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Best Rowing Machine Reviews in 2021

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Most people think that best rowing machine is only designed for off-season rowers, but the truth is that anyone including yourself can begin rowing even without past experience. If you are not aware, there are numerous benefits associated with regular rowing. Read more in our rowing machine reviews here.

According to Consumer Reports, a rowing equipment is designed to imitate the actions of a rowing boat. It is one of the finest fat burning and body building workouts one can have, and it also allows low impact, thereby placing minimal stress and force on your knees, ankle joints and hips.

A rowing machine is a great option whether you intend to stay supple, build strength or tone up as becomes older.

If you have not yet decided by now, having a rowing gadget is straightforward. But with so many rowing machines offered in the market, it makes a lot of sense to do proper research before settling on one.

The question is how do you about the process of buying a rowing machine that meets your budget, taste, and preferences?

This guide discusses some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing one.

Best rowing machine reviews for 2021

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5The excellent performance of this indoor lower makes it the best selling indoor rowing machine in the world.

Model D concept 2 rower offers a cardiovascular workout that enhances muscle tone and increases the overall fitness level.

Its durable design withstands Olympic-level training on a daily basis.

The robust nature makes it ideal exercise equipment for heavy athletes.

The Monitor 5 enables tracking of data such as speed, distance, pace, calories, and watts.

Additionally, it features a back-lit screen that goes on when you begin your workout.

Moreover, this Concept 2 rowing machine comes with a user-friendly menu for the management of other features such as games, preset workouts, and language change.

You can also transfer the data to your PC or Mac using a flash drive.

Get more information about Concept2 model D on Amazon.com

Concept 2 Rower Model D PROS:
  • The Concept 2 rower supports utilization of wireless heart rate monitors through the use of ANT+ or Blue tooth connectivity features.
  • The wireless connectivity features also enable the user to connect it to a smartphone or a computer as well as machine-to-machine racing.
  • The package comes with user manual, tools, performance monitor guide and assembly instructions for easy assembly and effective use.
  • The performance monitor 5 provides the user with accurate data that he or she can compare with previous performance.
  • Effective features including adjustable control arm, adjustable footrest, ergonomic handle, nickel plated chain and fourteen inches seat height. These features increase comfort and effectiveness.
  • It supports 9 x 4 footprint and user capacity of 500 pounds.
  • It allows easy and convenient storage since you can separate the machine into two pieces.
Concept 2 Rower Model D CONS:
  • The user needs to read the instructions carefully for easy assembly.

Get all details about Concept 2 model D at Amazon.com

What we think about Concept 2 model D:

82 %
87 %
User Rating
97 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Most past users appreciate the product for attractive features that enhance cardiovascular training.

The product is durable and reliable hence suitable for a routine workout at home.

Highly recommended.

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine Review

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing MachineWidely acknowledged as one of the finest fitness machines out there, Stamina Body Trac Glider will work all your key muscle classes including legs, arms, buttocks, and abdominal.

This product delivers a great assortment of motions triggers by its rowing arms.

You can effortlessly adjust the degree of your workout by changing the shock resistance.

This rowing machine also incorporates a multi-function display and robust steel frame build and folds effortlessly for storage

The Body Trac Glider is fitted with a sturdy aluminum center beam and a steel frame that’s fashioned to endure many years of use.

Also, the gadget`s ball bearing roller mechanism and configurable cylinder resistance arms imitates the even motion of rowing in the water.

And since rowing is normally acknowledged as one if the finest all-around activity for cardio strength and fitness, this machine is the perfect fitness companion for anyone who desires to get in good shape.

Other features include manual resistance knob, gas shock resistance, and easy molded and padded seat along with 250 pounds’ capacity.

This machine is also easy to fold during storage and comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame and also 90 days’ warranty on components.

