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3 Best Indoor Trainers for Mountain Bike Riders

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Indoor trainers are steadily saturating the fitness market to satisfy the increasing number of people doing indoor cycling. Studio or indoor cycling has garnered a cult following with proponents like Bella Thorne, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jessica Alba. For mountain bikers, riding a stationary bike is one way to put in some necessary training. They find the activity effective as an exercise and hobby.

However, a rider may not always be able to take the bike out on those challenging trails, especially when the weather gets bad. Indoor cycling offers a viable alternative when you want to do some biking in a controlled environment. Trainers are suitable for any rider; you just need to find the right one. Whether you are getting ready for a biking competition or just want to substitute your fitness plan, an indoors trainer is up for the task.

Finding a Suitable Trainer

A trainer consists of a clamp where you secure the bike, a frame, a roller, and a mechanism that creates resistance when cycling. Trainers accommodate all kinds of road bikes while others will hold MTBs and hybrids. You just mount the bike on the trainer and ride. When picking a trainer, the method of attachment is of utmost importance. However, compatibility doesn’t present much of an issue with most bike trainers unless your mountain bike has special features.

Bike trainers can be a bit noisy when cycling, but the degree varies from one brand to another. Decide how much noise you can put up with when biking indoors. Technology is another consideration when picking the appropriate trainer for your indoor cycling.

Do you want streamed workout plans, built-in power meter, or an infotainment system? Smart trainers have become commonplace on the market, and mountain bikers get to select what they need. Always read more about the features offered by a manufacturer before settling on a trainer.

Without further ado, here are the three most popular and effective indoor trainers:

1.CycleOps Fluid

CycleOps is a recognized name in the indoor cycling field with several high-quality trainers. The Fluid 2 is a top trainer that offers great service for a long time. One selling point is the hydraulic fluid used to generate resistance. Compared to magnetic or mechanical, fluid resistance gives the rider a more realistic sensation when cycling; it feels like you are on the road.

The minimal noise the bike produces during workouts, regardless of how intense they get, is another reason to invest in the Fluid 2. The flywheel in the equipment is precision-based, which allows you to shift gears to achieve different degrees of intensity. It comes with adjustable foot pedals and a sturdy frame for support and stability. The CycleOps Fluid 2 is suitable for all levels of cycling from beginner to experienced.

2.Kinetic Trainer

If you want a trainer that will take the boredom out of your session, then a smart one from Kinetic is the way to go! Kinetic provides Smart and Smart Control trainers complete with application to smooth out your indoor cycling.

Road Machine and Rock & Roll are two options for riders. The trainers are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can connect the training apps to different devices, including a desktop computer. You can use the apps to get data like the speed of a workout, calories burnt, and power. The design of the smart trainer includes fluid resistance system that helps user adjust the resistance of the bike to suit cycling needs. Kinetic trainers are built to regulate heat buildup during workouts.

3.Wahoo KICKR

If you are looking to be extravagant with your bike trainer spending, then the Wahoo KICKR offers good value. It is a direct-drive trainer, meaning your bike attaches directly. You can also remove the back wheel from the trainer and run the chain around the sprocket for a more fulfilling bike ride.

The bike trainer is compatible with various third-party training apps, which makes it a convenient setup in your private gym. Because cyclists can get all kinds of data by connecting different apps, the trainer is ideal for a professional, especially when training for competition. Users can get additional features like heart rate sensors to get the most from the trainer.

KICKR is one of the quietest trainers on the market. Sports blogger Ray of DRC has the Wahoo KICKR in his annual bike trainer recommendations.


Riding a bike trainer presents the opportunity to enjoy cycling without having to venture into the outdoors.

However, finding the right bike trainer for your mountain bike can be quite confusing given all the products that are currently on the market. Mountain bikers should understand what they want to achieve with their workout and their skill level before picking a bike trainer.


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