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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews in 2021

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

A best recumbent exercise bike is a bicycle that places the user in a laid-back reclining position. This piece of fitness equipment allows you to achieve an excellent workout at a very comfortable position due to the reclining nature of the seat. They are often used in gyms and most fitness clubs but can also be used at home. Read our recumbent exercise bike reviews and find the best one for you.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews for 2021

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent BikeThis best recumbent exercise bike offers you excellent training at with fewer hassles.

The compact machine features a wide range of pro attributes such as high-torque crank system, magnetic control system, V-belt drive and a large computer display.

The magnetic tension system features eight settings.

This enables the user to adjust the workout while the high-torque crank offer smooth and consistent running the V-belt and the balanced flywheel ensures quiet running even during a heavy workout.

The inbuilt pulse monitor measures the heart rate while the LCD shows the all the workout statistics including speed, time, distance, calories and the heart rate.

The semi-recumbent design ensures comfort as well as easy mount and dismount.

The seat is suitable for any user between 5 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 2 inches and a user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

This best recumbent exercise bike measures 33 by 19 by 46 inches.

Get more information about Exerpeutic 400XL folding recumbent bike on Amazon.com

Exerpeutic 400XL PROS:
  • This best recumbent exercise bike features space saver design and is foldable for easy storage after a workout.
  • The oversized pedals have a strap for safety purposes.
  • The eight settings magnetic tension offers the user an opportunity to choose the resistance that will suit his or her workout goals.
  • Monitoring of the workout is quite easy with the full-screen display track workout statistics.
  • The best recumbent exercise bike features a semi-recumbent design that is comfortable and ideal for users recovering from injuries or those who dislike the upright models.
  • The device suits any body size due to the large seat and backrest cushioning.
  • The recumbent exercise bike comes with adjustable leg stabilizers for safety.
Exerpeutic 400XL CONS:
  • Assembly requires strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Get all details about best recumbent exercise bike at Amazon.com

What we think about best recumbent exercise bike:

89 %
96 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
93 %

Most past buyers appreciate the product for its strong nature to support heavy training.

The recumbent exercise bike is excellent exercise equipment that motivates users to perform routine workouts for the attainment of fitness goals.

Highly recommended.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse Review

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent BikeThis best rated recumbent exercise bike is convenient for a regular home workout without high initial or maintenance costs.

The design of the device makes it comfortable and practical due to the reliable cranking system that provides smooth and consistent cranking.

Additionally, it has an oversized seat cushioning as well as a backrest.

The product features eight-level magnetic resistance for practical adjustment of the workout challenge.

The large bike pedals have safety straps to prevent feet slippage during an exercise.

It also features LCD that is easy to read the motivating the user by showing the calories burned, speed, time, scans and the heart rate.

The V-belt drive and the flywheel enable smooth and quiet running even during powerful workouts.

The product measures 54″ by 22″ by 34″ and suits high user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Get more information about best recumbent exercise bikes on Amazon.com

Exerpeutic 900XL PROS:
  • The recumbent features a design that reduces the impact of workout on the joints hence helping the user achieve health and fitness goals without posing a risk of injury.
  • The product comes with extendable legs stabilizers to prevent rocking or even tripping during a workout.
  • The eight levels of resistance adjustments enable the user to select the most appropriate training challenge.
  • The machine comes with in-built wheels facilitating easy transport.
  • The LCD informs the user on a broad range of training details including speed, time, distance, scans and pulse rate.
  • The product supports high user weight capacity hence suitable or different users.
  • The best rated recumbent exercise bike does not generate a lot of noise and thus less likely to distract neighbors.
Exerpeutic 900XL CONS:
  • The product requires the effective application of the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly adjustment and maintenance.

Get all details about exerpeutic recumbent exercise bike at Amazon.com

What we think about Exerpeutic 900XL extended capacity recumbent exercise bike with pulse:

89 %
96 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
92 %

Most users praise the machine for its sturdy design, excellent cushioning and quiet operation.

The product is a reliable choice for heavy trainers aspiring to meet their training goals.

It is a great product at a pocket-friendly price.

Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Magnetic Recumbent Bike review

Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Exercise BikeThe product offers effective workout at home thereby eliminating the hassles of visiting the gym regularly.

It features a reclined design for comfort during a workout.

Additionally, the machine comes with an excellent screen display that tracks training progress by displaying the time, distance, speed, ODO and calories.

