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Best Shower System Reviews in 2018

Last updated on: June 24th, 2018

In Shower System Reviews we unfold everything you need to know about best shower systems. Luxury shower systems include rainfall showerhead, and the handheld shower mounted on a bar.

Our 3 Top Rated Shower Systems in 2018:

Best overall performing Shower System with Shower head and Hand shower.


Great Contemporary Handshower Kit.


Top Rated Overhead shower and handshowerhead.


The shower system is a great combination of shower parts that you need. In comparison table below we have laid out the most relevant facts, you need in search for the best shower system for you. These are the type of shower system, finish, and price.

ReviewShower system typeFinishPrice
Grohe 26126000 Retro-Fit Power&Soul Shower System with Shower head and Hand shower Grohe 26126000 Shower System Review Shower System with Shower head and Hand shower Starlight Chrome $$$$ Check price
Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower Kit Polished Chrome Kohler K-9059-CP Review Contemporary Handshower Kit Nickel / Polished Chrome $$$ Check price
Hansgrohe 27165001 Raindance 180 Showerpipe, Chrome Review Hansgrohe 27160001 Review Overhead shower and handshowerhead Brushed Nickel / Chrome $$$$$$ Check price
Delta T17494-SS-I Linden Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with In2ition Two-in-One Shower in Stainless steel Delta Faucet T17494-SS-I Review Tub Trim with Two-In-One Hand Shower head Chrome / Stainless $ Check price
Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, Polished Chrome Review Pfister 3-Function Review 3-Function Handheld Shower System Chrome $ Check price
Moen 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing 3 Function Shower System 2.5 gpm Moen 8342 Review 3 Function Shower with dual shower head system Chrome $$$ Check price
Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit Grohe 27867000 Review Retro-Fit Bundle with dual shower head system Starlight Chrome $$$ Check price
best shower system reviews Grohe 35056000 Review Shower Set with Rainfall Shower head and Hand shower Chrome / Nickel $$$$$ Check price
PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Kauai Retro-Fit Rain Shower System with Hand Shower and Adjustable Slide Bar PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Review Rain Shower System with Handshower and Adjustable Slide Bar Brushed Nickel / Chrome $ Check price
Symmons 5406 Degas Tub Shower Unit Symmons 5406 Review Tub Trim with handshower system Chrome $$$$$$ Check price

Best Shower Systems:

Grohe 26126000 Retro-Fit Shower System Review

Grohe 26126000 Retro-Fit Power&Soul Shower System with Shower head and Hand showerWith its crowd-pleasing style and many spray modes, Grohe 26126000 Retro-fit Power and Soul shower unit with hand shower and the showerhead is the ideal upgrade for any modern bathroom.

It’s intended to replace showerhead setups that utilize a disguised pressure-balance valve. It fuses a Power and Soul 190 shower head with a Power and Soul 130 hand shower.

Grohe 26126000 Review

Get more information about this best shower system on Amazon.com

Both offer 4 spray styles, each easily chosen with a press of a button.

These styles include:

  • Rain, a broad, relaxing spray style
  • GROHE O2 Rain, a vibrant shower experience offering an air infused water drops
  • Jet, which replenishes with targeted, circular bursts of water; and the impressive GROHE
  • Bokoma Spray, that clones the calming effects of a fingertip rub down

GROHE Dream Spray technology maximizes water circulation to the spray mist nozzles in the hand shower and the showerhead while GROHE Speed Clean shields the spray mouth against limescale build-up.

The 2.5-gpm shower unit also includes a swivel or fixed shower arm, a mounting hardware, and a flexible-height shower bar. Retro-fit Power and Soul is offered in non-tarnishing, scratch-resistant, Brushed Nickel Infinity Finish and GROHE Starlight chrome.

