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Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews in 2021

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

The faucet market keeps evolving from time to time and with it comes the touchless kitchen faucets that not only glam your kitchen space but are also very hygienic. However, all these features don’t come easy as the taps are pretty expensive.

Therefore, you have to know what kind of top-notch model fixtures suit your needs to make the best out of your investment.

This reviews seek to equip you with all the vital information you require to quicken your decision making.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews in 2021

Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet FeaturingThe Moen manufactures pride themselves on their full range of household fixtures.

The Moen Arbor is another excellent addition to their series of the collection.

The touchless kitchen faucet comes well packaged with two sensors that work to improve its efficiency.

It also makes use of the power clean technology that boosts its spray power by up to 50%

This Moen product contains an automatic system that makes it simple to operate with a secure spray head docking guarantee.

The Moen Arbor features a Duralock connection system that makes it easy to install.

Its design doesn’t also disappoint as it offers much installation flexibility through the three holes.

This faucet comes with a stainless steel spot resistant finish and a single handle.

The packaging comes with batteries and a 5-year warranty on digital components and a lifetime warranty on the electronics.

The Moen Arbor has a water consumption rate of 1.5 GPM and the water flow rate of 1.5 GPM.

Moen Arbor PROS:
  • Spot-resistant finish
  • Incredible two spray patterns
  • Long hose-68 inch
  • Easy to install
Moen Arbor CONS:
  • Expensive
  • Too sensitive

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What we think about Moen Arbor:

88 %
89 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
90 %


If money isn’t a problem and you are looking for a modern touchless faucet that would add a sparkle in your kitchen the Moen Arbor carries the day.

BioBidet Flow Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet Review

BioBidet Flow Motion Sensor Kitchen FaucetBioBidet offers a touchless kitchen faucet at a middle range price that could turn your kitchen outlook around.

The kitchen faucet comes with a functional battery thus doesn’t require connection to the AC source.

So you don’t have to undergo the wiring hassle.

It also offers the smartLatch retraction technology that ensures smooth switches between the two spray modes according to your need.

This best hand-free kitchen faucet comes with remarkable finishes for your selection.

The Brushed Nickel, chrome oil Rubbed Bronze finishes, and styles come perfectly.

It also has a simple two-way control box that makes the installation even better.

With the BioBidet Flow Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet, you don’t have to worry about fingerprint stains as the motion sensor is advantageous.

Its price is in the middle budget range so works fine for individuals not ready to overstretch their expenditures.

BioBidet Flow PROS:
  • Has three finishes for selection
  • Quite affordable
  • Two spray modes
  • Doesn’t require electricity connection
  • Hand-free motion and traditional manual faucet compatible
BioBidet Flow CONS:
  • Doesn’t come with check valves
  • No removable battery pack

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about BioBidet Flow:

85 %
91 %
User Rating
92 %
Our Overall Score
90 %


This faucet has an elegant design, and the sensor works just fine for its price.

However, it would do much great with better construction quality.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review

KOHLER K-72218-VS Kitchen FaucetYou cannot talk about household fixtures without the Kohler brand popping up.

The KOHLER K-72218-VS touchless kitchen faucet provides an outstanding combination of class and functionality.

This product makes use of the response technology for automatic on/off operations.

It also gives its uses ample cleaning time with its rust-resistant surface.

The Kohler product is simple to use as it makes use of the light, quiet hose and ball joint on its pull-down spray head.

With this touchless kitchen faucet, you free yourself from false activations with the help of the precision activation window.

To keep the spray head in place, this hand-free kitchen faucet makes use of the Docknetik technology to secure the locks in place magnetically.

It also has a state-of-the-art sensor that quickly responds to motion and an auto shutoff safeguard to prevent water wastage.

Its price is expensive side so not favorable for individuals working on a tight budget estimate.

  • The robust construction of stainless steel and metal
  • AC use
  • Ceramic valves
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra wiring
  • Several reports on Solenoid malfunctions

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about KOHLER K-72218-VS:

88 %
86 %
User Rating
93 %
Our Overall Score
89 %


The Kohler touchless kitchen faucet brings with it desirable specs.

