plastic makes also spots faux windows on its side with a vinyl door and blue plastic roof complimenting the overall look.

The nameplate with additional letter stickers also adds to the delicate touch that comes with the Suncast DH350 dog house.

To make sure the dog lives comfortably, the Suncast DH350 dog house comes with a gutter around the interior’s bottom to allow catching of water and allow the dog to remain dry.

Although these features do seem complicated, this model is arguably easy to setup with the assembly comprising of snap-together elements.

Suncast DH350 Dog House review on Amazon.com

Suncast DH350 Dog House PROS:
  • Reasonably priced
  • The resin ensures durability with low maintenance
  • Easy installation with no tool necessary
  • Provides the dog with adequate space
Suncast DH350 Dog House CONS:
  • No insulation
  • The lightweight material is not stable enough

What we think about Suncast DH350 Dog House:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
At its price point, the Suncast DH350 dog house is a popular model with customers looking for essential features at a reasonable price. Past customers do indicate positive reviews although questions still lie on the dog house’s stability.


Merry Wood Pet Home Review

Merry Wood Pet HomeThe Merry Product Wood dog house is the ultimate gift you could give your lovable pet.

While there are plenty of housing models, this is probably the coziest design available in the pet home market.

The dog house consists of kiln-dried cedar door that is treated with natural colour stains.

That elevates the structure’s overall appearance while also adding durability.

The model spots a balcony-like structure with a lower lounge area that has a raised floor to ensure the dog is dry throughout.

The construction also adds extra sidestep to allow the pet to play on the rooftop balcony.

Merry Wood Pet Home review on Amazon.com

Merry Wood Pet Home PROS:
  • Durable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for smaller dogs
  • Easy to assemble in under 20 minutes
  • Comes with the necessary hardware and instructions
  • Relatively cheap
Merry Wood Pet Home CONS:
  • Not suitable for large or medium-sized dogs

What we think about Merry Wood Pet Home:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
If you have a playful canine friend, then the Merry Products’ Wood Pet Home is a unique yet functional design that could offer you the solution. The unit provides a comfortable enclosure for small dog breeds to live, making it worth the purchase.


Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog House Review

Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog HouseThe Pet Squeak Doggy Den dog house is straightforward to set up although this is not the only outstanding feature, with the ergonomic design also coming to light as a uniqueness.

Surprisingly, the dog kennels are pretty light, and this allows for easy transportation whenever the need arises.

An additional capability is the durable and sturdiness that comes with the stained white cedar structure.

On the other hand, the dog den comes in four sizes with the large house dimensions coming in at 31-1/4-inch Width by 39-1/2-inch Depth by 34-1/2-inch Height

  • Internal: 26-1/4-inch Width by 31-1/2-inch Depth by 29-inch Height
  • Door Opening: 11-3/4-inch Width by 15-1/2-inch Height.

In general, the unique wood dog house will create a domain that allows the dog to lay down and turn comfortably without interference.

Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden Dog House review on Amazon.com

Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden PROS:
  • Made from durable material
  • Easily portable in the backyard
  • Can accommodate up to 75 pounds for large breeds and 25 pounds for small dogs
  • Easy installation with clear instructions
Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden CONS:
  • May need extra purchasing of the insulation material

What we think about Pet Squeak Doggy Den Wooden:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
The Pet Squeak Doggy Den wooden dog house is a high-end model that blasts competition out of place with its adorable cottage design that is straightforward with the additional benefits for your furry friend.


Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House Review

Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog HouseThe log cabin doghouse features a single entrance that is extra wide to serve a comfortable doorway for the dog.

There is also the slanted shingled roof which directs all rainwater away from the house to the back.

The raised wooden floor receives support from the self-leveling plastic legs.

The materials comprise of fir wood for the structure with additional stainless steel hardware on the edges to make the unit more sturdy and durable.

The black asphalt shingles are also a significant improvement to weatherproofing the Precision Pet Extreme Outback log cabin dog house.

The Extreme comes in four sizes with the dimensions expected to accommodate considerable dog breeds and sizes.

Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House review on Amazon.com

Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior PROS:
  • Straightforward assembling
  • The structure is sturdy enough to support 70-95 lbs
  • Stylish and spacious design
  • Elevated for ground protection
Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior CONS:
  • The cedar material is susceptible to warping, and this affects the quality

What we think about Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
A good number of the Precision Pet Extreme Outback dog house reviews do indicate a product that offers excellent value for money. It unique yet straightforward design keep in mind the natural need for space among dogs while also showing concern for stability.


Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Retreat Review

Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Retreat - best dog house indoorWhether looking for an outdoor house for the backyard or just looking to elevate the dog’s sleeping place, this dog house efficiently does the trick.

With a miniature size of 26″Dx 21”W x 24 “L, the light metal frame is the perfect match for dogs weighing up to 80 lbs.

From the outlook, the Kleeger Canopy model provides for a natural assembling process with only a few minutes necessary for setup.

Its lightweight structure is also an added advantage since it makes the doghouse easy to move if necessary.

Still, the structure and should not fool you as the cot and canopy are sturdy enough to counter any moisture conditions.

However, the portability remains dominant due to the lightweight yet waterproof coat and awning.

Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Retreat review on Amazon.com

Kleeger Premium Canopy PROS:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee
  • Made from apparent quality material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Kleeger Premium Canopy CONS:
  • The material may not be of quality as advertised

What we think about Kleeger Premium Canopy Pet House Retreat:

93 %
90 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
92 %
The Kleeger Premium Canopy pet home is an excellent option especially for small dog breeds that spend a fair amount of time outside. Overall, this superb pet house guarantee pure artistry to shelter your dog while spending time outdoors.


A Brief History of the Dog House

Archaeological evidence has indicated some of the earliest dog houses to date back to 4500 B.C. during the Pharaoh Era. Initially, the design features simple kennel-like structures, made of mud. Fast forward to the 1800’s and early 1900’s and the mud structures were not replaced with a dull looking wooden frame before the 1960’s came along with the plastic models.


The Benefits of a Dog House and Why We Recommend Them

Here are some of the universal benefits that dog houses bring to the interested parties.

To the Dog

  • Protection from outside weather conditions
  • Gives the personal pet space to play and live by itself
  • Portable houses also allow the pet to participate in outdoor adventures
  • A dog house is much comfortable compared to training crates.

To the dog owner

  • A dog house keeps the dog in check whenever you are busy
  • Minimizes chances of the dog interacting with someone with an allergy inside the household.
  • A dog house could assist the pet owner in feeding programs for the dog.

Cool Dog Houses


Using a Dog House Outdoors

At times it may become necessary to leave your dog outside for extended periods during the day or at night. However, going the dog outside uncovered is not a good recommendation, and this is where outdoor dog houses come in. Typically, these outdoor dog houses are available in many options in regards to the size, design, and style of making.


Why Would I Need an Indoor Dog House?

Regardless of the style or design, you prefer for the indoor dog house; these benefits do remain widespread.

  • If you have an aggressive dog, a dog enclosure could help restrain them when you have visitors
  • An indoor kennel is also an excellent place for the dog o recuperate or rest during illness or injury
  • The house may be undergoing some project like renovations, and it is a good idea to keep the dog confined to prevent accidents
  • Small dogs can have a habit of jumping on people, and an indoor kennel helps confine them


What’s the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Dog Houses?

Overall an outdoor dog house enhances the practice of allowing your dog to live outside. Therefore a huge difference comes in the ability of outdoor dog houses to sturdily prevent wear and tear from rain, wind or pests. On the other hand, indoor dog houses focus more on offering aesthetically pleasing structures.


The Different Materials Used for Dog Houses

The most commonly used models in adoption include:

Winter Dog House

  • Wood – comprise different wood types such as Cedar, Asian Fir or pine. Wood-based dog houses are known for being sturdy and weatherproof
  • Plastic – plastic dog houses are easy to assemble and usually come in a variety of colours.
  • Canvas – canvas dog houses or ten are primarily a portable shelter for dogs whenever they accompany you on trips or adventures


What to Consider Before You Buy

Here are the critical aspects to always keep in mind.

  1. How sturdy is it? As one of the critical features, the overall structure of the dog house should always be strong enough to withstand any adverse weather condition, or potential predators when outside.
  2. Can it stand up to All Weathers? Apart from the stability of the dog house structure, the structure should also be capable of frequent resistant exposure from weather elements.
  3. What’s it made of? Usually, wood is the most common material in use for dog houses since it tends to become more substantial. Plastic is also a durable base for dog houses although they are far lighter than the wood counterparts.
  4. What does it Look Like? The aesthetic value of the dog house also plays a vital role in decision making, and this is evident from the countless designs that the market is offering.
  5. How big is it? Choosing the right kennel size depends on the dog’s size, and it may become necessary to undertake the proper measurements. The kennel should always leave enough room for the dog to play, turn or lie down.



  • Elevation the interior of any quality dog house should feature a raised floor to prevent water from getting into the interior.
  • A Sloped Roof A sloped roof could also offer convenience by making roof detachable with a compact design for good insulation during both cold and hot weather.
  • Play Space Primarily, the paying space should be just enough to accommodate the dog’s jumping and wagging activities.
  • Proper Bedding Good quality bedding usually features cushion-material designs with soothing surfaces or insulated linens that protect from pets, winter chills and summer heat.
  • Vents a good quality dog house comes with the appropriate vents in its walls that allow air circulation.
  • Easy Cleaning Options the dog house should always accommodate make it easy for cleaning exercises and this makes the removable features much popular.
  • Doors the entries to the kennel need not be the dog’s exact size but should allow the pet to fit through comfortably.
  • Privacy Options dogs also need more sheltered space to provide them with the adequate amount of privacy.
  • Insulation By using the appropriate material always ensure that the interior of the dog house remains with moderate conditions.
  • Cable Organizer some dog houses do offer electrical features such as insulating heaters and for such scenarios the kennel should accommodate the necessary measures.



Purchasing a dog house can be an easy exercise requiring very little time or investment, if you lay out an elaborate plan ahead. Whichever option you choose, ensure you are involved in the process, since this provides your dog ends up with a unique dog house that suits its individual needs.

No matter the choice you make it is important to always provide a dog house for your dog to continue living comfortably and safely...read more.
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