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10 of the Best Smart Home Gadgets for House Cleaning

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

The tasks an individual has to do on a daily basis have greatly changed with the advancements in technology. Technology has enveloped work and fun; taking considerable amounts of our time and life.

With technology, there are more commitments to careers, social developments, and technology-related fun stuff; leaving home owners with less time for seemingly less important tasks like cleaning the home. Although it is great to have a clean environment, it is fast becoming acceptable to using other means to clean your house instead of doing it yourself.

Technology has not left home owners helpless in this respect either. There are now several smart home gadgets including cleaning the devices that can assist with the workload that comes with house cleaning.  This article reveals 10 of the best smart home gadgets every 21st century house owner wants to have to make the task of house cleaning a simpler one.

10 Smart Home Gadgets that Would Assist in House Cleaning

  1.     Robot Mop: If you have floors of hardwood, stone or tiles in your home, moping may not be a task you particularly look forward to. Well, there’s good news as robotic mops have entirely changed what cleaning used to be. Cleaning hard floors gets easy with them. If you want to come to a spotless and clean home after work, you may consider using a robotic mop which has the ability to choose the best cleaning method for every kind of floor. It knows when a floor needs wet mopping, damp sweeping or dry sweeping, depending on the type of cleaning pad that is attached. It is the out-of-water equivalent of Aquabot Turbo T2.
  2.     Self-cleaning litter box: If you have animals in your home, you literally have to clean up after them all the time. This is true especially in the case of cats. Although it doesn’t cost a lot to keep cats, you have to clean after them a lot. This self-cleaning litter box makes this cleaning an easier thing to do by giving a big entry for cats, making it easy to maintain them.
  3.     Scrubber: This a super-fast gadget that makes cleaning easier by reducing the time needed for cleaning. The scrubber has several types of brush heads that can be changed depending on the type of surface.
  4.     Self-cleaning dog potty: It is nice to have pets, but cleaning up after them can be very annoying. Home owners have busy schedules, but don’t want to come to a home littered with dog-poop. This home equipment makes home cleaning easier by doing the task for you. With it, you don’t have to clean up your dog’s potty several times in a day. Instead, the potty has a timer that makes it able to clean itself about thrice a day.
  5.     Toilet bowl cleaning system: Once upon a time, people used to need bleach tablets or need to scrub their toilets using their bare hands, but all that has changed thanks to this affordable toilet bowl cleaning system.
  6.     Air purifier: Dust particles that follow the cleaning of a home can be very unhealthy. With this air purifier, dust particles can be targeted and taken care of to about 99.97 percent. Mold spores can also be totally taken out of the air with this equipment. A variation of this gadget also comes with UV-C light that assists in getting rid of germs carried by the air.
  7.     Automatic carpet cleaner: Following spills and dirtying your carpet, cleaning it is unavoidable. This automatic carpet cleaner provides you with an immediate solution following spills like this.
  8.     Microwave cleaner: If you look into the microwave of many homes, you will find food particles from several weeks. People hardly remember to clean up their microwaves, but using a microwave cleaner, you can change the situation of your own microwave. The use of this gadget is safe as it doesn’t use any harmful chemical. Instead it uses water, vinegar, and lemon juice.
  9.     A robot vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi: Several robot vacuum cleaner gadgets from different producers have evolved a lot. Many gadgets can even clean without supervision. Some even have voice commands and some others surprisingly have a Wi-Fi.
  10. Window cleaner: This is one task a homeowner would typically procrastinate about. However, with this robot window cleaner (which has a remote), you can relax while having your windows cleaned.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning no longer has to be a task to be dreaded, as long as these gadgets are embraced.

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