However, at its price, the solenoid malfunction complaints aren’t doing it any justice.

BOHARERS Kitchen Sensor Faucet Review

BOHARERS Kitchen Faucets Sensor FaucetUnlike the KOHLER K-72218-VS touchless kitchen faucet that makes use of Ac power, the BOHARERS Faucets Sensor Faucet comes with replaceable batteries.

The product comes with 4 AA batteries that are long-lasting and can serve for 1-2 years.

So you don’t have to change that often.

It also provides you two types of stream water that you can quickly activate with the motion sensor.

With the BOHARERS product, has an automatic switch off feature after three minutes of inactivity, thus saving on the battery power.

It also makes use of the smartlatch retraction technology to ensure the spray head falls into place with the help of the nylon hose.

It’s simple to install this hand-free kitchen faucet as it contains 1-3 holes coupled with hot and cold hoses.

The manufacturers of this best touchless kitchen faucet offer a lifetime warranty except for human factor.

It’s has a sturdy body construction of brass, ceramic drip-free valve, and stainless steel handle material.

BOHARERS Sensor Faucet PROS:
  • Durable body construction
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime Warranty
BOHARERS Sensor Faucet CONS:
  • Too tall to use on shallow sinks
  • Faulty hot/cold mix complaints

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about BOHARERS Sensor Faucet:

85 %
92 %
User Rating
88 %
Our Overall Score
88 %


If you are looking for an affordable touchless kitchen faucet with a mix of value and class, then this BOHARERS product is for you.

Belanger NEX76CBN Movement Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet Review

Belanger NEX76CBN Sensor Kitchen Sink FaucetKitchen faucets are not only meant to run water but also to add value to other fixtures.

So if you can’t compromise both style and quality, then Belanger might have a solution for you.

The touchless faucet comes with an active infrared sensor that picks your hand movements.

The sensor also can automatically turn off after three minutes of inactivity.

This Belanger product automatically runs the water spray once you get the pull-down wand off.

It also comes with a sleek design and its Brushed Nickel Finish is easy to clean and maintain.

With this touchless kitchen faucet, you get a 65-inch nylon hose that’s very flexible for easy use.

The motion sensor kitchen sink faucet also makes use of the “magik’ sensor technology for faster on/off operations.

Its price is middle-range thus great for individuals with mid-budget plans.

The Belanger NEX76CBN Motion Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet also has a limited lifetime warranty.

Belanger NEX76CBN PROS:
  • Impressive sensor
  • Modern design
  • Safety Timer
Belanger NEX76CBN CONS:
  • Manual Pull-down operation

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about KW:

85 %
91 %
User Rating
84 %
Our Overall Score
87 %


This touchless kitchen faucet comes with excellent specs for its users and comes with all installation equipment.

However, the manual pull down head denies it some more points.

Pfister GT529-ELS Lita React Touch Free Technology Faucet Review

Pfister GT529-ELS Lita FaucetStyle and class are what most individuals look for when searching for the perfect touchless kitchen faucet.

Well, this Pfister model offers precisely that and much more.

The product comes with a react sensor that can detect your hands as far as 4-inches.

So you get to turn the water on and off without necessarily moving closer.

It also makes use of the smartstop feature that automatically turns off the water after two minutes of inactivity.

This Pfister GT529-ELS Lita Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet is hibernated making the faucet cleaning simple by allowing you to deactivate the sensor.

With this hand-free kitchen faucet, you can reach any area of the sink by detaching the pull-down spray and extending it according to your need.

The spray head of this Pfister model comes with a button that you can use to control the water release as a soft stream, pause or spray.

This product uses the advanced AccuDock system to ensure the stability of the spray head.

Pfister GT529-ELS PROS:
  • Long Hose
  • Multiple water release methods
  • Easy to clean
Pfister GT529-ELS CONS:
  • Inconveniencing sensor location

Get all details on Amazon.com

What we think about Pfister GT529-ELS:

85 %
91 %
User Rating
72 %
Our Overall Score
83 %


The Pfister is stylish and gives a pretty good performance.