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Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 PROS:
  • The rower has a multi-function fitness display that monitors your stroke count, workout time, calories burned and also the sum total of strokes you have accumulated as result of the machine.
  • One of the best rowing machines out there for building a robust back.
  • One of the most efficient low impact aerobic workouts for boosting your metabolism. Due to this, you can effectively burn fat and calories without affecting your joints.
  • Provides an effective and efficient, low impact exercise which employs all the key muscle groups such as arms, legs, buttocks, and abdominal.
Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 CONS:
  • You will regret why you never ordered this rower much earlier.

Get all details about best rowers at Amazon.com

What we think about best budget rowing machine:

83 %
91 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

Stamina Body Trac Glider is easily one of the finest rowing machines out there.

That continues to receive great praise and adoption by many people across the world who desire to get in top shape.

We highly recommend this cheap product for you.

Stamina Air Rower Review

Stamina Air Rower Rowing MachineIf you are after a comfortable yet challenging workout, this machine is ideal for you.

The oversized seat, foot plates and seat rail are likely to accommodate the needs of different users.

Additionally, the device comes with a performance monitor that displays distance, speed, time and burned calories.

The rowing machine features a space-saving design and built-in wheels for easy movements.

Other attractive features include nylon rowing strap, high steel construction, foot straps, and floor protectors ensure adequate training.

The product supports a user weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Its dimensions are45″ x 24″ x 9″.

Read more stamina air rower reviews on Amazon.com

Stamina Air Rower PROS:
  • The product has an electric performance monitor to motivate the user through the display of workout statistics.
  • It features a space saver design since you can fold it up, therefore, suitable for users with limited space.
  • The machine supports smooth rowing stroke for the attainment of fitness goals.
  • The product is effective in toning all major muscle groups and support excellent cardio workout.
  • The wheels allow easy movement and storage.
  • The machine generates a moderate amount of noise which is certainly lower than the conventional models.
Stamina Air Rower CONS:
  • The resistance may not be sufficient for powerful and heavy trainees.
  • Assembling requires adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. Expert assistance might be necessary.

What Customers Say About the Product?

Most past buyers praise the product for its lightweight, portable design, and comfort during workout.

Read all details about stamina rowing machine reviews at Amazon.com

What we think about best stamina rowing machine:

81 %
90 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

The product is quite useful in helping the user achieve health and fitness while avoiding hassles of going to the gym daily.

A few minutes of exercising with the rowing machine will keep the user in good shape. Additionally, the machine motivates the user to keep on training by recording the workout progress.

The features of this product make it suitable for both young and old. The price is also favorable.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Review

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5This Concept2 model E supports full-body workout while reducing the impact of the impact on the joints and consequently lowering the risk of injury.

The product features Flywheel design that ensures comfort and smoothest running without generating a lot of noise.

The performance monitor 5 motivates the user by providing accurate statistics about the workout.

For every row, the performance monitor displays comparable data to help the user evaluate progress.

Other attractive features include 20 inches seat height, ergonomic handle, adjustable footrest, and quality nickel-plated chain.

The machine supports user weight capacity of 500 pounds and a footprint measuring 9 x 4.

Get more information about Concept 2 model E on Amazon.com

Concept 2 Rower Model E PROS:
  • The device is mobile since it comes with caster wheels. Hence, you can move it from one place to another without any challenges.
  • You can separate the machine into two main pieces for efficiency and convenience during storage.
  • The performance monitor 5 is efficient and quite accurate hence reducing chances of giving misleading workout data.
  • The indoor rowing machine does not generate much noise and therefore the user is less likely to distract neighbors during a workout.
  • The monitor interfaces with iPads, iPhones Android devices, and PCs to enable sharing, storage and comparing of workout data using the preferred device. Additionally, it features wireless connectivity via Bluetooth LE.
Concept 2 Rower Model E CONS:
  • Assembling the machine requires adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The user needs of the oil the machine after about 50 hours of workout.

What customers say about the Concept 2 model E?

Most buyers appreciate the product for its unparalleled quality and sturdiness as well as the adjustable features.

Get all details about Concept2 model E at Amazon.com

What we think about Concept 2 model E:

80 %
86 %
User Rating
96 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

The product is quiet, efficient and easy to use towards attaining fitness goals.

