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5 Best Pieces of Technology You Need In Your Home

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

These days technology is moving apace, and more new gadgets are appearing on the market with each new week. With so many exciting new items available to make modern life easier, it can be difficult to choose which ones to invest in for your home.

Nobody can buy everything, and no one wants to spend a lot of money on something new only to find that it’s out of date in just a couple of years.

So, which pieces of technology do you definitely need to consider for your home?

Here are our top five suggestions.

Smart Speakers

smart speakerEveryone needs a good set of speakers to play music through, whether for a party, as background accompaniment to a meal or simply to dance around while cooking in the kitchen. The latest smart speakers are the perfect choice.

Small, yet perfectly formed, they can fit unobtrusively into any space yet still fill the room with an impressively powerful and rich sound. Smart speakers are also really convenient to use. When connected to voice activated devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can simply ask out loud for your favorite tunes and have them instantly on tap.

Some of the best smart speakers even allow you to play different music in different rooms simultaneously, and since you can add more wireless speakers to the system, you can have music in as many rooms as you like!

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vacOne of the most boring household tasks has to be vacuuming your floors. Nobody enjoys pushing a heavy vacuum cleaner around the house, trying to get into all the little nooks and crannies when they could be doing something a lot more fun instead.

However, the latest high-performance robot vacuums are the perfect solution. Designed to pick up all the debris, dust and pet hair on your carpets and hard floors, they can be programmed to clean rooms without you even needing to be there.

Imagine, heading out to work in the morning and then coming back in the evening to a beautifully clean floor! The latest models have precise edge cleaning brushes, so all the dirt from the edges of the room can be easily collected without missing any key areas. Thanks to the latest technology, these vacuum cleaners can move automatically between rooms at a surprisingly affordable price.

A Smart Thermostat

alt=”smart thermostat” width=”400″ height=”267″ />If saving more energy at home is your goal (and indeed it is for many people who are keen to save money on their household bills while also saving the planet) a smart thermostat could be the perfect home gadget.

The latest smart thermostat devices learn your preferences and habits, taking records of which temperatures you prefer then building up a family profile in their memory which can then be used to manage the property’s heating system.

Controlling the temperature can be achieved through a smartphone app, so your house can be comfortable and warm by the time you get home. You’ll also see the savings on your next energy bill – even better!

A Smart Kettle

Smart Kettle

Woman Controlling Smart Kettle Using App On Mobile Phone

You might not think too much about which kettle you use, however the latest smart kettles could be the ideal companion in your modern kitchen. Sleek and simple, the latest smart kettles can be controlled from a smartphone app.

There’s no more need to get up from the sofa and miss half of your favorite TV program while boiling the water. Even better, the best modern smart kettles can boil coffee or tea as well as water. The app also shows the amount of water in the kettle so you won’t end up with the frustrating situation of realizing you haven’t got quite enough water to make drinks for everyone.

There is also a wake-up mode so you can have your morning coffee ready the moment you come downstairs for breakfast!

A Dehumidifier


Woman changing water container of dehumidifier at home. Dampness in apartment. Modern air dryer

If your house is damp and uncomfortable, there is just one key piece of technology that you need in your home – a dehumidifier. Dampness and excess moisture ends up causing a host of problems in any property, since the resulting mildew and mold can cause structural damage as well as health issues like asthma, respiratory difficulties and allergic reactions.

It can be difficult to eradicate mold and mildew once these problems have set in, so finding a way to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place is essential. A dehumidifier will meet this need. You can buy a range of different dehumidifiers to suit the needs of different sizes of spaces.

For example, if your entire property is damp, you can buy a whole home dehumidifier, but if only a small area such as a garage or attic space needs improvement, you can buy a smaller model that will effectively remove the excess moisture from the air regardless of the size of the room. A dehumidifier will help to avoid damage to your property and protect your health in the long term.

Investing In The Best Technology

These days, there are so many different devices and gadgets on the market that it can be almost impossible to decide which ones are going to be worth the investment. How many times have we seen a device being marketed as the latest thing that’s to take the world by storm and then after a few months it has proven to be a complete flop, never to be seen again?

However, all the gadgets that we’ve suggested here have some real staying power and really are going to improve your family life for the better.

best digital shower controlsOne additional that we also think it’s going to stick are digital showers. Be sure to check them here.

From a more convenient way to clean your home to a way to save on your energy bills, and from a way to keep your home comfortable and healthy to ways to enjoy yourself more in the comfort of your own property, all five of our top device suggestions are certainly going to be worth the money and look set to stand the test of time.

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