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Best Shower Chair Reviews in 2021

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Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Picking the best shower chair can become a challenging task, because the shower chair market has plenty of designs. Despite the various features and selling points, the market can also grow the right place if you have the correct information.

Fortunately, you are in the right place if you are looking to top rated shower chair for your household.

The information in this reviews will help highlight the key features of each shower chair with consideration on whether the seat is an appropriate choice.

Here’s a list of some of the best shower chair with additional information on their capabilities.

Best Shower Chair Reviews in 2021

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair Review

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower ChairDrive Medical has a reputation for numerous quality shower products.

The bath chair features a slightly curved back support with detachable arms to allow it to function as a chai or shower stool.

The adjustable legs on the Premium Series are robust enough to allow for half-inch increments to accommodate the appropriate height for all users.

On the other hand, the dimensions of the Drive Medical model stand at 22.2×6.9×17.

9 inches with the seat height able to accommodate a low setting of 16′ and a high of 21″.

The weight capacity is also adequate with the seat ready to handle 300lb to 350lb

Drive Medical PROS:
  • The height indicators allow for easy adjustment of the seat
  • Requires a tool-free assembly
  • Lightweight design with massive stable non-slip legs
Drive Medical CONS:
  • The product has a reputation of breaking or cracking
  • Cannot handle excess weight limit.

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What we think about Drive Medical:

95 %
96 %
User Rating
83 %
Our Overall Score
91 %


The Drive Medical Premium Series shower chair ranks as an overall best option in regards to its budget, build quality and adequate weight capacity.

 Overall the seat is modeled for the appropriate self-care without making a dent in the budget.

Medical Bathtub Lift Chair with Arms Review

Medical Tool-Free AssemblyAs one of the best sellers, the Medical Tool-free Spa Bathtub chair provides for one of the best models in the market.

The shower bench is made up of an anodized aluminum framework with a capacity to hold 300 lbs.

Under it lightweight structure98.5lbs), the user has fewer chances of fall while showering.

Additionally, the shower chair provides for a study and durable option with its angled legs and rubber tips for skid support.

Its contoured anti-bacterial seat helps maintain hygiene through the drain holes and polystyrene material.

The seat dimension comprises 13 D ×16″ W, with a backrest size of 29-34.”

Medical Lift Chair PROS:
  • Provides drainage holes to allow the water to sip and drain
  • The padded armrests offer adequate comfort
  • Lightweight design (6lbs)
  • Detachable back support and leg height to provide versatility
Medical Lift Chair CONS:
  • Lacks additional compartments

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What we think about Medical Lift Chair:

86 %
95 %
User Rating
86 %
Our Overall Score
89 %


The small size of the shower chair should not fool you as the Vaunn Medical tool shower seat carries pretty impressive features and functionality.

 In conclusion, it is a recommendable bathroom chair for any buyers looking for an upgrade or new model.

Medical Adjustable Shower Chair Seat with Removable Back Review

Medical Tool-Free Assembly Spa BathtubAnother highly ranked shower chair is the Vaunn Medical Spa Bathtub shower chair.

The bath seat is made up of an aluminum frame that can hold 300lbs.

Skid-proof rubber tips are a dominant feature as they provide for an even distribution of the user’s weight.

The seat (19.5″W×12″ D) is made up of polyethylene material which is a feature providing for strong yet anti-bacterial functions.

Additionally, there are drainage holes on the seat with built-in handles to reduce slipping while offering comfort.

Shower Chair Seat with Removable Back PROS:
  • Easy assemble
  • Provides simple comfort and hygiene
  • The construction and supportive framework can fit in most showers or tubs
Shower Chair Seat with Removable Back CONS:
  • Does not support excess weight
  • The lack of flexibility in the folding is a problem

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Shower Chair Seat with Removable Back:

89 %
96 %
User Rating
81 %
Our Overall Score
89 %


The ability of the Medical Tool-free assembly shower chair is beyond doubt, one of the most capable models in the market.

 The ability to give the user the option to sit, shower and relax, allows individuals of all ages or conditions to relax and enjoy their shower experience.

Moen DN7100 Shower Chair Review

Moen DN7100 Shower ChairThe Moen Bathe Chair is the perfect epitome of luxury and safety within the shower or tub.

The seat consists of a polypropylene fabrication with a non-slip curve construction and integrated handles for stability.

The legs structure are made up of adjustable aluminum (15 to 21 inches), and rubber ends to suit the appropriate movement during bathing.