The sturdy nature of the product adds to the ultimate value of your investment.

Moreover, it meets the training needs of the beginners as well as the dark trainers.

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower Review

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise RowerRowing is an efficient workout that focuses on the main muscle groups including back, legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen.

Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower ensures effective routine workout that supports burning of calories without adverse impact on the joints.

This product comes with 12 pre-set programs that you can choose and monitor progress with the LCD backlit fitness monitor.

Additionally, it comes with a chest strap that you can regularly use to measure heart rate, especially when performing heart rate programs.

It also features seven inbuilt programs that adjust the magnetic tension automatically to maximize the impact f the cardiovascular workout with minimal interruptions.

Besides, it has a molded seat and aluminum beam for a smooth drive and recovery phase.

Read more stamina rowing machine reviews on Amazon.com

Stamina Avari Programmable PROS:
  • The 12 workout apps including a heart rate app, a standard program, four custom programs and six cardio profiles meet the needs of different users.
  • The comfortable design and the fitness monitor keep the user motivated by displaying count, distance, time, calories, pulse, watt and strokes per minute.
  • You can adjust the training time using the arrows that point up and down on the In Touch monitor to suit your workout needs.
  • It has attractive LCD fitness monitor.
  • Its perfect size and foldable nature make it convenient for users who have limited apartment space.
  • The product generates reduced noise thus, less likely to disturb family members or neighbors.
  • Wheels make it easy to transfer the rower from one place to the other.
Stamina Avari Programmable CONS:
  • The user needs to follow the instructions when assembling the product or to replace any spare parts.

Get all details about rowing machines reviews at Amazon.com

What we think about best rower:

80 %
88 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

For most users, the programs are more than sufficient for excellent training.

Additionally, the machine silent that most models.

This is an excellent product that supports effective workouts for overall strength and cardiovascular fitness.

This is a great product at an affordable price.

WaterRowing Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor Review

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 MonitorThis water row machine features a design that emulates the movement of a boat through the water while retaining the physical and psychological advantages of rowing.

It offers a perfect aerobic workout with smooth moves that boost the heart rate without adverse impact on the joints.

It provides smooth resistance of a real water body such that the only speed limitation lies on your capacity and strength to overcome the drag.

This water row machine has a series of 4 monitors that make the technically sophisticated machine user-friendly.

It has six quick selection buttons, programming windows, and three navigation buttons.

It comes with dual black rails that prevent scuffing.

The other wood components have a beautiful rosewood finish.

It supports high user weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds.

Read more water rower reviews on Amazon.com

Water Rowing Machine PROS:
  • The water row machine is quite stable to support heavy usage. Hence ideal for high traffic settings such as rehabilitation clinics, studios, and commercial gyms.
  • The seat rails come with four corner wheels that make the seat stable.
  • It allows easy and convenient storage since the frame flips upright.
  • The unique engineering properties of the rowing machine with water increase the capacity to reduce sound and vibrations for a smooth and powerful workout.
  • It features premium hardwoods that enhance dimensional stability for heavy training and long useful life. For the protection of the wood, the designers use urethane and Danish oil.
Water Rowing Machine CONS:
  • The user needs to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for easy assembly. Assembling requires at least two people.

Get all details about water rowing machine at Amazon.com

What we think about this water row machine:

80 %
86 %
User Rating
95 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

Most previous customers give positive reviews and recommend the rowing machine with water for its sturdy nature and excellent features.

The rowing machine with water is ideal for a person living in rental apartments since it requires little space and does not generate much noise that is likely to distract neighbors.

It is suitable for beginners and experienced trainers.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

Velocity Exercise Magnetic RowerThis machine is programmable to ensure the user enjoys effective workout results at the comfort of their home.

It features Drum Magnetic Control and electronic tension control for active adjustment of resistance.

Additionally, it comes with attractive and quality LCD that informs the user on distance, time, strokes, pulse, calories and strokes per minute.

It supports a broad range of workouts due to the six preset and the standard exercise programs.

