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Epilating vs. Waxing

Last updated on: November 28th, 2017

When it comes to removing hair and keep the skin smooth for a longer period, hair removal techniques namely waxing and epilating both wins the limelight. These hair removal methods are far more efficient than shaving because both of them involves amputation of hair by pulling them off from their roots, instead of cutting. Hairs removed from roots took a longer time to grow back and thus one can enjoy hair-free-skin for a couple of weeks.

The high efficiency offered by both waxing and epilating make them perfect choices for removing hair.

However, removal of hairs from roots will result in a painful experience, which reduces with each successive session.

Waxing is common as compared to epilation but epilation is also gaining popularity because of its less messy procedure.

Waxing and epilation have certain advantages and disadvantages over one another.

We can compare both hair removal techniques on certain factors that may help in concluding that which ones best for your needs and requirements.

Before we start comparing the two specimens under observation, first know what the actual subjects are.

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epilationEpilating process in carried out with the help of an electrical device known as epilator.

A coil spring, tweezer or rotating disc pulls the hair and remove it from the root. It is easy to use best epilators, as one has to roll it over the area having unwanted hairs.

Epilation doesn’t require the application of any liquid and is thus a less messy method of hair removal.

Plucking and removing hair by an epilator results in a smooth and hairless skin for almost six weeks.

The performance and features provided by an epilator vary from model to model.

Epilators come in various shapes and sizes. There are corded, cordless and battery operated epilators available in the market.

Epilators also offer reduced pain while removing hairs from sensitive areas like face and bikini line.

Also, certain epilators are suitable for epilating a particular area of the body such as a facial epilator.


waxingWaxing is a hair removal technique that is widely accepted by people across the world.

Its origin dates back to 60 B.C. when oil and honey were used for carrying out the waxing process.

In the modern world, the first step of waxing process involves applying a layer of hot wax over the body part(s) consisting unwanted hairs.

Then a thin cloth is pressed upon it in such a way so that wax glues with the skin in the next step.

The last step is painful because it requires ripping off the cloth, which results in the removal of hair along with the applied wax on the cloth.

Epilating vs. Waxing

So now that we’re done with the basics on Epilating and Waxing let’s compare both waxing and epilating while keeping certain factors as the base for comparison.

The comparison mentioned below can help you select the best hair removal technique out of these 2.

Difficulty Level

Waxing – The process of waxing is lengthy and messy. It involves heating of the wax and waiting until the wax has attained a certain temperature. Using cold wax in place of hot wax makes waxing process more convenient and easy to carry, however, cold wax is less efficient and may result in irritation of skin and ingrown hairs. A professional waxing session requires you to make an appointment beforehand. However, it may become difficult sometimes to get an appointment on time.

Epilating – The process of epilation is quite simple. It only requires an epilator, which simply runs by direct plugging or battery. One has to run it over the area with unwanted hairs. Unlike waxing, there are no preparation steps involved in epilation. There are cordless and battery operated epilators that can be used anywhere. No appointments are required, and one can do epilating whenever he/she wants to remove unwanted hairs.


Waxing – Waxing is an effective hair removal technique, and people are using it for many centuries. Waxing not only removes hairs from their roots but also eliminates dead skin cells to make skin more fresh and nice. However, waxing has a disadvantage that some hairs are not pull off during the process. Also, there are chances of breaking hairs instead of complete removal from their roots. Tweezing is the option available to remove left-behind hairs.

Epilation – Epilation process is efficient when it comes to hair removal, but it does not include removal of dead skin cells. It is easy to remove leftover hairs with an epilator, as one can easily roll it over to the region having left-behind hairs. Removal of unwanted hairs becomes somewhat difficult during wet epilating because wet hairs are heavier and it becomes difficult for epilator to grip them.

Time To Complete

Waxing – Time taken for waxing depends on whether a person is doing it by himself or hiring a profession waxer. Profession waxing session is faster than doing it in the home. However to get a professional wax, one has to travel to reach out to a professional waxer. The average time required for waxing legs and arms is about 1 – 1½ hours.

