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Shaving With an Electric Shaver – What You Need to Know!

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Best electric shaver for men advertisements tend to feature models with smooth kissable faces and who, indeed, wouldn’t want to be that man? However, many men complain about itchy skin after shaving and lots of them end up nicking themselves during the grooming process.

It does take a lot of effort to look and feel good and it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t like spending so much time on your face. However there are so many grooming products available to choose from these days that it is quite easy to get a good shave. You just need to know which products suit your needs best – electric shaver vs razor, and also how to use them correctly. You’ll feel a lot more confident if you are well groomed, and this will impact every aspect of your life whether it is personal or professional.

Shaving With an Electric Shaver – What You Need to Know!

Old Shaving KitBack in the day, a man’s shaving kit consisted of nothing but a razor in addition to a tube of shaving cream or even a can of shaving foam. These days, men who are particular about looking good have abandoned the trusty old razor in favor of the top electric shaver.

There is a wide range of electric shavers to choose from, even among best electric shaver for black men and you can groom yourself perfectly without having to spend a lot of time. There are also lots of skin and hair products that can leave you looking and feeling relaxed.

The Right Products Make All The Difference

There is a mindboggling selection of electric shavers in the market these days and you’ll see anything from a foil shaver, rotary shaver, bald head shaver to a sonic shaver. While this does make selection a tad time-consuming, it ensures that you’ll get the perfect product to suit your body and your lifestyle.

If you are black, then you’ll have to be especially careful selecting one because there’s a good chance that your hair is curly and also that your skin is very sensitive.

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Whether you’re looking for an electric shaver or head shavers, look for the below features:

  • Can give a close shave and cut hair of different lengths and thicknesses.
  • Is comfortable on your skin – a rotary shaver tends to be easier on the skin than a foil shaver although it also takes more time than the latter to do the job
  • Has a tough body, high speed motor, and long lasting blades.
  • You can grip comfortably without tiring your hand
  • Has long battery life
  • You can use in the shower (if that is what you prefer and the product fits your budget)
  • Is designed for the area you wish to shave (face, body, or head shaver; some shavers can be used on all places, but these might not be the most effective)
  • Offers you the features you need at the right price. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to buy the best electric shaver for sensitive skin if you don’t really need it.
  • You can also pick up skincare products to be used before or after the shave so that the entire process can be completed smoothly and with the best results.

Doing The Right Thing – A Useful Electric Shaving Guide

Now that you have splurged on the right shaving gear, you need to use them correctly. It might take a few days to get into the new routine, but once you’ve done it then you can breeze through your daily grooming sessions.

But first, prepare your face!

Preparation doesn’t take more than a minute, but it will help the shaver do a good job. In fact, even the best body shaver will find it tough to handle thick stubble without a bit of help from you.

Wash your face with warm water, with or without a facial cleanser. If you have very thick growth, then hold a comfortably warm washcloth to your face for a couple of minutes so that it can soften the hair.

Apply a high quality pre-shave product to your skin. Most of these products contain alcohol and they work well on all, but the most sensitive skins to remove accumulated dirt, dust and skin cells. This will help you get a very close shave while also avoiding hair in-growths. Look for a product that contains Vitamin E because it will be able to soothe the skin in preparation for the action of high speed blades on it.

If your skin tends to be dry, then a gentle pre-shave oil or pre-shave optimizer should be applied on it. Not only will this moisten the face, but it will also help the stubble stand straight. This will enable it to be cut easily.

Experiment with different skincare products so that you can finalize some that suit your needs perfectly.

Then master the shaving technique!

Electric Shaving GuideThis varies according to the best shaver you have chosen and also the amount of hair that has to be shaved. Make sure that you shave in a room that has a lot of light and also that you are positioned in front of a good mirror, preferably a convex one. This will help you see every last hair that has to be removed.

A rotary shaver will have to be moved over your skin in small rotating movements whereas a foil shaver will require linear strokes.

Be aware of your hair growth pattern so that you don’t go against the grain. Even the best shaver for men will not be able to prevent ingrowths if it is moved against the direction of hair growth.

Apply shaving foam generously to help the shaver do its job.

Keep your skin taut by pulling it with your free hand, and also moving your lips and jaw based upon where you need the skin to be tightened. This will help the hair stand up straight, thereby enabling easy shaving.

Be gentle on your skin and do not shave the same spot repeatedly. If there is still some hair left on it, then you can come back to it after a minute or so.

Even though the best electric razor will not develop a lot of heat when in use, it is best to avoid the issue of overheating by shaving sensitive areas first. The neck tends to have the softest skin so you should start there.

Next, keep the razors properly!

Make sure that you clean the electric razor well after each use. Just follow the cleaning instructions in the product manual. This is a costly piece of equipment and is designed to last a long time if used and maintained well.

The most important and last step-aftercare!

The skin tends to feel very dry and raw immediately after a shave. You can take a few steps to comfort it.

Wash your face with cold water to close your pores.

Apply a good lotion to your skin to hydrate it once again. Opt for an unscented product so that it will not clash with any fragrance you might use.

Use benzoyl peroxide on skin that is inflamed and irritated. It will settle down quickly.

A Guide to Shaving Your Head

Bald ManLots of people shave their heads these days, from people who are balding to those who just think a clean shaven pate looks attractive. A completely bald head also makes a man look dominating. It goes without saying that you need to buy the best electric shaver for head hair in case you wish to go bald.

Keep in mind, also, that its best to avoid using an electric head shaver on a full head of hair. As a matter of fact, you should ask your barber to do the job for you at least for the first time because this is truly the best thing to do. There are areas at the back of your head that you won’t be able to reach comfortably, especially when you have no practice.

In case you do wish to do the job by yourself, then you’ll need to cut your hair as short as possible. You can then complete the job by shaving off the remaining stubble with your skull shaver. You can then easily maintain the look on your own with the help of your electric head shaver.

The scalp is extremely sensitive and therefore you should moisturize it well prior to a shave. Shampoo your bald scalp in order to remove accumulated sebum.

Go easy when shaving your head because there are many lumps and bumps that might get nicked if you are in a hurry.

Protect the sensitive skin with an appropriate sun block or a cap.

Personal Grooming Doesn’t Have to be a Major Chore

You’ll be surprised at how you can breeze through your grooming routine as long as you use the right products correctly. You will actually be able to get a smooth and long lasting shave without too much effort if you switch to a high quality product.

Go ahead and buy the best electric razor available to suit your needs so you can go into the world with your best face forward!

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