Nevertheless, it is still far from ideal considering its price.

Why Should I Go For a Hand-Free Faucet?

Offers you convenience

kitchen faucetAt times when you would like thing done fast, taking time to turn the sink knob on and off can seem time-consuming.

However, that isn’t the case with the hand-free faucet as the tap automatically starts running once you get your hands under the faucet and immediately go off once you finish.

Isn’t that amazing? Besides, you don’t have to use a lot of energy to turn on the sometimes stubborn knobs.

And with all this convenience, comes to the water saving part since the water completely turns off, hence saving you on water bills.

Not Messy

Having different hands touching the faucet can leave some unpleasant finger prints some of which might aren’t easy to clean.

As a result, this causes the finishing to lose its sparkle much faster.

Having a hand-free tap could help solve this issue.

High levels of sanitation

The main reason as to why people wash their hands at the sink is because they want to get rid of the dirt.

So what happens if this same unwashed hand touches the faucet? Of course, some germs will be left there and would keep piling up as more and more people make use of a particular sink.

Hence, your hands wouldn’t be 100% germs free as you will have to turn the knob off once you are done cleaning.

Therefore in this regard, fixing a touchless faucet saves you and your loved ones from countering germs.

The same case applies to cleaning food in the kitchen, something that could save you on hospital bills.

Modern design

It’s the dream of every homeowner to possess accessories that would wow visitors whenever they visit their home.

Having a hand-free faucet makes all the difference and gives your home an elegant look that you wouldn’t want to miss.

So if you love gong the contemporary way with household accessories, this one is for you.

Very Interesting

There is a funny feeling that comes with the touchless faucets that the manual ones cannot offer.

So be sure to have a little excitement piling up every time you want to use the sink.

It’s an incredible feeling that’s worth your investment.

Appealing finishes

The construction of hand-free taps isn’t bulky, which makes them worthy additions to your sinks as they don’t take too much space.

The fact that they come in different finishes makes them more appealing for their display prices.

So you would be getting quality, value, and décor all at once!

Choosing the Best Sensor Faucet for Your Household; What to consider

What’s your expenditure limit?

Since touchless faucet models tend to be expensive, you have to decide beforehand on how much money you are willing to part?

And although most people believe that the more expensive an item is, the better the quality and thus reliability, that isn’t often the case as some prices entirely depend on the various manufacturers and their distribution points.

As such, it’s best if you take time to study the different brands and the specs of the models they offer and go with what best suits your needs and budget.

How much durability do they offer?

As we mentioned earlier, hand-free faucets are expensive, so you want to invest in a product that would give you long-term benefits.

Hence take time to go through the body construction material features, check out the warranty details and even conduct some research on genuine customer reviews.

Remember these types of faucets are quite sensitive so ensure the electronics get a good cover and the handles come with durable finishes.

In fact, look out for a lifetime warranty and since most of them are limited to some parts, get insurance for them as well.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Think of the space

kitchenThis s the second thing you should do after setting your budget.

Get to the kitchen and figure out how much space you have to spare.

Through this, you get a rough idea of the type of touchless faucet you require, thus narrowing your search.

How are they powered?

When purchasing a hand-free faucet, you either go for the ones that use battery packs or A/C power.

So if you don’t want to go through the hassle of undertaking location wiring, then it’s best if you for the battery packs.

However, every choice you make has its pros and cons so do compare and work with the most suitable.

Warranty checks

Just because most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for touchless fixtures, it doesn’t mean all of them adhere to this rule.

So stay vigilant and remember to examine the warranty details before you make the final payment.

You don’t want to carry all liabilities by yourself, do you?

Consider the children

The excitement of getting a topnotch kitchen fixture might at times cause you to forget some tiny but important details.

For instance, there is so much to consider regarding faucet sensitivity if you happen to have children around.