The two-way flywheel ensures smooth and quiet workout.

The padded foot pedals come with adjustable straps to increase safety and prevent slippage during training.

Besides, the machine has attractive and durable steel frame that has a powder coating that offers a great finish.

It measures 53 inches by 24 inches by 38 inches while its sturdy nature supports the user weight capacity of 250 pounds.

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Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 PROS:
  • The machine features in-built wheels for easy and convenient movement before or after training.
  • The recumbent exercise bike reduces the risk of injury and also reduces the impact of severe training on joints.
  • The eight levels of resistance settings allow the user to adjust the machine to provide the most advantageous workout challenge.
  • The large console encourages the user to work towards the attainment of fitness goals by displaying a broad range of training details including speed, time, distance, ODO, and calories consumption.
  • The product is ideal for users with valid training needs due to the adjustable features and the preset resistance.
  • The high number of positive reviews from the users is proof that the machine addresses their fitness needs.
Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 CONS:
  • Assembling may require expert assistance or strict following of the instruction from the manufacturer.
  • The product may not suit heavy commercial use.

Get all details about best recumbent bicycle at Amazon.com

What we think about best recumbent bicycle:

85 %
97 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
90 %

Most buyers appreciate the sturdy nature and quiet operation. The product has all essential features for a regular workout at home, office or cabin. The adjustment features make it suitable for different users. Moreover, the price is favorable.

The product has all essential features for a regular workout at home, office or cabin.

The adjustment features make it suitable for different users.

Moreover, the price is favorable.

Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike review

Schwinn A20 Recumbent BikeThe A20 recumbent bike runs smoothly and features eight level of resistance for a challenging exercise.

The machine supports a wide variety of workout programs and above all offers an opportunity to customize the training.

The battery-powered bike features an informative LCD console that enables the user to evaluate progress by considering the workout time, speed, distance, RPM, pulse, calories, course profile and the resistance level.

Additionally, the best rated recumbent exercise bike has a well-padded adjustable seat that accommodates users with varied body sizes.

Other features include the grip heart rate monitor, transport wheels, quality recumbent frame and integrated feet leveling that enhance stability.

The machine supports user weight capacity of 275 pounds.

Get more information about best recumbent exercise bikes on Amazon.com

Schwinn A20 PROS:
  • The best home recumbent bike has a large (5 inches by 3 inches) LCD provides eight display feedbacks to motivate the user during training.
  • It features six preset workout programs and a Quickstart to expose the user to a full range of challenging exercises for the attainment of health and fitness objectives.
  • The bike has a padded seat that is adjustable to accommodate the needs of the rider and ensure comfort and convenience. The seat can also slide back and forward depending on the needs of the rider.
  • The eight resistance adjustment levels provide a challenging workout for the beginners and the experienced riders.
  • The recumbent bike has a healthy body and frame that offer a robust training platform.
  • The wheels make it easier to transport it from one location to another.
Schwinn A20 CONS:
  • The onboard speakers may not suit the needs of most users even though the user can plug-in the desired headphones.

Get all details about best recumbent exercise bikes at Amazon.com

What we think about this cheap recumbent bike:

85 %
93 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Most users praise the product for excellent performance and low level of noise during operation.

The product guarantees smooth training regardless of the degree of resistance.

Additionally, it has a sturdy design for excellent training.

This product is for you if you are looking for something within your budget range.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike review

Schwinn 230 Recumbent BikeSchwinn 230 Recumbent Bike offers users a full ray of workout options to achieve their fitness goals.

The best home recumbent bike is ideal for home use.

It features a dual track with two LCD window system giving the user up to thirteen workout feedbacks.

Unlike most recumbent exercise bikes, Schwinn keeps users motivated as it has user settings and goal tracking programs to maintain the rider on the toes while working towards health and fitness.

Schwinn also stores data, has USB charging port for faster data exchange and has high-speed inertia field with the well-built flywheel for smooth, quiet workout.

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Schwinn 230 PROS:
  • It features a two dual track LCD window system that offer users monitoring and display up to 13 workout feedbacks
  • The elaborate instructions make it easy to assemble and adjust the machine for practical use. It also comes with a heart rate monitor that helps measure the heart rate during exercises.
  • Its data export and goal tracking keeps the user up to date upon reaching the targeted fitness goal
  • Schwinn presents challenging and motivating workouts through the goal tracking features, the preset programs, and the two user settings
  • It has a data storage and exchange option and USB charging port.
  • Schwinn has 20 resistance levels fitted along with well-built weighted flywheel and a high-speed inertia perimeter to ensure every workout is quiet and smooth.
Schwinn 230 CONS:
  • Schwinn calls for high-level training and expertise to reap the benefits of the 22 programs

Get all details about recumbent bike stationary at Amazon.com

What we think about recumbent bike stationary:

86 %
89 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Most users praise the product for its striking and well-built nature.