Grohe 26126000 PROS:
  • Quick Installation: Upgrades your shower to a high-class spa-like experience with a personalized hand shower and shower head.
  • Adjustable Shower Bar: Personalized shower placement for seated-showering or personal height variance
  • Hand Shower: Perfect for washing a small kid, showering without wetting your hair or washing a family pet.
  • Can be used in any bathroom design as it supplements all GROHE shower product line
  • NEW add-ons to the selection include a 25-inch version (26193000) which can be utilized for shower/tub combinations and has a 45-degree angle shower arm paired with a FRESH Tempesta Cosmopolitan hand shower and shower head for a rejuvenating shower experience
  • Cool Touch Effect: The Retro-Fit shower system features GROHE Cool Touch engineering, which averts external surfaces from exceeding the temperatures of the shower water. The special cooling patterns produce a buffer between the chrome surface and hot water consequently protecting against scalding.
Grohe 26126000 CONS:
  • Price is quite steep.
  • Rainwater shower and handheld shower head cannot be used together.
  • The hand shower and showerhead, however, are not as sturdy. They look to as if they are made of plastic. The plastic does not feel as fine as brass. But the unit has a lifetime warranty so it may not matter in the long run.

Get all details about best shower system at Amazon.com

What we think about Grohe 26126000:

87 %
86 %
User Rating
94 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Although it is a retro fit unit, some clients have had problems installing it. Be sure to check your shower head (check its size) and also read the product descriptions before purchasing it.

Based on my past experience with Grohe shower product line products, Grohe 26126000 Retro-Fit Power Soul Shower System with Shower head and Hand shower has the power to make your showering experience a soothing and invigorating one.

With a lifetime warranty, this product is a good buy for 2018.

Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower Kit Review

Kohler K-9059-CP Contemporary Handshower Kit Polished ChromeWith a smooth, streamlined design to match modern decors, this kit delivers a full hand Kohler shower system including 60inch metal shower hose, slide bar and spray head.

The ergonomic, adjustable multi-function spray head delivers four unique sprays, including a stimulating massage spray, an all-encompassing spray, a water conserving lowered-flow spray and a soothing aerated spray.

Kohler K-9059-CP Review

Get more information about one of top rated Kohler shower systems on Amazon.com

Pair this hand shower with other Purist and Stillness faucets for a synchronized look.

This reasonably priced Triton shelf-back sink faucet has a gooseneck spout and a resilient Slick Chrome finish.

This Contemporary hand shower kit combines with other modern components to produce a performance showering unit with the advantage of contemporary styling and easy ordering

Kohler K-9059-CP PROS :
  • Polished Chrome Features: Strong brass construction guarantees years of efficient service
  • Brass valve bodies are time-tested and resilient
  • Wrist blade grips meet ADA specifications
  • Master Clean sprayface withstands hard water accumulation and is easy to wash and clean
  • Kohler finishes withstand tarnishing and corrosion exceeding industry longevity specifications over two times
  • Ergonomic spray head rotates to allow accurate adjustment for focused hydro massage
  • Advanced spray motor with easy grip spray face delivers 4 alternate experiences: wide coverage, massage, soft aerated and decreased flow spray
  • Well designed with plenty of features: the shower head is simple to slide around, and the holder rotates such that you can use it as a normal shower on your wall or as a hand-held shower. The showerhead has numerous different configurations for spray
  • Its design is both dynamic and sleek: it offers the best in a fun and genuine relaxation. The water-conducting pipe and showerhead seamlessly combine into the thermostat. The distinctive shower pipe reveals itself in an attractive minimalist design
Kohler K-9059-CP CONS:
  • Compared to its competitors in the same category, these Kohler shower systems are a bit expensive for what it offers

How it works

With the Rain Air spray setting, the shower rate on the head shower is 2.5 GPM. Enjoy the convenience of time savings when washing. Thanks to its anti-calcification function, lime-scale only needs to be rubbed from the versatile silicon nozzles.

Deliver a satisfying bath experience into your house with the Kohler K-7302-5A-CP Polished Chrome Triton Shower pipe. If you’ve any concerns questions or regarding this gadget or it’s functionality, please contact Kohler‘s Customer Service department.

