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Best Tips for Lighting a Small Bathroom

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Bathrooms are an essential part of any home. It’s one of the things that are bound to leave a lasting impression. That said the last thing you would want is stepping into a bathroom that looked spooky and eerie due to dim lighting. Regardless of a bathroom’s size, it should feel bright, spacious and well aerated.

It is especially critical for a small bathroom, because the darker it is, the smaller it would seem.

Space is a matter of perception as well as arrangement.

When installing lights in a small bathroom, adopt an arrangement that would illuminate the whole room but again not too strong that it makes it appear crowded.

To pull this off, it calls for creativity when it comes to fixing the lighting coupled with the use of modern lighting designs.

The traditional bathroom lighting which has become too commonplace just won’t do.

This includes using large ceiling lights and vanity lights.

Alternatively, it is advisable to go for lighting fixtures that will illuminate your bathroom through unique designs that will light up the entire room perfectly.

It can be done through the use of any of the following three modern small bathroom lighting fixtures which include flush mount ceiling lights (check our bathroom fan light combo reviews), lighted medicine cabinets and mirrors, and tape lights and undercabinet lights.

Making use of these current lighting methods will make your small bathroom appear large and well lit with no dark spots caused by long casted shadows.

Tape Lights or Undercabinet Lights

Space in a small bathroom is essential and should be conserved.

Depending on the lighting, the available space can seem larger or smaller, as is the case with the area under shelves and cabinets.

These spaces cast dark shadows under poor lighting which makes the already small bathroom seem even smaller.

This is not what you want.

The solution to this problem lies in ditching the traditional vanity lights for the new tape and undercabinet lights.

Undercabinet lights play the role of lighting up the counter space by casting away the dark shadows that form under the bathroom sink because of the shelves or cabinets located on top of it.

The lighting not only makes the small bathroom appear larger but also makes this space to become functional and could be put to good use.

Tape lights are LED lights that help to illuminate a small bathroom.

They have a couple of distinct advantages over other traditional lights such as flexibility and providing warmth.

Tape lights can be fixed in otherwise hard to light areas such as under a vanity where they offer a warm glow that is ideal for a small bathroom.

Additionally, they can be mounted on surfaces such as wall cabinet linings which keep them out of sight and allows for more room in the small bathroom thereby helping to keep it decongested.

Lighted Medicine Cabinets and Mirrors

Mirrored Medicine CabinetA small bathroom is usually hard pressed for space, be it space for maneuvering around or space for storage.

Therefore, if you can find a lighting option that would simultaneously improve the lighting of the room while saving on space, it is a great option to consider.

This is where the lighted medicine cabinet comes in.

The cabinet combines a mirror, storage space and lighting all into one package.

This design is ideal for a small bathroom that has limited storage, counter, and wall space.

This lighting option makes the room appear larger as well by getting rid of dark areas and shadows below the counter.

When it comes to the lighting around mirrors, vanity lights are a poor choice.

The reason is that vanity lights are usually fitted on the ceiling, and their lighting causes dark shadows to be cast on the bathroom walls.

Their light may also be dim causing it to fail to illuminate the mirror as well.

The solution lies in making use of a lighted mirror which will do an excellent job in lighting the space around a mirror.

The lighted mirror also helps to conserve space by pairing both the lighting and mirror together.

This design makes it an ideal choice for small bathrooms.

They also hold the added benefit of being available in a wide range of shapes and sizes which ensures they can blend in with most bathroom décors.

The lighted mirror is a modern upgrade to the traditional mirror, and it comes in various designs which position the light in different positions along the mirror; it can either be at the top, along the sides or all around it.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

A small bathroom is not the place to install large structures such as a large ceiling light.

The reason is that it would only serve to take up more of the limited space and make the room seem more crowded compared to a smaller ceiling light.

What you ideally want to do is ensure that the lighting on the ceiling covers an as little area as possible.

That is where the flush mount ceiling light comes in and is the perfect option for your small bathroom.

Such lights come with a sleek, white, frosted diffuser that has a clean finish.

Its white color allows it to naturally blend in with the rest of your bathroom décor as well as the room’s architecture.

When the ceiling light is turned on, the diffuser amplifiers the light helping to distribute it to every corner of the room ensuring the bathroom is kept well lit.

Thanks to its minimalist design and the even casting of light, this ceiling light helps to make the bathroom feel open and seem larger and spacious to the eyes.

Last but not least, the flush mount ceiling light also helps to balance the bright light emitted from the lighted mirror or vanity light thanks to the light from its diffuser.

It ensures the lighting is not too bright such that it overpowers the small room and makes it appear cramped.

You know have all the necessary tips to go and light up your bathroom like a pro.

Feel free to seek the services of a professional electrician in installing the lights.

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