Schwinn exercise machine has a variety of programs to help users achieve their desired fitness.

It has advanced devices like USB charging port, LCD window system all meant to meet the needs of different riders.

The high number of positive reviews from previous customers is an indication that the best home recumbent exercise bike is an excellent choice.

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

Nautilus R614 Recumbent BikeNautilus R614 recumbent exercise bike is a home and gym exercise bike that features many good qualities and is fairly low priced.

Compared to its big brother the Nautilus R616 which is a couple of hundreds of dollars higher.

The bike offers a great experience as it connects you to the outside while exercising and will make you always to look forward to your next workout.

Like other Nautilus bike brands, this one comes loaded with several features that make exercising painless and exciting.

Read more recumbent exercise bikes reviews on Amazon.com

Nautilus R614 PROS:
  • It has a lot of options that can keep you connected to the outside world while working out in your normal sessions.
  • It also has a balanced flywheel which creates a secure, quiet and vibration free workout and up to 20 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • It features a console which comes equipped with more than 22 programmed workouts. This makes it easier for beginners to adapt to the various exercises.
  • This recumbent bike is also of great quality and outmatches most of its competitors in the market as it is strong, durable and stable.
  • It also comes with a dependable warranty of about 10 years and a manual guide for putting it together.
  • Installation is easy and painless.
Nautilus R614 CONS:
  • It only has a heart rate monitor which reads through the hand grips, and this is common with other bikes at this quality level; a chest strap kind of monitor would have been great.

Get all details about best recumbent stationary bike at Amazon.com

What we think about best recumbent stationary bike:

85 %
87 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

Many users and customers have given the Nautilus R614 a thumbs up and from its quality and results, I would say for the price it is one of the best on the market.

So if you are looking to exercise and get fit, the Nautilus R614 is the recumbent bike to use.

The Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent BikeThe Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike is a very cool and quality bike that can hold up to 325 lb of weight.

Compared to other bikes in the market, this bike is fairly affordable and comes loaded with awesome features which you would expect to find in a high-grade bike.

It has a large “air” soft seat with oversized pedals and has a big magnetic flywheel that provides a smooth and quiet ride.

Other special features include 12 preprogrammed workouts, several heart rate workouts, and mobile application tracking.

Bluetooth technology present will also help you to download your exercise data through an Exerpeutic app.

This means the bike enables you to track your performance over a period of time irrespective of whether you are working out or not.

The bike has an aerodynamic air flow that makes working out seem timeless.

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Exerpeutic 4000 PROS:
  • It is compatible with IOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods) and Android smartphones that will allow you to track your workouts thereby enhancing fitness.
  • The Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike comes with 24 different resistance levels and also provides a smooth and quiet transition between resistance levels.
  • It provides a good intense workout as the resistance levels are electronically set through the console.
  • The console also comes with 12 pre-programmed workouts and seven different styles of training making workout sessions enjoyable.
Exerpeutic 4000 CONS:
  • This is common with many of the users as they say that the bikes comfort level might be better. This is because the airsoft seat is firm and thus proves to be uncomfortable when you are working out for several hours and may want to adjust.

Get all details about stationary recumbent bike reviews at Amazon.com

What we think about recumbent exercise bike for weight loss:

85 %
88 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

Many customers term the Exerpeutic 4000 recumbent bike as a comfortable and a handy machine.

And you get all that at an affordable price.

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike Review

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent BikeThe Diamondback 510 SR recumbent bike is a well-designed high tech machine equipped with ergonomic pedals and an adjustable seat for comfort.

This bike is a popular recumbent exercise bike but cannot be compared to its upgrade the Diamondback 910SR although the design of the two is almost identical.

The bike has about 22 preprogrammed workouts, 16 ECB [Eddy Current Brakes] resistance levels and a heart rate monitor and an amazing backlit LCD display.

This display shows a massive ton of workout data, and it also has a magazine rack.

Not forgetting to mention a deep cooling fan which provides comfort when working out, transport wheels, a water bottle holder, and an MP3 player input.