Additionally, the Moen Shower chair can hold users weighing as much as 400 pounds, supplying steadiness and luxury.

Overall, the shower seat is a full ADA-compliant product, with a limited lifetime guarantee to assure customers of the quality.

Moen DN7100 PROS:
  • Unique handgrip with the aesthetic armrest
  • Supports upwards of 400lbs
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Additional compartments with the soap and shower holder
Moen DN7100 CONS:
  • The assembly process is challenging
  • Requires adequate tub or shower space

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Moen DN7100 :

86 %
93 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


In general, the Moen DN7100 Shower Chair attracts plenty of positive reviews it would be an interest to purchase one.

 However, the price tag is somewhat high, and it is wise to opt for the cheaper model if the budget is not enough.

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair with Back Review

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower ChairWith seat dimensions of 13″(D) × 16″(W) the bathe chair create adequate space from where the user can take their time while showering and enjoy life.

Additionally, the adjustable height stands at a range of 16″-21″ to accommodate the different heights.

The removal and installation process is recorded as quite easy since the OasisSpace module offers a tool-free assembly process.

And with the tool-free models boosting of the removable backrest, 300-lb capacity, and a comfortable non-slip seat, it is evident that the FDA-approved shower chair is an item of superior comfort

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair PROS:
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight with a durable frame
  • Anti-skid functions
OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair CONS:
  • Lacks the appropriate stability
  • Size may not fit all

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower Chair:

85 %
95 %
User Rating
73 %
Our Overall Score
84 %


OasisSpace Heavy Duty Shower chair is one of the premium quality models that the market has to offer.

 The seat is sturdy enough at a weight of 8.

5lbs, and this provides maximum safety and comfort with effortless use. 

Best Shower Seat Reviews in 2021

Carex Universal Bath Seat Review

Carex Universal Bath SeatPerhaps the most notable of the Carex Universal Bath Seat is the excellent leg tips that have rubber to provide for more stability.

Also, the legs and seat allow the Carex model to support weights of up to 400 lbs, with the large surface area allow adequate comfort.

The chair also features the convenient drainage holes which allow the water to sip through during bathing.

Overall, the equipment’s design comprises of a height adjustment option of 16-21 inches and construction of 21″(W) ×18″(D) ×29″(H)

Carex Bath Seat PROS:
  • No rusting since it is entirely plastic
  • Has an adjustable height function
  • No need for the tool assembly
  • Plenty of sitting room
Carex Bath Seat CONS:
  • Lacks back support
  • Can easily tip over if the use sits on the edge.

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Carex Bath Seat:

89 %
89 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
90 %


The Carex Universal B670 Universal Bath stool is an excellent option for the budget-friendly household with limited bathroom space.

 In essence, it is quite a recommendable bathroom stool to start with as it is more compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The Original Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf  Review

The Original KaiAs a natural water resistant, the teak-wood shower bench is probably one of the best teak models in the shower seat market.

The sturdy piece features a sustainable solid teak wood make with the built design (15.5″× 15.5″ × 18″) having an OptiAREA standard that saves on bathroom space.

The inside of the seat’s legs has rubber grips to provide for greater stabilization even in slippery and uneven surfaces.

Additionally, the spa-style design has a handy shelf to provide extra compartment storage for bathroom materials whether in the outdoors or indoors.

The Original Kai PROS:
  • The rubber gripping is adjustable to add extra stability and mobility
  • Superior design as it provides excellent bathroom décor option
  • Lack of non-corroding hardware
The Original Kai CONS:
  • Requires regular maintenance with teak oil
  • The assembly instructions can be challenging

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about The Original Kai Corner Teak Shower Bench:

87 %
86 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


The Original Kai Shower Bench has one of the highest ratings among its line of products on Amazon.

 It is no doubt that the shower furniture is the perfect option to include for your spa bathroom regardless of size.

Medical Tool-Free Assembly Tub Stool Review

Medical Tool-Free Assembly Tub ChairA rather simplistic option for an elderly loved one is the Medical Adjustable shower stool.

The model provides for a safer bath-time with additional comfort from the impact-resistant composite seat.

Its anodized aluminum frame offers the most lightweight of structures but still manages to be resistant to potential cracks or corrosion.

The height of the shower stool is adjustable from a height of 14″to21″, to enable appropriate users’ needs.

The seat’s dimensions measure a 13″-diameter round with the structure able to accommodate a maximum weight of 300lbs.

Additionally, the round place boasts of a polystyrene material that allows comfort while also ensuring durability.