Besides, it has other attractive features such as in-built wheels, anodized aluminum beam, and a broad saddle molded with polyurethane for additional comfort.

The machine is designed to offer a smooth, quiet and balanced workout that focuses on the main muscle groups and enhances the efficiency of the circulatory system and the heart.

It supports user weight capacity of up to 275 lbs.

Get more information about best affordable rowing machine on Amazon.com

Velocity Magnetic Rower PROS:
  • The rowing machine has a broad range of workout programs to ensure attainment of various fitness goals.
  • It features a space saver design and comes with in-built wheels for easy movement from one place to another.
  • The machine generates less noise than conventional models; hence, less likely to disturb other people around.
  • The LCD ensures continuous monitoring and display of a broad range of information to motivate the user during the workout.
  • It comes with a chest strap for efficient and accurate heart rate monitoring.
  • If you choose the target heart rate, the machine adjusts the resistance automatically to meet your training needs.
Velocity Magnetic Rower CONS:
  • The rower does not have a power button to switch on or off although it goes off automatically when the user leaves it running for some time.

What customers say about the product?

Most users praise the product for its sturdy nature and excellent features that support heavy workout.

Get all details about rowing machines reviews at Amazon.com

What we think about best affordable rowing machine:

80 %
89 %
User Rating
91 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

This rowing machine is the only equipment you need to exercise various muscles, enhance your heart rate, burn calories and build stamina.

It is a great product at an affordable price.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Favorit Rowing MachineKettler Favorit Rowing Machine supports a circular rowing motion making it ideal for the attainment of health and fitness goals at home without having to visit the gym daily.

The user can adjust the tilt from low setting to an angle of 45 degrees.

The folding levers allow continuous adjustments and resistance control using force two hydraulic cylinders.

It comes with comfortable and smooth-running seat rollers mounted on sturdy rails.

The moving foot plates have straps for convenience and safety.

The battery-powered monitoring system displays, speed, time, distance, energy consumption, pulse rate and heart rate.

Besides, it features an anti-slip surface protector making it suitable for use on different types of surfaces.

Also, it has a sturdy and thus durable steel design that supports user weight capacity of 285 lbs.

The product measures 48 inches by 31 inches by 10 inches (L x W x H).

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Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine PROS:
  • The machine comes with an ear lobe clip that measures heart rate and pulse rate electronically.
  • The LCD computer system ensures accurate measurements and display of training time, oar strokes, heart rate, cumulative distance and current cadence.
  • The machine is relatively quiet and therefore preventing distracting other people during a workout.
  • The machine features a quality frame with bearing on seat rollers for smooth slide along the aluminum track. Besides, it has pivoting footplates for optimal positioning of feet.
  • The hydraulic Cylinder allows the user to control resistance through tension adjustments.
  • The seat is quite comfortable and has a heavy duty cover to serve longer.
Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine CONS:
  • Assembling and adjusting the machine requires adherence to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Get all details about best rowers at Amazon.com

What we think about best rowing machine under 500:

80 %
90 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

Most users appreciate the product for its sturdy design that supports heavy routine workout.

The rowing machine has all the training features that one would expect from a machine within its price range.

Hence highly recommended.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower Review

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air RowerThis super sturdy rowing machine is an excellent and affordable workout machine that seeks to meet overall training needs.

It comes with oversized chrome rail and quality metal rowing chain making it robust and durable.

The seat is suitable for different users and more beneficial for those who take long workouts.

Additionally, it features a foldable design for the user to fold it up and wheel it to the storage space after use.

It measures 78 inches by 31.5 inches by 19.75 inches.

The machine supports high user weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Get more information about best cheap rowing machine on Amazon.com

Stamina 35-1405 PROS:
  • The indoor rowing machine features space saver design. Besides folding for storage, the wheels enhance mobility.
  • The molded seat is quite comfortable due to the quality foam and the design that ensures it slides smoothly on the ball bearing rollers.
  • Long chrome seat rail supports easy and smooth sliding.
  • The product features multi-function performance monitor for display of time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • A High number of previous buyers give positive reviews.
Stamina 35-1405 CONS:
  • The machine does not have resistance adjustment feature.
  • It lacks the heart rate monitor.
  • Due to the foldable design, the display is low hence making it hard for some users to read during a workout.

