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What to Consider when Choosing a Kitchen Faucet?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

The kitchen of any home is the center of satisfaction. Therefore, apart from spending so much time deciding on the amount of space you would space for this significant room, you have to also think of the faucets you will have in place.

Having a proper set of taps would go a long way into making your work easier and cooking experience more memorable.

So, if you have renovation or fresh construction plans underway, you would find this article useful in best kitchen faucet selection journey.

What Type of Faucet Do I Require?

kitchen-Take your time to carefully analyze this question and answer it as truthfully as possible.

To help you come up with an accurate answer, you would have to combine it with a set of other questions such as:

  • What kitchen duties take most of my time?
  • Do I prefer a dish washer over sink soaking?
  • Do I cook a lot?
  • Do we have a separate sink for hand washing purposes?

Once you get the correct responses, you can now plan as to what type of faucets would help you achieve your objectives.

Sometimes you would even realize that you need a wide range of faucet combination for maximum benefits.

Types of Sprayers

There are different types of sprayers for various forms of kitchen duties.

So, you have to figure out what suits your needs.

The Pull-down Sprayer; this type of sprayer usually comes at the downward side of the faucet.

All you need is to give it a little pull downward to start functioning.

The Pull-out Sprayer; with this one, you have to pull the sprayer in your direction to turn it on.

The side Sprayer; you have to fix this sprayer on an extra hole away from your faucet.

When not in use it makes an excellent addition to the décor and makes cleaning simple.

What Kitchen Faucet Handles Are the Best?

Most people are likely to ignore this essential feature that partly dictates the efficiency of your kitchen tap.

Having an easy to turn faucet would help spark your mood for similar activities as a difficult one is quite frustrating.

The Single-handle Faucet

Working with this type of faucet is pretty simple as you get to control everything from one stop.

From the form of water spray to the water temperature, things couldn’t get any easier.

The location of the handle usually varies with some found on the faucet, while others require fixing besides it.

The Two-Handled Faucet

The form of this faucet depicts its name, and thus it comes with two handles on either side of the tap that work to perform different duties.

With this one, you get to control both the temperature and the water separately, which is convenient as it avoids confusion, especially for new users or children.

The Number of Faucet Holes

Although this might not be a significant consideration in new construction projects, it’s for renovations.

You wouldn’t purchase a faucet that doesn’t fit into the existing holes, right?

modern kitchenOne Hole faucet; this type of tap comes with a single stem and one leveler with the water and temperature controllers strategically in the place.

Two Hole Faucet; with this faucet, there is a second hole that would accommodate extra features such as temperature controller or soap dispenser.

Three Hole Faucet; similar to the two hole, this one works to accommodate more features to make their operation much more comfortable.

From hot/cold temperature controller, soap dispenser to side sprayers, the three-hole faucet has it all.

Which Type of Mounting?

Wall mounted; this type of faucets offer so much space to work with and are best for smaller kitchens are the mounting is directly on the wall above the sink.

Deck Mounted; they are the common types of faucets we see around, with direct fixing onto the sink/the counter.

Aesthetic; choose a type of mounting that would add value to other kitchen fixtures.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste with a single mess-up.

Getting the Correct Arc

Having the right arc of spout would help make or destroy your success in the kitchen.

And since you work since you work hard to ensure everything is in its rightful place, you wouldn’t want something that could block the beautiful view of your other gorgeous kitchen fixtures.

You would also appreciate ample time cleaning up those expensive deep cooking pots on the sink.

When Should I Go for A High Arc?

A high arc would be a must-have if you love hand washing your large dish cooking pots.

So you should choose a faucet with a high arc that probably ranges from 8-10-inches above the sink.

However, ensure to place the sink beside a window and not direct.

When Should I Go for A low Arc?

If you prefer using a dishwasher and don’t do much cooking in the house, then a low arc is ideal for you.

With this type of arc, you can proudly display it directly to the window and get a beautiful view of the landscapes as you go about your duties.

A range of 3-8-inches would be perfect.

Faucet Tips for a Contemporary Kitchen

If you are a creative person and would like to go an extra mile into turning your kitchen space into a small haven, then having more than one kitchen faucets would go a long way into fulfilling your wish.

For instance, you can fix a tap exclusively for pot filling, another one for pre-rinsing purposes and the main one for other dominant activities.

You, however, have to act smart to avoid achieving a crowded look.

Remember it’s alright to dream and experiment, after all, it’s your home, and no one would judge your decisions.

Make your space what you want it to be with an excellent collection of kitchen faucets.

Now that you know the different ways to scrutinize your kitchen faucet purchasing list, it’s time you head to the marketplace and make that valuable investment!

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