To prevent leg movement or rattling, the Medical Adjustable Shower stool has slip resistant tips.

Medical Tub Stool PROS:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight at only 3lbs
  • Compatible with most showers
Medical Tub Stool CONS:
  • Cannot handle excess weight
  • No back support

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Medical Tub Stool:

88 %
89 %
User Rating
87 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


The Medical adjustable bath stool from Vaunn offers a simple yet effective shower stool that could make a perfect match for any bathroom.

 However, its simplistic design would necessitate getting to test out the product before purchasing it.

Bamboo Shower Bench Seat Review

Bamboo Shower Bench SeatThe Bambusi Shower Bamboo stool is another wood product that could present an elegant look to the shower, bathroom or sauna.

The bamboo stool provides for a functional décor collection since it both highly attractive and surprisingly comfortable.

On the part of the standards, the Bambusi shower bench is crafted to meet the highest standards, and this means it provides ample support for adults weighing a maximum of 250lbs.

The measurement of the Bambusi stands at 19″L × 10″W×18″ H, which is quite adequate to accommodate the user and prevent tipping over.

Additionally, the shower bench structure weighs in at 9.

4 pounds, which is somewhat bulky although it offers the needed sturdiness.

Bamboo Shower Bench Seat PROS:
  • Easily portable
  • Simple instructions
  • Water resistant qualities
  • Multi-purpose function
Bamboo Shower Bench Seat CONS:
  • No non-skid pads on the legs
  • Possible mold growth after exposure to moisture

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Bamboo Shower Bench Seat:

90 %
88 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
87 %


The 100% bamboo wood shower bench was designed with versatility and functionality in mind.

 However, the claims of readily attack by old could mean that the seat would instead serve another function that has less exposure to moisture.

Moen Teak Wood Folding Shower Seat Review

Moen Teak Wood Folding Shower SeatThe Moen DN7110 has the utmost convenience in regards to comfort, space, and durability.

The wall-mount model features a wooden finish with the overall weight measuring about 14.65 pounds.

Its dimensions stand at 22.4″×5.5″×18.1,” and this provides the pleasing design and construction to hold up the required weight.

The sturdy and robust seat also features a rugged aluminum frame as a primary material for crafting the folding teak shower seat.

On the teak material, the make presents an ideal solution for users with humid bathroom conditions.

Despite the wood material, the Moen DN7110 model is highly resistant to bugs, and mold, making it an ideal solution for humid bathroom conditions.

Moen Folding Shower Seat PROS:
  • Unique design for the wall mount
  • Safe securing prevent slips or falls
  • Perfect for small bathrooms or showers
  • ADA compliant
Moen Folding Shower Seat CONS:
  • Expensive
  • May require professional installation

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Moen Folding Shower Seat:

86 %
84 %
User Rating
87 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


Although the Moen Teak Wood Shower is a folding shower furniture with robust features, inherent issues still form an integral part of the DN7110.

 If you don’t mind the price tag or the installation work, then this model would be the best option to go for and purchase.

Best Shower Bench Reviews in 2021

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Review

Carousel Sliding Transfer BenchThe bench’s high level of safety, quality and convenience are evident as it ranks highly among other products in the category.

Its rust-proof aluminum frame assists the chair to support a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

The Swivel seat includes the armrests, backrest, and a well-padded seat to provide the needed comfort.

The unique design of the Carousel Sliding shower bench also comprises of the ability to swivel and slide with the help of axes (25.5″× 33″×19.5″) on the edges.

Carousel Bench PROS:
  • Better comfort compared to the typical standard fixed places.
  • Sturdy and well build
  • Its coloring makes it an easily visible product
  • Most of the customers also regard it as easy to use
Carousel Bench CONS:
  • Cumbersome to carry (20 pounds)

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Carousel Bench:

90 %
85 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


The Carousel sliding shower bench with swivel seat has plenty of positive reviews from customers.

 However, there is also the not-so-good side of the bench to consider such as poor assembly instructions, and possible structural problems.

Moen Non Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench Review

Moen Non Slip Adjustable Transfer BenchThe Moen model dimensions of 43.5×6.5×18.8 inches give it an extraordinary capability to support a maximum weight of 400lbs.

While it may seem like a small product, the impressive ability to hold such a weight provides the perfect comfort and stability.

The decent looking transfer bench also gives the modern and contemporary touch with its adjustable heights (16.5 to 21 inches) giving the fuss-free experience, unlike the fixed models.

It also features a handle to offer the needed stability and allow ease of use with the bathing essentials.

