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3 Easy Steps to Making a Homemade Beard Bib

Last updated on: February 5th, 2020

Making a beard bib at home might seem difficult at the start, but we found the easy way. Through our proven 5 simple steps you’ll make your DIY beard bib in no time. And since best beard bibs can reach prices of few tens of dollars, you can easily save some bucks by making pure homemade beard bib. Learn how today!

By now everybody who has searched the internet for a beard bib has found that there are a ton of options available. Just about every manufacturer of men’s grooming products has added their version of the beard bib to their inventory, and each claims to provide exactly what you need. Each of these retailers charges about the same price for their products, which makes the choice even more difficult. Despite the variety of choices, you many not find what you’re looking for.

There is an alternative option – you can make your own beard bib. Making your own beard bib gives you the option to add the features you like from each version of the beard bibs online to create your perfect product.

Should You Make Your Own Beard Bib?

Now you know you can make your own beard bib, but is it a good idea? Sometimes buying a pre-made product is great, but more often than not whatever item you’re considering purchasing can be made at home. Whether you’re trying to save money, can’t find what you want, or are just very creative, making your own beard bib is an artistic and enjoyable way to spend a couple hours. Before you start this do-it-yourself project, consider the positives and negatives.


best gift for menThe major advantage to making your own beard bib is that is less expensive than purchasing one from a retailer. The price you pay for a pre-made beard bib includes the retailer’s markup to cover labor, shipping, etc. When you make your own, the only financial cost is the materials.

Another huge benefit to making your own beard bib is that you have control over every aspect of the bib. This includes the materials, pattern, measurements, and hooks. When you make your own beard bib you can design it to meet your specifications. No one else will have one exactly like yours, so it’s a unique piece.

It’s likely you know someone else who could use a beard bib. Instead of buying a run of the mill bib online, you can make them one. This is a gift they won’t find anywhere else, and it is much more personal than anything you can buy in a store. Also, you can personalize every aspect of it.

Making a beard bib yourself is also much quicker than waiting for an online order to arrive. If you need the item now, there’s no point waiting for weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

Creating your own products will also leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment. You’ll have a greater appreciation for the finished product because you know precisely what it took to make it.


Occasionally, do-it-yourself projects are more difficult than anticipated. This results in a mess, or even an unfinished or unidentifiable product. When this happens the materials go to waste, and you’ve essentially thrown away the money you spent. However, being careful and meticulous throughout the process can prevent this from happening.

The final product might not be quite right in terms of size. This is often due to miscalculating when it comes to measuring. If you find that your new beard bib is fine except for the size, you can always give it as a gift. Use the measurement of the first bib as a starting point for your second attempt.

The Materials You’ll Need for a DIY Beard Bib

Making your own beard bib is incredibly simple, and doesn’t require very many materials. The majority of the required items are things most people have around the house. There are a few specialty items on the list, but they are readily available at most craft stores.

Here’s everything you’ll need to make your own beard bib:

  • A styling cape – Tip: If you can’t find a styling cape at a craft store, try a beauty supply store that is open to the public. They carry a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors, so you can choose exactly what you want.styling cape
  • Set of 2 suction cups with hooks
  • Elastic string
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine – Tip: Not everyone has a sewing machine. Pick up a set of heavy-duty sewing needles and a thimble instead. They’ll work just as well, and are significantly less expensive.
  • Set of 2 eyelets and tools – Tip: Craft stores usually sell eyelets in sets. Getting the set means you don’t have to guess which tools go with the eyelets.
  • Hammer
  • Pen or marker
  • Ruler or measuring tape

How to Make Your Beard Bib

Making a beard bib doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. You can make your own unique beard bib in three simple steps:

Step 1 – Place the eyelets on the styling cape.

Lay the cape (or a cut piece of nylon) on a flat surface. Measure in a minimum of one inch from each corner, and mark the spot with your pen. This is where your eyelets will go. The fabric between the eyelet and the corner creates a buffer to prevent the bib from tearing.

Put the eyelet over the marked spot, and trace the inside of the eyelet. Once you have traced both spots, carefully cut out the circle. Put one half of the eyelet on the bottom of the fabric, and the other half on top. The side of the eyelet that has a bit more metal on it should be on the side of the fabric that you want to be the outside of the cape and protrude into the inside of the cape.

Use the eyelet tools to press the halves of the eyelets together. Once they are as secure as possible, use the hammer to compress the eyelets so that they lay flat.

Tip: The flatter the eyelets are, the better. If the edges of the eyelets stick up, they may snag on the fabric of the styling cape and cause runs or tears. Also, if they aren’t secured properly they may pop out.

Step 2 – Add the elastic to the sides of the cape.

Measure the elastic so that it is slightly longer than the longest sides of the styling cape. Place the elastic along the underside of the cape and sew it on. Repeat on the opposite side of the cape.

Tip: Use the hem of the styling cape as a guide. Also, use safety pins to secure the elastic until it is sewn on. Stretch the elastic a little bit as you go – this will let the sides of the cape bunch slightly, creating a small wall on the side of the beard bib.

Step 3 – Place the suction cups.

Place the suction cups at shoulder-height on the mirror. Make sure they are approximately shoulder-width apart. Attach your beard bib to the suction cups by hooking the eyelets onto the suction cups. You’re now ready to go – simply place the other end of the cape around your neck and start grooming.

What to Avoid When Making a DIY Beard Bib

Any at-home project has potential pitfalls. Most issues can be avoided if you’re careful and pay close attention to what you’re doing.

The biggest issue you’re likely to run into is a styling cape that tears when you cut or stitch it. Choose one made from high-quality nylon or polyester, which is the material used in barbershops. It is more durable than low-quality blends, and therefore your beard bib will last you longer. It will also be easier to work with when you’re making the cape.

Styling capes can be very wrinkled when they first come out of the package. This can make sewing the elastic string onto it more difficult than it needs to be. If you have a steamer, carefully steam the fabric to remove the wrinkles.

Alternatively, you can iron the styling cape. If you choose to use an iron, be sure to select a low setting. This will take longer, but a higher heat will burn a hole in the cape. If you must use a higher setting, place a clean dishtowel over the styling cape before applying any heat. This will let the heat from the iron through but prevent any scorching.

Also, follow the rule “measure twice cut once”. If you measure the holes for the eyelets incorrectly and try to cut them again, you’ll end up with holes in your bib. Clippings will fall through these holes, defeating the purpose of the beard bib.

It’s just as important to cut the right size hole as it is to cut it in the right place. If the hole is too big, the edges of it will become frayed when you try to attach the eyelet. This will result in tears in your bib. Also, holes that are much too big won’t hold the eyelet. Once eyelets are pressed together they don’t come apart, so you’ll waste an eyelet if it falls through the hole.

Be careful measuring the elastic, as well. If the elastic is too short, it won’t reach to both ends of the bib. Pieces of elastic that are far too long won’t bunch once they have been sewn on to the styling cape.

Once you’re comfortable making a basic beard bib, try your hand at additional features such as storage pockets, built-in trays for grooming tools, more intricate designs, or a carrying pouch.

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