What customers say about the product?
Most users praise and recommend the product as a cheaper alternative the gold standard machine.

Get all details about best rower machine at Amazon.com

What we think about best budget rowing machine:

80 %
90 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
86 %

This affordable indoor rowing machine is a good choice for personal use. Its resistance is quite responsive.

Besides, the machine can withstand long hours of heavy use without developing problems.

It has all the essential features that you require performing routine workout without having to face harsh weather conditions or hassles of going to the gym daily.

It is ideal for both beginners and experienced users who are interested in the core workout features.

Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine Review

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing MachineThis product provides circular rowing workout motion ideal for routine training at home.

It features two hydraulic cylinders that enable the user to adjust resistance between one and twelve.

It comes with comfortable seat rollers over robust and durable rails.

For safe positioning of feet, the footplates come with straps.

The battery powered computer records time, distance, strokes, and strokes per minute.

Additionally, the lobe clip enables measurement of heart rate, pulse rate, and energy consumption.

The steel construction features floor protector that makes it suitable for use on a variety of surfaces.

The user can set workout goals based on training time or distance.

The product measures 59 x 67 x 18 (L x W x H) when assembled.

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Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine PROS:
  • The product features 12 adjustment settings to enable the user control resistance through using the hydraulic cylinders.
  • It has a sturdy frame, a padded seat and ball bearings that guarantee smooth glide along the aluminum track during the workout.
  • It is easy to adjust footplates to accommodate different rowers.
  • It comes with quality ear lobe clip that facilitates accurate electronic measurement of heart rate and pulse rate.
  • The foldable design offers the user a trouble-free transfer and storage.
  • It is relatively quiet hence suitable for users dwelling in rental apartments since it is not likely to cause much distraction to the neighbors.
Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine CONS:
  • Assembling may be time-consuming and requires at least two people for effectiveness.

Get all details about best rower machine at Amazon.com

What we think about best indoor rower:

80 %
89 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
86 %

This beautifully designed machine supports smooth rowing that guarantees achievement of fitness goals while reducing the impact on joints.

The machine generates less noise and is adjustable to suit the height of different users.

Additionally, the machine motivates the user by displaying the workout details.

The rowing machine is ideal for beginners and relatively heavy users.

What to consider in best rowing machines?

Do you have adequate space in your home?

adequate space in your home for rowing machineConsumer Reports indicate this as one of the most neglected parts during the decision buying phase. I know it looks obvious, but it should be the first essential step.

Why should you take all the hassle of researching and finally buying a rowing machine only to realize that you don’t have an adequate place in your home to use it?

To prevent such a scenario from occurring conduct this step first. A standard rowing gear has the identical footprint to a sofa set so apply that as a reference when establishing your workout area.

For further reference, hydraulic piston equipment usually has the most compact footprint while air and water resistance equipment have the largest.

Ascertain your spending budget and adhere to it

There are hundreds and hundreds of rowing machines that cost from anywhere from $100 to over $4000.

Making decisions on how much you want to shell out on a rowing machine will help you trim down to a few models to pick from.

Adhering to your budget is also vital since it will prevent you from overspending on a unit you “fell in love with” since it has the most innovative and latest technology.

The rule of the game is, the better the quality, the higher the price, so keep this in mind when planning your budget.

Super tip: if you are still unsure on how much to spend on a rowing machine below is a dirty and quick rule of thumb:

  • <$400-Low End
  • >$400-$700-mid range
  • >$700 –Top End

Note that this is just a general rule of the thumb since there is superior quality equipment depending on what is perfect for your needs within the mid and low range categories. Finding those though will entail you doing further research.

What do you want to do with the rowing equipment?

Maybe the assumption is that you are going to be using it to exercise, but there are other things you need to consider which might have not yet crossed your mind.

Is this for commercial or residential use?