It is also imperative to indicate that the product qualifies as an ADA standard item with a lifetime warranty as a basis of guarantee.

Moen Transfer Bench PROS:
  • The white glacier feature offers an easy to clean option
  • Adequate weight handling
  • Provides for height adjustment
  • Easy grip support
Moen Transfer Bench CONS:
  • No drainage holes or padded seats

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Moen Transfer Bench:

91 %
89 %
User Rating
85 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


In conclusion, the Moen Adjustable transfer bench offers a unique shower option through its exciting additions.

 Still, there are few negative reviews regarding the product’s durability, but this does not overwrite the extra functionality.

Sliding Shower Chair Transfer Bench Review

Sliding Shower Chair Transfer BenchThe Duro-Med Sliding transfer bench is a leading sliding shower bench that allows the user to get the convenience of independently takes a shower.

Additionally, there is little need to make many movements unnecessary movements during the showering process due to its lightweight frame (39×18×37 inches).

A unique feature of this shower bench is its ability to move sideways and sit is apparent that any user with a condition can use the function to move.

The sliding bench can also hold a bariatric weight capacity of 400 pounds which is impressive.

Sliding Shower Chair PROS:
  • Offers convenience with the sliding seat
  • Adjustable height function (19-23 inches)
  • Provides for back support with armrests for comfort
  • Compatible with the disabled
Sliding Shower Chair CONS:
  • The color feature lacks the appropriate visibility
  • Quite large and may not fit in small bathrooms

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Sliding Shower Chair:

91 %
87 %
User Rating
80 %
Our Overall Score
86 %


Like most products on the list, the Duo Med Sliding Shower Chair Transfer Bench has a good number of excellent feedback from past customers.

 Most do indicate feeling it was worth the money and this pretty much sums up the overall quality you get with this sliding shower bench.

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Bath Bench Review

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Bath BenchThe Shower Transfer bench has a distinct swivel seat that can rotate 3600 and can lock at every 900.

That makes the seat have an accessible entrance and exit ability, which is essential for the user’s safety.

The position also slides efficiently despite the fact that its size (17.175″ × 14.75″) and overall the polished aluminum rails do provide strong support to hold a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

Since the sliding shower bench is a special make for tubs, the seat’s height rises 5″ above the tub wall.

The sliding distance measures 6.75 inches with additional clamps at the end to attach itself to the tub.

Drive Medical PROS:
  • Assures confidence and safety in the bathroom
  • An innovative design with convenience for bathtub users.
  • The button lock prevents unexpected movements by the bench.
Drive Medical CONS:
  • It is somewhat bulky and may be a challenge moving around
  • Will work with specific tub measurements

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Drive Medical:

89 %
90 %
User Rating
77 %
Our Overall Score
84 %


The Eagle Health Supplies Tub-Mount Sliding Bath Transfer Bench is a total solution to the limited mobility or imbalance we can experience while in the bathtub.

 It is a recommendable option if your tub fits the equipment’s criteria.

Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bath Transfer Bench Review

Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bath Transfer BenchThe first stand-out element is the aluminum frame which is surprisingly lightweight (5lbs.)

The bench is a curve of width 20″ making it one of the most sizable shower benches in the market.

The dimensions for the angled legs include a width of 19.5″ and 20″, providing enough room for the seat adjustment height of 16″-18″.

Additionally, there are plenty of drain holes to assist in allowing water to sip through and reduce slipping.

Despite these features, the product is still able to accommodate 300 lbs. on the blow molded bench.

Tub-Mount Bench PROS:
  • Durable and corrosion-proof
  • The angled legs provide adequate stability
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Has ample space
Tub-Mount Bench CONS:
  • Limited warranty
  • No return-back option

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Tub-Mount Bench:

86 %
85 %
User Rating
80 %
Our Overall Score
84 %


Although this shower bench model features the simplest of designs and materials, it is still able to satisfy the users as per the customer’s reviews.

 Its cheap price tag and convenience make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a shower bench to begin using.

Get to experience the freedom of the shower chair

disabilityAt times bathing might present considerable discomfort when standing depending on your situation.

Additionally, bathrooms can turn to be an unsafe place, and extra care is essential to ensure falls don’t occur.

But while there is plenty of bathroom safety option to prevent the slipping, a shower chair is also a vital option for a safe shower area.

Most people would puzzle themselves as to why a shower chair? However, to start off, it is best to understand the basics as to why shower chairs are a sensible choice to use in your bathroom.

What is a shower chair?