And this machine is awesome as it comes at a nice and affordable price.

It also comes with an average user weight capacity of about 300lbs which means it can withhold a whole range of body sizes without wearing out.

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Diamondback 510SR PROS:
  • The Diamondback Recumbent 510SR has a superb warranty package such as the limited lifetime warranty on the frame and the brakes and a 3 years’ warranty on the electronic and parts.
  • The shipping cost for this recumbent bike will depend on where you are situated and the type of delivery that you want. For Amazon.com users, this machine has free shipping costs.
  • The machine is also of top quality; has a steel frame, a 300lb weight capacity and the machine itself weighs 125 lbs along with a perimeter flywheel.
  • It also comes with 20 workout programs and some of these programs are even designed to simulate hill climbing. It, therefore, can give you an intense workout session.
Diamondback 510SR CONS:
  • The fact that you have to hold the handle bars at least every thirty seconds makes the machine difficult as the programs will not operate.

Get all details about top rated recumbent exercise bikes at Amazon.com

What we think about top rated recumbent exercise bikes:

85 %
71 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
82 %

This recumbent bike is worth its price and comes with a lot of programmed workouts and different levels of resistance.

All its additional features deserve thumbs up and are just the icing on the cake.

Ironman Triathlon X-Class 410 Smart Technology Recumbent Bike Review

Ironman Triathlon X-Class 410 Smart Technology Recumbent Bike410 Smart Technology Recumbent Bike is a top quality machine with a weight capacity of 350lbs meaning it can sustain more body weight than most of the other recumbent bikes in the market.

This recumbent exercise bike is designed with an airsoft seat which has an adjustable backrest with air lumbar support making it more comfortable and enjoyable when carrying out exercises.

This brand has been termed as a statement of excellence, commitment and passion from its structure.

And comes loaded with additional features such as preprogrammed fitness workouts.

And a bonus fitness mat included when you purchase one.

The Ironman Triathlon X-class recumbent machine also accommodates height ranges for tall people.

Get more information about best recumbent bike reviews on Amazon.com

Ironman Triathlon X-Class 410 PROS:
  • The Ironman Triathlon X-class recumbent machine has reduced noise due to the magnetic resistance.
  • Comes loaded with a floor mat for protection.
  • Easy to adjust seat position and the adjustable backrest reduces lower back strain and stress.
  • It also bears incorporated smart technology which changes with time and Bluetooth, which can connect to any smartphone.
  • The inbuilt LCD enables you to watch TV and has inbuilt speakers to help you listen to music while exercising.
  • The Ironman Triathlon X-class bears 32 levels of magnetic resistance levels which ensure maximum workout.
Ironman Triathlon X-Class 410 CONS:
  • Just like many other recumbent bikes, the Ironman X recumbent bike has no chest strap heart monitoring feature meaning it has to depend on the handlebars, but this is not that a big deal.
  • Assembly may be a hassle to first-time buyers.

Get all details about best rated recumbent bike at Amazon.com

What we think about best rated recumbent exercise bike:

85 %
70 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
83 %

Many of the customers love it for its durability and steadiness.

If you are in the market for a quality  and affordable recumbent bike, then this product is for you.

Diamondback Fitness 910SR Seat Recumbent Review

Diamondback Fitness 910SR Seat Recumbent BikeThis bike is the go to bike if you are looking for both top quality and efficiency in this current market.

The Diamondback Fitness 910SR seat recumbent is like the big brother and upgrades to the Diamondback Fitness 510SR even though they are not far apart in their features.

This recumbent exercise bike has a solid steel magnetic flywheel and steel crafted components for a quiet and sturdy ride.

It comes with a target heart rate as one of its workout programs, and this even makes a go for the recumbent bike.

The recumbent bike has 32 levels of magnetic resistance with a b which has real time feedback.

It also bears a quick set of program keys and a scrolling message center thus making it a top choice when considering a recumbent fitness bike today.

It has an adjustable seat base and backrest, an adjustable console and armrest, a quiet and frictionless (ECB) Eddy Current Braking system, integrated speakers with mp3 connectivity, water bottle holder, and an adjustable cooling fan.