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What we think about Kohler K-9059-CP:

86 %
83 %
User Rating
98 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

Kohler has always had a razor-sharp eye for innovation, creating products with remarkable durability which are not only remarkably functional but also a source of pleasure. According to many customers who have bought this product, Kohler K-7302-5A-CP Polished Chrome Triton kit is highly efficient and delivers a stimulating and satisfying experience.

Satisfying experience is assured by the 18-inch shower-arm and height-flexible handshower holder – not to point out the soft, plump water drops. This bubble gently over your skin cheers to its advanced shower technology, this means you can have more enjoyment from less water.

With a lifetime warranty, Kohler shower systems seem like a good buy.

Hansgrohe 27160001 Raindance Review

Hansgrohe 27165001 Raindance 180 Showerpipe, Chrome ReviewFounded in Germany back in 1900, Hansgrohe is wholly committed to developing a powerful sense of tradition.

Boasting unsurpassed design, quality, and efficiency, Hansgrohe’s products supply a lifetime of satisfaction. Through numerous breakthroughs in technology and comfort, they bring the best solution you want to maximize your water experience.

Hansgrohe 27160001 Review

Get more information about one of best rated shower systems on Amazon.com

Known for razor sharp eye for creativity, Hansgrohe is constantly developing products with remarkable durability, designed to not only be extremely efficient but also a source of pleasure and luxury. Please allow me to share one of Hansgrohe`s most efficient product: Hansgrohe 27160001 Raindance S Showerpipe Chrome

Hansgrohe 27160001 Raindance S Showerpipe, Chrome is easily one of the best bathroom fixtures available out there. With a host of features, this product delivers a memorable shower experience with the extra large overhead shower (9″).

This highly flexible shower fixture is not only functional but also really elegant, changing the Overall look of your shower room while turning it into all the more exciting.

Hansgrohe 27160001 PROS:
  • Quick Clean: This technology immediately eliminates dirt and limescale build up from faucets and shower with a fast finger rub due to its silicon water nozzles.
  • The founders at Hansgrohe have conceived something revolutionary with their launch of the Airpower showerheads. For us, this is the best Hansgrohe shower head ever. An abundant supply of air is drawn in through the spray mouth of the Air Power shower, and the arriving water is imbued with that air triggering an effect you’ll notice instantly.
  • Lighter, plumper, and softer water droplets will embrace your skin generating an incredible sense of wellness.
  • On top of a better shower experience, your needs for water also are significantly reduced.
  • Made to easily mount with standard American plumbing connections
  • Includes preset protection stops with bypass capability
  • All hardware required for installation is provided
  • Angle-flexible holder pivots right and left, slides effortlessly and locks in position.
  • The shower pipe combines optimum performance and style with one of a kind showering modes
  • Take note your house guests may want to use your bathroom once they discover that you have this product 🙂
Hansgrohe 27160001 CONS:
  • Water pressure at times gets low
  • The other drawback is that its thermostat doesn’t have scale with figures
  • Take note that you can’t use the handheld shower and overhead shower simultaneously

Get all details about one of best rated shower systems at Amazon.com

What we think about Hansgrohe 27160001:

88 %
94 %
User Rating
96 %
Our Overall Score
92 %

This shower product has it all – sleek, modern, functional, excellent temperature control and also water pressure via both the handheld wand and rain showerhead. Most client reviews reported that this shower fixture works perfectly for any bathroom.

Further, they felt Hansgrohe 27160001 Raindance is worth their money and will not let you down. Since we didn’t see any negative reviews or complaints regarding its installation, I guess it’s a relatively easy install too. For best outcomes, Hansgrohe suggests that this system is fitted by a registered, professional plumber.

This product is a MUST buy if you want to take your shower experience to the next level.