Most people mistake a shower chair as just any bathroom chair that is used to present a stylish function or store clothes while bathing.

Further, from reality, a shower chair is referred to specialized equipment that is specifically designed to allow secure sitting within a shower enclosure.

In a good number of instances, the chair is made up of plastic with sturdy metal legs that have rubber stoppers.

Who Needs a Shower Chair?

The following groups of people would often rely on a caregiver to shower, but a shower chair could eliminate that necessity.


The bathroom is a significant source of danger for senior, especially with wet floors, and slippery surfaces.

A good case is a senior struggling with illnesses such as arthritis or bursitis.

The lack of balance that these bone conditions would necessitate the use of a shower chair to remain upright with dangerous slipping.

Disabilities or Other Conditions

Persons with disabilities also have the option to use shower chairs, which often come with wheels to help the user move in and out of the shower.

Additionally, those with physical disorders that affect mobility functions can also opt for a shower chair to make their bathroom activity easier.

These conditions would range from arthritis, quadriplegia, or multiple sclerosis.

Post-Surgery or Injury

Undergoing surgery tends to take a toll on the body and usually, leaving hospital would necessitate using a shower chair since extreme tiredness is often experience.

Additionally, patients with spinal cord injuries could reduce the risk of patient falls during the shower process.

Types of Shower Chairs

People dependent on others for their showering could find a shower chair as a useful stool to maintain their dignity.

Here are the different options that could make an excellent opportunity for householders

Rolling shower chair

A rolling shower chair or shower wheelchair has wheels that enhance the mobility of the user.

In most instances, the seat is cut-out like a toilet seat for the user to bather all parts of their body without having to move a lot.

Additionally, the armrests are at times are removable as a safety measure and to allow more showering freedom.

The chair is made from plastic or water-proof steel.

Shower chair with arms

Anyone experiencing trouble with mobility while in the shower or tub would want to go for a shower chair.

The critical safety element of the chair is the compact stool that comes with armrests while others provide for transfer functions that comes with a swivel chair.

Other shower chairs in this category come feature drainage holes for the passage of water and provide comfort.

Corner shower seat

Another comfortable and safe option is a Corner Shower Seat.

The stool would feature a triangular shape with three sturdy legs to fit into the corner of the shower cubicle and enable one to comfortable sit during showering.

An additional feature with the seat is an adjustable height function to allow different user requirements for a safe shower environment.

Bariatric shower chair

Bariatric shower chair offers a sturdy and robust option for the users looking for shower comfort.

A cross brace attaches itself of the sturdy rivets providing for dependable strength.

The chair comes in two styles with some having a back while others eliminate the backrest.

The blow molding on the backrest and seat are designed to provide for extra comfort without slipping.

The drainage holes are also present to reduce moving with the adjustable legs offering a proper fit.

Reclining shower chair

The Reclining Shower Chair provides an invaluable option with elongated and contoured front seat with a padded headrest and ergonomic armrests.

The shower chair has steel bolts that secure the position and allow the declination of the bench at 900, 600, and 300.

A foldable footrest or padded leg rest are available to give an open look to the reclining model.

This shower usually highlights durability and comfortability through the PVC construction and anti-rust wheel casters.

Folding shower chair

The folding shower chair goes far beyond the ability to overcome difficulty for those who have a kind of handicap.

With features such as an ergonomic design backrest and foldable seat for convenient storage while not in use.

There are also rubber tips for preventing slipping with the anodized aluminum frame providing for additional convenience for the handheld shower holder.

How to Choose the Best Shower Chair for You?

By now you may consider buying a shower chair for your household to improve the bathroom safety levels.

However, there are things to keep in mind while purchasing a shower chair.

Here are the top factors to consider before finalizing the best shower chair for yourself.

Weight capacity – standard or bariatric?

Not all shower chairs are suitable for all users since there are different weight restrictions and it is vital to find one that matches your weight.

Typically a standard shower chair can support up to 250-300 pounds, which can accommodate most users.

However, for larger users, the specialized bariatric chairs offer weight support of up to 500 pounds.

Construction: aluminum, plastic, wood/teak?

In most instances, the following are the materials one should consider

  • Aluminum– although its present a lightweight makes, aluminum provides the chair with a rustproof coating which is a significant advantage considering the seat is always exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • Plastic– plastic shower chair also offers a lightweight feeling although they do lack the adequate strength to support the weight of the users.
    Besides that, the plastic seats feature handle-grip openings on the top.
  • Wood/teak– wood and in particular teak wood can also make part of your bathroom space with different shower chairs having made from the material.
    Teak is known for the ability to resist moisture build-up which usually brings on mold but does regularly require maintenance with teak oil.