Get more information about best stationary recumbent bike on Amazon.com

Diamondback Fitness 910SR PROS:
  • The 32 levels of magnetic resistance in the Diamondback Fitness 510SR allows you to gradual increase your fitness workout intensity and yield high results.
  • The 35 workout programs ensure efficiency when working out and also help you to find the right pace with which you will find convenient.
  • It has a backrest and an armrest which can help you as you watch your TV at home while training without straining your neck. Likewise, the integrated speaker system is essential to those that workout while listening to music.
  • This recumbent bike enables you to watch your calories burn away with real time feedback on the brilliant blue LCD electronic display.
  • The quiet, solid steel magnetic flywheel on the Diamondback Fitness 910SR Recumbent bike enables you to go through your fitness session without any disturbances or distractions.
Diamondback Fitness 910SR CONS:
  • Many of the users have complained that assembling this recumbent exercise bike upon purchasing it is no walk in the park.
  • There is also the issue of once it is assembled it is not easy to move around especially if you want to move it from one position of the house to the other.

Get all details about top recumbent bikes at Amazon.com

What we think about top recumbent bikes:

85 %
68 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
82 %

This is one recumbent bike that you will find so fun and enjoyable to work with during your daily workout sessions.

The Diamondback Fitness 910SR meets both quality and efficiency for its users.

What You Need to Know About Recumbent Bikes    


Recumbent exercise bikes are usually a great way for a good warm up either before a run or before heading to the gym for a workout session.

Before you buy

There are many types of bikes existing in the market as they were introduced to represent an alternative to going to the gym and the hassle involved in trying to get rid of the extra pounds of flesh and fat.

There are many types of recumbent bicycles, and they mostly differ with the type of upgrade that has been built in them or added to the previous version.

When it comes to buying a recumbent bicycle, you have to be familiar with the different categories that exist in the market.

Because there are high-end recumbent bikes, and there are the basic or cheap types of recumbent bikes, and although they serve the same purpose.

There is the matter of comfortability they provide in both the long and the short run. There is also the mid-range type of recumbent bicycles.

There is also the mid-range type of recumbent bicycles.

What to look out for

  • How advanced do you need your bike to be?

Before buying a recumbent bike, you have to identify your fitness objectives and whether they are in the long or short run.

This is because with the right workout plan you will be able to identify the kind of recumbent bicycle that suits your fitness goals.

Most times that people go for the most expensive recumbent exercise bikes only to realize later that they aren’t making full potential out of the bike and in the long run ending up with regrets.

  • Must have features of a recumbent bike

Just like any other fitness equipment in the market that has many types, a recumbent bike has a couple of basic features that recur in all of them.

There is a need to look at the different levels of resistance levels and the comfort that the seat provides because it is the seat that you will spend most of the time when using it.

Secondly, confirm whether the seat can be adjusted accordingly.

The pedals on the recumbent bike not only have to be wide but also need to have some kind of strapping which ensure the feet are tucked in and won’t slip while pedaling.

It also has a built-in computer which shows basic stats like speed, time and the number of calories being burned after pedaling session.

There is also the heart rate monitor, and if it is not incorporated, one can buy separately as it is an important thing when using the bike.

In these basic features, comfort has to be a priority regardless of the budget.

  • Optional accessories

There are some recumbent exercise bikes that have some extras, for example, the Schwinn 270 recumbent which has a built in music sound system that allows you to play your music loud.

Some also have built in fans which not only provide air resistance but also help you cool off like the Schwinn AD 6 Airdyne recumbent.

Since you don’t want to interfere with other people while training this feature is very vital.

The Exerpeutic upright folding recumbent bike has remote controlled cups and an incorporated magazine rack like the FDX 2.0 recumbent is also some additional features that you might consider.

  • Check the weight limit and the weight of the bike

Since injuries are best avoided in any aspect of an exercise, it is best to check the stability of your bike.

The more it weighs, the more stable it is, and it is best to ensure that your weight isn’t above the supported maximum weight because it might be tragic at some point.

In the case of online shopping, it is only best to check the recumbent bikes weight.

  • Excessive noise

This is based on the recumbent bikes resistance because some are quieter than others.

While this is not a problem to everyone, it is best to keep in mind that recumbent exercise bikes with fans tend to be noisier because the harder you pedal the stronger the breeze and the louder the noise.

  • Enclosed mechanics for safety

If there are children in the house, you have to pay attention to the way the recumbent exercise bike has been built.

This is because many children tend to get injured around fitness equipment.

Recumbent Bike Resistance

The different types of recumbent bikes have different resistance mechanisms which differ with the level of upgrade that has been done to them.