Delta T17494-SS-I Tub and Shower with Two-in-One Shower Review

Delta T17494-SS-I Linden Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with In2ition Two-in-One Shower in Stainless steelComes packed with everything you need in a shower room, the Delta Linden T17494-I Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower set offer an unrivaled showering experience with a built-in hand shower. It’s designed to last against rust from sturdy brass while your option of available finish delivers the look together flawlessly.

The design was influenced by a formidable existence in nature like that of the woods with reaching branches. The spectacular look of the Linden tree prompted the Linden shower product line – a refreshing design which will bring life to any shower room.

Delta T17494-SS-I Review

Get more information about luxury shower systems on Amazon.com

This stylish yet friendly shower gadget brings an enjoyable shower experience. The manufacturer’s unique DIAMOND Seal Technology utilizes a valve with a rough diamond finish to provide you a faucet designed to last many years.

According to many reviewers, the product looks made of plastic (wall plate and tub spout and) but the is still well designed. Interesting link between the stubbed out copper and the spout removes the chance of a leak from spout rear due to rust.

The mixer cartridge seems well created. It is possible to place the cartridge in inside-out – still operates, but the cold/hot mixer gets reversed. Quite useful if you have a naive plumber that connects the rough out housing upwards).

The shower head has 2 parts; the fixed part and the handheld one which can be used separately or combined – good feel and coverage.

Delta T17494-SS-I PROS:
  • Pause feature minimizes the water to a drop, enabling you to preserve water while doing duties such as shaving your legs or lathering up
  • Gentle, rubber spray holes enable you to effortlessly wipe away lime and calcium build up from the hand shower and showerhead with the touching of a finger
  • Diverter lever places In2ition 2-in-2 Shower to 1 of 3 options: Hand shower and showerhead, Showerhead only, and Hand shower only
  • Monitor pressure balance device keeps water temperatures inside a safe ±3° F, helping to guard you against rapid changes in cold or hot water pressure
  • Spray settings include: Fast Massage, Full Body, Complete Spray with Massage
  • Much cheaper compared to other models offered in the market
Delta T17494-SS-I CONS:
  • This product does not include a universal valve so you might need to buy one from your local store

Get all details about luxury shower systems at Amazon.com

What we think about Delta T17494-SS-I:

94 %
79 %
User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

The shower head seems impressive like it will pummel you with a range of different rain and streams. There is actually only a few of different sprays to select from, in contrast to some other options in the market.

You’ll observe though that your pressure reduces significantly when you’ve it spray from it’s the ring and the handwand simultaneously. Delta T17494-SS-I Linden Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with In2ition Two-in-One Shower in Stainless is perfect if you are looking for a pleasuring shower experience without denting your pocket.

Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower Review

Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, Polished Chrome ReviewFor over a century, Pfister has been a pioneer in the plumbing industry, providing a broad selection of innovative, first-to -market plumbing products and accessories that have defined the industry. Assured to last, every item comes with Pfister lifetime Warranty, covering finish and function for life.

In this review, we will look at one of their most popular shower product: Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, Polished Chrome.

Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower Review

Get more information about luxury shower systems on Amazon.com

This impressive transitional-themed device offers provides an invigorating and therapeutic shower experience and features 3 different functions which make it very easy to set up (is 5 minutes fast enough?). Along with a hose size of 60 inches, it ought to be an excellent match for any kind of bathroom.

The slide bar showerhead provides a simple and modern design. It has 3 spray patterns: vigorous, massage, rain. Its refined chrome finish produces a bright, sparkling look that works perfectly with a wide range of decorating style

The Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower boasts an8 inch″ diameter rain shower for remarkable water coverage. It’s graded for 2.5 gpm. The drawback is that it’s a tad pricey, and if you wish to go balls to the wall and purchase one of Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, you will be looking at a still affordable price tag.

Even so, you’ll be acquiring an excellent piece of workmanship that can deliver maximum water pressure and outstanding coverage for a genuinely unmatched rain shower experience.

Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower PROS:
  • Rain spray delivers more coverage and a gentle, even circulation for a soothing shower experience
  • Pulsating and invigorating spray applies immediate pressure to help alleviate tension
  • 1-Hole set up
  • Pfister Warranty protects function and finishes for life
  • Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, Polished Chrome is a better option to a top quality upgrade. This smooth, beautiful shower unit will transform the appearance and feel of your bathing room.
  • Three exclusively-designed spray configurations complete the personalized shower experience by refining versatility and control.
  • Setting it up is clear and simple; the well-defined process is given in the guideline manual provided with the slide bar unit.
  • Completely flexible handheld shower positioning makes this unit ideal for elderly people, children or when washing pets.
Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower CONS:
  • A bit pricey than other similar products

Get all details about luxury shower systems at Amazon.com

What customers say

With a variety of amazing features incorporated in the fairly priced packages, a lot of people from all around the globe who have purchased Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower, Polished Chrome look satisfied and have offered plenty of favorable reviews. However, there are also some clients who are not happy with this item.

What we think about Pfister 3-Function Handheld Shower:

90 %
79 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
87 %

The Pfister Typhoon Handheld Shower is genuinely a force of nature as it has been designed to offer a therapeutic and invigorating and shower experience. The Pfister Typhoon Handheld Shower installs easily, in under 5 minutes, and offers an immediate improvement to any shower.

This handheld device was designed with 3 highly-personalized spray configurations that will improve and optimize your shower.

Moen 8342 3 Function Shower System Review

Moen 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing 3 Function Shower System 2.5 gpmMoen Commercial provides a complete line of faucets, showering units and electronic flush valves built to endure the toughest conditions in institutional and commercial buildings and construction.

They are built for regular use and periodic misuse. They’re designed for you. In this review we will look at one of their popular product- Moen 8342 Commercial Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing 3 Function Shower System 2.5 gpm, Chrome.

Moen 8342 Review

Get more information about this best rain shower system on Amazon.com

This 3-function shower unit has a Posi-Temp pressure controlling valves to control temperature, maintain water pressure. The uncovered valve features everything essential to run the shower unit.

The Valve on the base of the shower bar handles both the temperatures and on/off functionality of the hand shower and showerhead.

Posi-Temp Valve

A pressure-balancing valve that keeps water temps within 3°F. Built in temperature control stops makes it possible for you to manage how far the handle swivels, ultimately managing the water temperature range.

The Posi-Temp provides the best water circulation out there for any comparable valve.

Moen 8342 PROS:
  • Chrome finish to produce a bright, highly-reflective, neat gray metallic appearance
  • Worry free shower temps control
  • Best in class valve gives great circulation and no scalding
  • Handheld shower contains vital double-check valves for back-flow protection
  • Very well designed. The quality of design is top notch.
  • All other units except the handheld area are metal; the handheld part is plastic making it lighter, much easier to manage and harmless if it is dropped.
  • The slipping bar is excellent – while it may not at first look like an issue, the slipping bar is awesome for seated showers. However, it is unsuitable for weight-bearing needs. If real weight bearing grab-bars are needed, they should be fitted separately, and it is advised to ensure it is vividly indicated to prevent confusion or accidents.
  • Developed to easily deploy with normal plumbing connections
  • Top finishing process – coatings will resist oxidation and discoloration via everyday use
  • Protected under Moen’s five year limited faucet warranty
Moen 8342 CONS:
  • Both controls can’t be used at the same time
  • The hand and overhead shower each operate separately so if you’re looking for something that can be used simultaneously, keep looking. However, if you want accommodating changes, especially for standing/sitting/disability-related shower/bath set up, etc., this is a reliable solution.

Get all details about best rain shower systems at Amazon.com

What we think about Moen 8342:

89 %
83 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

Take note that you`ll either need a plumbing technician or need good welding /plumbing skills if you decide this product. This has 2 two – instead of the normal single -feature so most likely it will need retrofit for the current bathroom.

It would also operate well for new construction. In any other case, if you wish to retrofit into the current unit, remember that you’ll l need to take out extra tile to install the second control.

Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle Review

Grohe 27867000 Retro-FitGROHE offers a collection of hand showers and shower heads with ten distinctive spray patterns which are certain to support any mood or preference.

With Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle, you can rejuvenate your simple shower into a customized hydrotherapy experience while using the targeted Jet spray that alleviates tight muscles, or the effervescent Champagne spray which invigorates and soothes your body.

Fashioned to substitute showerhead installs that utilize an invisible pressure-balance valve, the retro-fit unit consists of an overhead Euphoria Cosmopolitan.

Grohe 27867000 Review

Get more information about this Grohe shower system on Amazon.com

Both hand shower and overhead shower are boosted with GROHE Dream Spray technology that maximizes water circulation to ensure continually even coverage and Speed Clean anti-lime scale safeguard.

The Retro-Fit package is offered in Starlight chrome, a lustrous finish which will not tarnish or scratch.

Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle features the high-class Dream Spray technology that employs leading-edge shower motors inside hand shower and the shower head to propagate water evenly and continually to each and every spray nozzle.

Optimized water circulation signifies a shower which is truly luxurious and immersive.

Grohe 27867000 PROS:
  • Temperature can be altered
  • Fine looks and finishing
  • Existing Valve: No changes needed since it easily fits into your current system
  • Quick Installation: Update your shower to a lavish spa-like experience with a personalized hand shower and shower head
  • Hand Shower: Perfect for showering without your wetting hair, washing a small kid or washing a domestic pet.
  • Extra resilient and sturdy high-efficiency shower head.
  • Designed to last many years.
  • Reasonably priced
  • The showerhead is in 2 parts; the fixed and the handheld one meaning it can either be used separately or combined.
Grohe 27867000 CONS:
  • Very hard to install particularly if you fit it on porcelain tile

Get all details about Grohe shower systems at Amazon.com

What the customers say about Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle

The hardware is fairly much all metal, besides the handheld shower and the shower head – they’re plastic-coated with chrome. According to one reviewer, a sales rep at a nearby showroom informed him that when a showerhead is all metal, the accumulation is difficult to clean – with Hansgrohe and Grohe shower products, you just scrub your hand on the nozzles, and it eliminates the build-up immediately.

While this product has many positive reviews on Amazon the only major drawback with this product is that for a vintage fit system it is very hard to install particularly if you fit it on porcelain tile.

Its engineering layout for installing the system is at best inadequate. The upper installation flange is quite small in diameter and is fastened to the wall making use of 3 wall anchors.

What we think about Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle:

88 %
82 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
86 %

This is an excellent quality installation. With the exemption of the showerheads, the greater part of the unit, including its hose, is metal structure. The tough valve is a tad more complex to deploy than a Delta.

Grohe 27867000 Retro-Fit(TM) Bundle functions nicely but be alert the hand shower function as a rain shower kind, therefore, it doesn’t have the adaptable jets and pressure which are more often provided on other shower systems with body jets.

Grohe 35056000 Shower Set with Shower head and Hand shower Review

Grohe 35056000 Timeless Shower Set with Shower head and Hand showerClean lines, elegant detailing and simple cylinders make Grohe 35056000 GrohFlex Timeless THM Shower system the perfect shower unit for any contemporary bathroom.

The complete shower system comprises of a Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 shower head having a 12-in.

Fresh Tempesta Cosmopolitan shower kit and a Rainshower shower arm, which also has a 24-inch shower bar, soap dish, and a 69-inch Shower Hose.

Both hand shower and showerhead relax and alleviate tension by providing 4 unique spray styles, which are easily picked by rotating the flexible spray face.

Get more information about this Grohe shower system on Amazon.com

Grohe 35056000 Review

The GrohFlex Shower unit comes in StarLight chrome, a glossy finish which will not lose color as time passes.

Readily available on the entire assortment of GROHE finishes, StarLight technology utilizes an exclusive layered plating procedure to shield faucet surfaces against scratches, dirt and tarnish.