The majority of rowing equipment is usually ready for home users.

However, not all rowing equipment is ready for use in a commercial environment such as boathouses, health clubs, and fitness centers.

If your aim is to use it for home, use any gadget you select will be okay.

That said if you intend to use it for commercial purposes, be sure to pick one that’s commercial-level since a home use rowing machine is not designed to for rough and heavy use.

Fixed or foldable

Storage and MobiltyThere are two kinds of rowing devices for home applications; one is fixed type, and the other one is folding type.

The folding type rowing equipment takes less space compared to fixed one that consumes a lot of space.

According to Consumer reports, the fixed ones are more long lasting.

But for home use the folding ones are normally preferred.

Therefore, predefine the type of rower you need to purchase; fixed or folding.

Choose the type of rower you want: Resistance types

The type of rower you want is another essential factor to consider when purchasing a rowing machine for outdoor or home use.

In the market you will find 4 kinds of rowing machines on the aspects of resistance mechanism; air, hydraulic, magnetic and air rowing machines.

Keep in mind each type comes loaded with an own set of features together with disadvantages and advantages.

Understanding these resistance types will offer you some knowledge of how rowing equipment work.

Additionally, understand which type you have a liking for will help you select a machine that meets your needs.

Listed below is brief snapshot of each rower machine resistance types;


This is the most used resistance type in health clubs and gyms.

Resistance level is established by the user’s degree of intensity; more intensity means more resistance, less intensity means less resistance.

Although the fan blades employed to produce resistance generate some noise the rowing motions on these gadgets is very smooth.


rowing on waterThis has the most realistic motion, sounds and feels as if you are rowing on water.

Just like air resistance, resistance is established by the intensity of the user.

The blades which move through the water to produce resistance generate some noise.

But it’s not disruptive since it feels like noise heard when someone is rowing outdoors.

Compared to the other resistance types this is the most expensive.


Instead of water and air here magnets are employed in rowing equipment to provide adjustable resistance.

These gadgets are light in weight and noise efficient.

Magnetic resistance type supplies adjustable resistance mechanism which makes rowing activity more efficient.

If you`re searching for top quality machine that delivers fantastic resistance, then this kid resistance machine is the best choice for you


In hydraulic types, cylinder stuffed with oil is utilized for generating resistance.

These gadgets are portable and easy to work with and therefore best for indoor use.

Go for reputable brands

It makes a lot of sense to go for a quality machine to avoid breakdown and costly servicing routines in future.

Quality brands come loaded with unique features and functionalities and are more efficient that standard machines.


Ordinary the warranty given for rowing machines but the majority of the companies is two years.

Always buy a rowing a rower that is warranted in order cover maintenance concerns that may arise within that period.

Noise Level

As we have discussed above some rowing gadgets are noisier than others, but a silent one is not necessarily for everybody.

There are those people who delight in the hastening noise as a form of feedback that they`re exercising hard.

Storage features

It could be a huge plus if you figure out how you will be storing your indoor rower.

Be sure to know how well the equipment stores, if it comes part or folds up easily so as to place it in your store.

Max user weight

A rower can easily endure from higher weight as opposed to other workout gadgets.

This is because there are just a few moving components to become frazzled by heavier users.

Row monitor/computer

Performance MonitorThe majority of the rowing machines offered in the market come loaded with a computer which relays information such calories burned, time and distance covered.

On top of that check, confirm if the rower you searching for can connect to applications/programs so that you can upload data and track your progress.


Like most people out there you do not want a machine that will give you a nightmare when assembling it.

Conduct your due diligence and ensure you are not getting a crazy puzzle rather than a great piece of workout equipment.

Read reviews

By the time you get to this stage you have a good idea of the kind of rower you want and you understand how much you are ready to spend to get one.

The final step entails reading reviews in order discover which rowing equipment is perfect for your needs.

As you have seen the procedure of buying a rowing machine is not an easy one.

But I hope this rowing machine buying guide will assist in making things less difficult for you and bring you one step nearer to getting the best rower!

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