They include the following;

  • Brake-based systems

Brake-based systems are the most common type of resistant system used in recumbent systems.

This simple recumbent bike has a flywheel -a mechanical device used to store rotational energy.

It is usually located in front of the bike and is connected to the pedals via a chain or belt.

Whenever you pedal, the momentum is stored by the flywheel and released until it’s used up.

For there to be enough resistance for an intensive workout, the flywheel makes the first several rotations be extremely hard because it is usually very heavy (around 40 – 50 pounds).

Although this approach is applied, it is limited because of the weight of the wheel.

  • Direct contact resistance

Recumbent bicycles which have implemented direct contact braking use the principle of friction to offer resistance.

The brake is usually applied directly to the flywheel to reduce its rotational speed provided by pedaling.

This type of recumbent bike is fairly accurate since it lets you select the different resistant levels unlike the gears on a real life bicycle which makes for a custom fit workout.

This type of direct contact resistance in a recumbent bike causes mechanical abuse on the machine through tear and wear.

  • Magnetic resistance

Magnetic Recumbent bikes have a major advantage because their parts do not wear and tear as in the case of the recumbent bikes that have direct contact resistance.

This is because there is no direct friction or any contact

  • Fan based resistance

This type of a recumbent bike was not built around a flywheel.

Instead, it uses a huge resistance fan.

The fan itself is connected to the bike pedals through a belt and pulley system.

As you pedal, the fan will start to turn, and the more the speed increases so do the air resistance on the fan blades.

This means that if you want more resistance you have to pedal faster.

Another advantage is that you get to feel the breeze from the fan as it rotates which will cool you down during the intensive workout.

Folding vs non-folding recumbent bicycles

Aside from the classification of the recumbent bikes and the different resistance types there is the folding and the traditional non-folding recumbent bikes with fixed frames.

It is evident that once an exercise equipment like a recumbent bike becomes more popular among users, manufacturers will tend to put more effort and thought into the design to outsmart their competitors.

The pros and cons of folding recumbent bikes

  • The main attractive point of the folding recumbent bikes is that they can be folded and carried around everywhere. This is usually advantageous to those people who do not have enough spaces in their houses and those who like working out in parks.
  • They also save space due to their portable nature and have some built in small wheels for easier transport.
  • Even though they may sound like the perfect fit for as exercise equipment, folding recumbent bikes also require enough space after they have unfolded. The con in these types of recumbent folding bikes is that they have to be extremely robust and rigid to withstand intensive workouts and also bear in mind the thousands of times you have to fold and unfold.

The pros and cons of recumbent non-folding recumbent bikes

  • Their steadiness and stability still remain There is also the fact that having one single piece of metal as a frame means less or no parts can break down, and this makes it even easier to put it together.
  • Their drawback is that they are quite bulky, and they usually occupy much space if the room space is small.

Exercise bike seats

The study has it that quite a lot of amateur cyclists that love to exercise indoors treat the seat for their recumbent bikes as something that’s not very important.

You can read more in recumbent bike vs upright bike article.

The seat should be able to be adjusted in such a way that you feel comfortable especially when you are taking a longer working out session.

  • Bike seats on recumbent bike

They are usually an attractive bunch from their appearance. Compared to the normal upright bikes these seats, because of reclined position, provide better back support. They tend to be useful to most people with back problems.

Position your seat so that your hips are lower or at the same level as your legs when pedals are in horizontal position. Your knees must be bent minimally (10° to 15°) and legs never extended completely.

The icing on the cake is that your hands will be always free because you don’t have to lean ahead to reach handlebars.

  • Bike seats on upright bike

They are less comfy than the recumbent bike seats as their seats are in an upright position.

They have a spongy and foam padded and ergonomically designed seat which separates them from the normal outdoor bike seats.

But because of that seats are really big and can rub your legs from prolonged pedaling.

They also have an adjustable gear for the height of the seat.

Therefore, you should ensure you select your most comfortable height where your feet touch the pedals.

After establishing that you can move the seat both front or back depending on whether you want to use the handle bars or not and then you are ready to start the exercise.

  • Bike seats on indoor cycling bike

These seats are more comparable to a real bicycle seat regarding appearance, dimension and positioning.

Research has found out Indoor cycling bike seats to be preferred by many people since you can comfortably bend your knees.

To sum up, from what we have seen its clear that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to a recumbent bike although regarding fitness equipment it stands out more than the rest.

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