GROHE DreamSpray technology

The GrohFlex Shower unit incorporates GROHE DreamSpray technology that employs sophisticated shower motors in the handshower to spread water evenly and continually to each spray nozzle.

Improved water supply means showering that is enjoyable and luxurious.

Atrio Thermostat

Atrio thermostatic mixers make sure the temperature you choose stays constant during the shower.

No surprises, no shocks, just a continuous stream of beautifully mixed water at the temp of your choosing.

Timeless spa materials and classic design – the ideal marriage of comfort and beauty.

Just like Atrio Classic, Grohe 35056000 GrohFlex Timeless THM Shower Set with Shower head and Hand shower unit makes itself a dwelling in a number of different environments.

Grohe 35056000 PROS:
  • This rain headshower unit is simple to install.
  • Easy to work with and high-efficiency shower head.
  • Smoothest handling for hassle-free precision and supreme relaxation for a lifetime
  • Superior looks.
  • Made-to-last surfaces varying from treasured matt to vivid like a diamond.
  • Always perfect temperature, for highest comfort and safety.
  • Chrome finish which offers luster and shine. Also, both the hand shower and showerhead can be used at the same time. Its showerhead delivers the rain spray styles while the hand shower contains the all-purpose regular spray mode.
Grohe 35056000 CONS:
  • Special tools are needed for during the installation.
  • Tough set up on porcelain tile.

Get all details about Grohe shower systems at Amazon.com

What we think about Grohe 35056000:

85 %
89 %
User Rating
89 %
Our Overall Score
88 %

Overall GrohFlex Timeless THM Shower Set with Shower head and Hand shower has very good ratings from those clients who purchased it.

This attractive multi head shower unit comes with a chrome finish which improves the shine and the sparkle of this product. Also, this rain head shower kit is one the finest Grohe shower systems offered in the market at a fair price. This Grohe shower unit offers very economical versatility in its functioning plus the design of this luxury shower unit is top notch.

If you are looking for a shower unit that will excite your family for many years to come then go for GrohFlex Timeless THM Shower Set with Shower head and Hand shower.

PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Rain Shower System with Hand Shower Review

PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Kauai Retro-Fit Rain Shower System with Hand Shower and Adjustable Slide BarThe PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Kauai Retro-Fit Rain Shower System with Hand Shower and Adjustable Slide Bar is designed to use your existing valve.

You can easily transform your traditional shower into a showering sanctuary with a Pulse shower spa system.

The Kauai rain system is available in chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze to match any décor. Also, it has a 59-inch double-interlocking stainless steel hose for easy reach.

The shower system comes complete with brass slide bar, soap dish, diverter, and shower arm. It also has a ½ inch NPT brass nipple connector.

The system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, it is installed with a diversion allowing you to choose either the overhead shower head or the handhold shower head (take note these two cannot run at the same time).

Get more information about this exposed shower system on Amazon.com

Pulse Showerspas 1011-BN Review

The shower system connects to the water supply at your existing showerhead location. The integrated brass bar allows adjustable height control for the hand shower and brass soap dish while providing a conveniently located diverter for switching functions.

It replaces the old showerhead with an elegant rain showerhead and multi-function hand shower. The brass wire soap dish keeps your soap handy and clean.

5-function hand shower provides a variety of water flow options to best suit your shower preference.

The shower system is surface mounted and completely pre-plumbed so that you can easily retrofit your existing showerhead/shower arm.

Another feature of the Kauai shower system is that it has 8-inch rainfall showerhead with soft tips that clears mineral buildup for long-lasting performance.