Remember having an item such as this can be more exciting to the kids more than adults.

Therefore the chances are that they would want to wash their hands often just for fun.

Hence, having a fixture with limited sensitivity would of great help because children aren’t often careful enough to place their little hands within the sensor range.

Do you love your dishwasher?

If you love washing your dishes in the washer, then that means your faucet wouldn’t have many tasks, as compared to soaking them in your sink.

Therefore, it’s only right if get one with a shorter hose to make your work much more manageable.

Are you a cleaning freak?

If you can’t stand the sight of even the tiniest dirt in your kitchen area, then you can go ahead and a purchase a touchless faucet that requires particular attention as you can clean it up daily.

However, if you are into the habit of scheduling kitchen cleaning to a few times in a weak, get one with a finish that doesn’t stain quickly.

That way you will maintain the sparkle of your faucet for long.

Automatic Faucets; Which Ones Make the Best Option?

Just like many other household fixtures, there are various types of faucets to select from in the marketplace.

However, all these heavily depend on other considerations the amount of money you are willing to spend.

So if you are planning on going shopping soon and are looking out for a mix of value, quality, and affordability, then you wouldn’t go wrong with the popular Moen brand range of products.

The MiKitchen brand also falls under this category as we have come across many positive reviews on the same in the recent days.

For instance, with the Moen, you can expect amazing specs that would include very reliable motion sensors and its hose is simple, stylish and easy to operate.

The only downside we came across about the Moen is the fact that you have to take an extra mile to perfectly master how it works, with some customers complaining of faulty electronics with time.

It however still takes the lead over the MiKitchen.

Unlike the Moen, the MiKitchen fixtures are simple to operate hence the preference by some buyers.

Also, since it comes with all metal fittings, it takes the lead on the Moen when it comes to reliability.

Nevertheless, you would have to look elsewhere if you are searching for a faucet with more features and smart specs as this one takes the simplicity path.

Well, if your house décor is all classic and you wouldn’t want to spoil the fun with something modern like the Moen or even the MiKitchen, then you would probably love the Brantford.

It’s not only convenient and classic but also readily available at pocket-friendly prices.

Let’s say that it lies somewhere between top-models and budget recommendations.

However, this faucet isn’t for you if you are all modern in your accessory picks.

We know by now you must be asking yourself about the Kohler.

Well, as much as it’s a famous household name, we are yet to find a compelling review when it comes to touchless faucets.

Most of the customer reviews we come across seems to have an issue or two concerning their items.

That said, there are quite many happy clients as well, so with this one, we let you make a choice.

Who knows you might end up being among the happy lot? But let it be understood that the Kohler brand isn’t an easy one to ignore.

The Working Procedure of the Touchless Motion Sensor Faucet

No matter the type of the hand-free faucet you decide to purchase, they all have some similarities in their operations.

So if you find yourself without a manual guide (most manufacturers provide one), then these tips could help you figure how it works;

Just like other types of faucets with valves, the touchless one comes diaphragm valve with takes charge of automatically turning the water on/off, with the help of a solenoid.

They come with a sensor that is responsible for communicating instructions to the solenoid as to when to turn the tap on/off.

So once the sensor feels an object within its reach, it sends signals to the solenoid to run the water and vice versa.

The touchless faucet heavily depends on battery power for its operations as both the sensor and solenoid cannot operate without one.

While some models require removable batteries, others can only get the connection through the AC point.

The faucet construction contains a spout that accommodates the Fibre optic cables that supply power to the sensor.

While some models come with spout batteries, outers come without one.

Well, that’s the simplest way to explain the touchless motion faucet operations.

We hope you learned something new.


It takes patience and a lot of effort to find the perfect hand-free kitchen faucet for your home.

Therefore before you settle on one, be sure to ask yourself a couple of questions to be sure about your choice.

Also, you shouldn’t forget to keep your budget and home décor in mind throughout your selection process.

And even as you take into considerations the strengths and weaknesses of various fixture brands, remember, it starts and stops with you!

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