Safety features

It is imperative to know that with shower chairs safety always comes first.

Most models also consider this as it is evident from the technical features such as rubber-ends, retractable seats, and ergonomic handlebars.

Depending on the shower chair, there are other that includes a convenient slot to hold the showerhead or adjustable leg designs for the user’s customization.


The frequent use of the shower chair necessitates that the model can withstand the process.

The material of the make plays a significant role in this, with plastic making out poor shower chairs.

However, there are heavy duty plastic models that provide similar durability to the aluminum or teak models.


Check on the chair’s width, height, and depth to ensure it fits into the bathroom or shower space.

The bathroom’s sizes are also important measurements to identify since it would indicate if the chair has enough room to maneuver.

Storage and transport – Mobility: fixed or portable?

Here are plenty of shower chairs that provide locking casters to ensure safety while moving it to and from the bathroom.

Meanwhile, there are other which feature no wheels, with only safe-grip legs to prevent the chair from rolling or sliding while in the shower enclosure.

Apart from the portable designs, one can also install a permanent shower chair with two rubberize feet with a back mounted on the wall for stability.


Removable legs, rotating padded seats or removable seats are some of the factors to consider when it comes to the assembly of the shower chair.

Regularly, the more features a chair has meant there is plenty of assembly and installation instructions that go into ensuring it is operational.

Therefore, it is imperative to seek shower chairs that meet the requirement but also offer a tool-free assembly process.

Design: upright or recumbent?

Sturdy back support may come as a necessity to a senior or patient with back problems.

While sitting upright can cause plenty of discomforts, one can opt for the reclining shower seats that come with a reclining back assist and with a leg rest.

The design will allow the user to lean back comfortably and undergo the process of showering efficiently.

What else do I need to know about shower chairs?

With bathroom safety studies indicating the rise in bathroom accidents, shower chairs are becoming a sensible precaution to ensure safety while using the bathroom.

However as a natural precaution to consider purchasing a shower chair should always be an inexpensive process to ensure you don’t experience trouble with the household budget.

You may find cheap showers seats made of contemptible materials, but it is wise to ensure that the equipment meets the value since everyone would want to use the shower seat for a long time.

How would a shower chair benefit me or my loved one?

hospital disabilityInstead of the risking the possibility of lousy showering experience, here are the reasons that would make owning a shower chair a good idea

  • A shower seat helps improve bathroom safety by reducing the possibility of falling during showering.
  • In essence, shower chairs to provide a secure area for the user to comfortably sit and shower without the danger of the slippery floor.
  • Portable shower chairs present essential hygienic functions for frequent travelers since there is plenty of risks that come with using the hotel’s shower chair.
  • Remember a bath chair is a personal piece of equipment and sharing could present the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Shower chairs also make the user feel more empowered and independent with the ability to allow them to get to the shower and have the options of personally conducting the bathing process.
  • It is also apparent that shower chairs to improve the quality of the user’s life by giving them the experience of independence.
  • Frequently, people with disabilities, patients or the elderly are confined to limited mobility, and a feeling of dependence on other grows.

Does Medicare cover the cost of a shower chair?

The Original Medicare program (both Part A and B) do not consider a shower chair as durable medical equipment, and unfortunately this means they would not cover the cost.

Additionally, it implies that even if one qualifies for Medicare by disability or age, the shower chair still does not qualify.

However, the Medicare Part B does cover durable medical equipment such as walkers, canes and general commode chairs for increase stability.

Therefore getting a shower chair as an additional bathroom safety device would need supplemental insurance.

Does private insurance cover the cost of a shower chair?

There is plenty of adverse reaction to ensuring shower chairs with some private companies considering the equipment as rather a matter of comfort and convenience.

Also, a good number also follow Medicare’s cover.

Still, the few that do offer the insurance policies would require one to carefully scrutinize the options of each insurance plan and find the one that is worth to cover the specific requirements.


So if you are in need of using a shower chair or know someone who would, there is the need for no worry as to whether they would find the right option for their situation.

Hopefully, the article could form an appropriate foundation for choosing the best shower chair for your bathroom.

To sum it up, it is important to note that bathroom safety is not a matter to overlook and one of the many options to counter the risk is to introduce shower chair.

We hope that with help of our reviews you get to choose the best shower seat for you or your loved one and experience a new showering experience.

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