Pulse Showerspas 1011-BN PROS:
  • Showerspas system is durable. It is long lasting as long as you maintain it.
  • Easy to clean compared to other systems in the market
  • Easy to use. The shower spa is not complicated therefore one does not need to be trained on how to use it. It is a matter of applying the basics.
  • High quality. Being different types shower systems in the market, the Kauai Rain Shower system is known to be among the best in its category.
  • Easy to install. You don’t have to call a technician to fix the system instead you can do it on your own with just some basic techniques.
Pulse Showerspas 1011-BN CONS:
  • A tad bit expensive compared to similar devices in the market
  • Since it’s a rain shower, the fixed shower is a “rain fall” and not a completely pressured shower

Get all details about exposed shower system at Amazon.com

What we think about Pulse Showerspas 1011-BN:

95 %
80 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
89 %

The Kauai is brilliantly designed for your home use, where it substitutes the previous showerhead with a stylish rain showerhead, multi-function handheld with flexible wire basket soap dish and slide bar.

Although most clients have rated this product positively, there are those who felt PULSE Showerspas 1011-BN Kauai Retro-Fit Rain Shower System with Hand Shower and Adjustable Slide Bar has a serious problem with the valve-something the manufacturer has admitted.

According to the manufacturer, the valve issue has already been addressed.

Symmons 5406 Degas Tub Shower Unit Review

Symmons 5406 Degas Tub Shower UnitSymmons is a global leader in creating pressure balancing valves for shower and tub units alike.

Workings with nothing but solid bronze, brass, and steel materials (no plastics), Symmons shower products are made to last for a long time.

Symmons also provides a wide choice of metering, shower valves and self-closing faucets for commercial applications.

In this article, allow me to review of one of their finest shower product: Symmons 5406 Degas Tub/Shower Unit.

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Symmons 5406 Review

Symmons 5406 Degas Tub/Shower Unit tend to be significantly sought after nowadays. Inspired by the works of the famous French designer Edgar Degas, Symmons 5406 Degas Tub/Shower Unit has a fine transitional design that entails both strength and movement.

This multi-head shower unit has a first class design and is better suited for people who want to take pleasure in their bath.

Some of the features present in Symmons 5406 Degas Tub/Shower Unit:

Adjustment nodes

This multi-shower head unit has a showerhead that has 3 modes of configuring the water spray (with a diameter of 7-inch). The normal circulation rate of water via the nozzles is 21/2 GPM, which is pretty good in assuring an uninterrupted flow of water.

Temptrol rough in valve

All new Symmons Degas line shower and bath faucets feature the Temptrol rough in valve for years of functional use. Degas has a style and design and refined details make it an ideal backdrop to personalized stylistic washrooms.

This product is highly sought after and has many positive ratings in Amazon. Most reviewers indicated Symmons 5406 Degas Tub/Shower Unit is a good upgrade, and a must have for any modern bathroom.

A few of the customers felt that it is not suitable for first time home owner due to lack of clear installation guidelines. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as the manufacturer has already updated its installation manual.

Symmons 5406 PROS:
  • It has an independent three-way outlet ‘diverter valve’
  • Diverter built-in into pressure-balancing valve
  • Symmons pressure balancing mixing device with variable stop screw to restrict handle turn
  • Life-time homeowner warranty
  • It’s also uncomplicated to upgrade. Routine maintenance is also fairly easy and is also rugged meaning it can be used for many years without having any issues
  • Harmonizes with the Degas selection
  • Powered by Temptrol, Symmons 5406 is a modification of 3 core product lines, mixing high-quality with clean design for cost efficient shower
  • Extremely enjoyable and relaxed Symmons shower system
Symmons 5406 CONS:
  • Price is a bit steep compared to other models available in the market

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What we think about Symmons 5406:

85 %
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User Rating
90 %
Our Overall Score
90 %

With subtle details and clean lines to enhance its splendor, this unit is a wonderful fit for any modern setting. Symmons 5406 is offered in scratch-resistant, non-tarnishing Dega chrome and Brushed Nickel Finish.

The installation is simple, but it comes with little to no guidelines. The Symmons 5406 in my viewpoint is really made for the plumbing technician and not for a first-time home owner.

This product is definitely worth the money. If you are looking for a refreshing and relaxing shower system, then you should pick this one right now.

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