Epilation – Epilation is an easy DIY task that one can do without leaving the comfort of home. Epilating is faster than waxing and epilating time depends on the performance of an epilator. On an average, epilating legs and arms take less than an hour. Epilating does not leave any mess like waxing where disposal of waxing strips is necessary after every session.


Waxing – Pulling hairs from roots is a painful task. Waxing results in immense pain when someone is trying it for the first time. With every successive waxing session, the perceived pain reduces because hairs grown after waxing are thinner and weaker. Some tips can reduce the pain caused by waxing.

Epilating – Just like waxing, epilating also causes pain. The pain is maximum during the first time and decreases in the following sessions.

Required Skills

Waxing – Waxing is a complicated process especially if someone is doing it for the first time. It includes heating of wax and applying it on the skin. Skills and experience play major roles when it comes to pulling off the wax stripes efficiently.

Epilation – Epilation is quite a simple process when it comes to hair removal. Epilators have designed in such a way so that a person can easily use it for epilating. Skills are not necessary for removing hair by using an epilator. However, the efficiency of epilating increases with the increase in experience of a person.

Rashes on skin

Waxing – Chances of getting rashes or redness of the skin is very less in the case of waxing. This is one of the reasons for the wide popularity of waxing. Going to an occasion after having a waxing session is not a problem at all.

Epilation – Epilator usually results in swelling of the skin especially when using it in sensitive areas such as underarms. It will almost take a day for the redness of skin to go away. It is possible to reduce the skin rashes/redness by applying an ice pack on the affected area. Epilating causes much trouble when it comes to rashes/redness as compared to waxing.

Usage Frequency

Waxing – In general, a waxing treatment offers a smooth and hairless skin for up to 8 weeks. However, waxing requires hairs to be of a certain length for an effective removal. A person has to wait for getting a wax session until the length of hair reaches to a level that is suitable for performing waxing. This is one of the major drawbacks of waxing.

Epilation – Epilation, on the other hand, provides a huge flexibility regarding using it. One time epilation offers hairless skin up to 4 weeks, which is less than the time taken by waxing. However, epilation does not require a particular length of hairs for removal. A user can epilate whenever required, which is a bonus when it comes to unplanned occasions. Many epilators are capable of removing hairs having a length as small as 0.5 mm, and that is great.


Waxing – Pricing is one of the major factors when it comes to hair removal. Waxing is of two types; one is professional waxing, and the another one is home waxing. Waxing at home not costs much, as it only requires buying wax and cotton strips for the process. On the other hand, a professional wax costs much more as compared to waxing at home. There is an additional fee of the waxer, which makes it a pricey option.

Epilating – Epilating requires one-time investing in buying an epilator. After buying once, no additional expenses are adding to the overall cost. Removing hairs with epilating only needs an epilator that will do the task. A broad range of epilators is available that have a wide price range varying between $50 and $150.


It’s difficult to decide who’s the winner in the “Epilating vs. Waxing”.

As both have their set of advantages and disadvantages over one another, it’s only up to you as per your requirement and personal preference.

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  1. I personally love my Karmin electric epilator 🙂

  2. After the first couple of sessions you will notice that the pain will be reduced and after the first couple of weeks you will not feel any discomfort or pain at all. Shaving involves running a sharp blade across your skin repeatedly and you constantly run the risk of razor burn or cutting yourself. An epilator can be a considerable up-front investment.
    Apart from that it should be good (read less painful) while epilating the bikini area , should have a good shaver head and also all heads should be removable/washable.
    I used to epilate approximately fifteen years ago, and back then I had a huge issue with ingrown hair, so I gave it up and stuck to the conventional waxing/ shaving options. But I see the problem can be alleviated to a great extent now, so want to give epilating a shot again! All thanks to your blog..I strongly believe that hair removal using one of the best epilator models (“epilating”) is the perfect technique to remove the unwanted hair.

  3. So that is the difference. Thank you for sharing this informative post!

  4. I prefer epilators myself. I find waxing too messy and complicated. Another benefit of using an epilator is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to grow out like you do with waxing.

  5. Wow, i did not know the difference until now. Thanks for explaining that clearly

  6. Great article. Would like to add one more point. In waxing you need to wait until your hairs grows till 1cm after that you can do proper waxing; whereas for epilator no minimum length of hair growth is required.

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