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Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Mirrors

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

An appealing bathroom design isn’t complete without the touch of a perfect mirror. So if your vanity is looking a little bit odd, you might want to consider adding a little piece of mirror to give it that new sparkle and shine. It’s amazing how far you can go playing around with different styles of mirrors until you land the perfect one for your space. So if you are contemplating adding a little elegance to your bath area, then it’s time you get yourself equipped with the right information to make those deserving choices.

Is Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirror For You That Easy?

src=”https://ever-unfolding.net/wp-content/uploads/mirror-in-bathroom-400×313.jpeg” alt=”mirror in bathroom” width=”400″ height=”313″ />Most people think that the only features they need to consider when purchasing bathroom mirrors revolve around their sizes and design.

Well, that might have been the case some years back but you will be surprised to learn that a lot has changed with time.

Now you have to carefully plan on whether you want to go for an illuminated bathroom mirror or even LED mirrors.

All these factors boil down to your budget and energy-saving instincts.

So in the actual sense, you might feel like nothing much changes when trying to get a new bathroom mirror, but then there are several additions that you might want to consider.

For instance, the LED illumination and choices surrounding that could leave you more spoilt for choices than you thought.

Hence, you should be ready to reflect on what suits your needs and this guide is going to help you through that process.

Bathroom Mirror Styles

Every bathroom adheres to at least one style mirror style that completes its look.

The good thing is that there are several styles and designs in the marketplace to suit your preference.

Vanity Mirror

vanity mirrorVanity mirrors make a great option for individuals seeking to purchase large mirrors that could completely cover their vanity area.

Since these mirrors are largely available in different sizes and shapes they make an excellent addition to your bathroom, while complementing well with other fixtures.

The vanity mirrors keep revolving so you get to access the latest models that come with LED light inclusions.

However, don’t forget to have the accurate measurements of your vanity area before you go shopping to avoid placement disappointments.

Decorative Bathroom Mirror

Decorative Bathroom MirrorAs the name clearly suggests, these type of mirrors aren’t there only for the basic grooming purposes, but also as part of the bathroom décor.

If well placed, these mirrors can add more sparkle to your bath area and trigger a soothing feel whenever you step into your bathroom.

They normally make perfect placements for your powder room, guest rooms and other smaller spaces as they make the room look bigger and classy.

Also, you can decide to use them as part of other decorations as you get to select the suitable sizes, designs, and colors to suit your fantasies.

Magnifying Bathroom Mirror

Some grooming steps such as the application of eye lines and lipstick might need a closer look at yourself so that to ensure everything blends in well.

Magnifying Bathroom MirrorSo if you are a makeup person, then a magnifying mirror makes an amazing companion.

The benefits of these types of mirrors spread from makeup applications to general grooming such as clean shaving.

The mirrors are normally small enough to accommodate a vanity mirror on the side.

So if you are planning on finding an awesome addition to your main bathroom mirror, then you should consider getting a magnifying mirror.

Every one of us needs this one in a lifetime.

Adjustable Bathroom Mirror

Adjustable Bathroom MirrorAnother great addition to your bathroom is the adjustable mirror.

These types of mirrors come in handy for a basic family setting with little children.

And since bathroom users are of different heights, it could be a good idea to install gadgets that are easily adjustable to serve all your needs.

Adjustable mirrors are not only easy to install but also offer you tilting options to use as you want.

The same case applies to watt mounted adjustable mirrors as you can tilt than to different angles, which also gives you the flexibility you require without necessarily standing in front of the vanity area.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Mirrored Medicine CabinetThere must be a reason as to why mirrored medicine cabinets are popular, right?

They make convenient additions to your bathroom as they come with a storage unit, thus saving you on space.

So if you are operating on limited space, then this type of mirror could keep your space well organized and stylish.

You can get different sizes, colors, and designs of mirrored medicine cabinets from the market.

However, you need to carefully consider other bathroom fixtures in your choice as you would still want to maintain the beauty of your space.

What Size Mirror Should I Hang Over the Sink?

Before you even think of heading out to the market for that perfect bathroom mirror, you should consider the size of your vanity countertop.

So if your vanity contains a sink, then you would want to get a mirror that will perfectly fit while leaving you some space to place other accessories.

In most cases, it’s the size of your bathroom that determines the amount of space you allocate to your vanity.

So if yours is a smaller bathroom, then you should consider getting a narrow vanity so as to avoid congesting your space.

However, if we are talking of your master bathroom, then chances are that you could have a double vanity with two sinks, hence you would require a large mirror to cover the space or just the sinks.

Determine the Size

Length; as we have mentioned earlier, the size of the bathroom mirror you get heavily depends on your vanity countertop length.

However, most home designers advise you fix your mirror at least 2 inches less the vanity space, to provide sufficient space on either side of the bathroom mirror, to give your room that desirable modern look.

Height; the height of your bathroom mirror should well complement its length.

In this regard, therefore, ensure that your mirror is at most the taller as your vanity and at 4-6 inches away from the ceiling.

Also, consider having the mirror lighting in line with its height.

How High Should I Hang My Mirror?

Having spoken about the general height considerations, it’s now time to get practical.

How many people are you in the house and what’s their height measurements?

All this should be thought of carefully to eliminate inconveniences especially if you have small and short individuals around.

Apart from considering the average heights for children, women and men, you should take factors of above/below average height persons.

So you might end up getting mirror additions for this purpose.

Keep in mind other bathroom fixtures such as mounted toothbrush holders, wall lightings, and décor.

Which Mirror Shape Looks Best?

We would like to begin by making it clear that there isn’t any limitation when it comes to mirrors and bathroom mirrors to be precise.

So you would just have to move with your imaginations.

So for instance;

  • If you tend to be quite reserved, you can get a rectangular or oval shaped mirror that complements your room fixtures.
  • Or if you are operating on limited space, you might consider fixing a built-in mirror to save of space and have everything looking good.
  • However, for, modern remodelers, something sleek and new innovation seem like an excellent idea, to keep up with the current trends.
  • If your creativity is always on another level, you might find bold colors and ornate shapes appealing.

The list could go on and on.

Consider Your Options

  • Framed Mirror; if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like shopping differently for accessories, then you could get a framed mirror.

They come with a ready frame and all you would need is a place to hang and you would be good to go.

  • Frameless Mirror; this types of mirrors are great modern day considerations as they blend well with surrounding décor.

You can decide to hang them, but gluing them could be a better option for a sleek look.

  • Custom Mirror; with these types of designs, you have to purchase the glass mirror and frame separately to get a unique look.

You, however, have to pay a keen interest in small details such as measurements to get everything right.

Think About Function

function bathroom mirrorWhen purchasing a bathroom mirror, you have to consider more than its reflective functionality.

Storage; Nowadays people prefer having double functional gadgets in their homes and the same case applies to mirrors.

One good example of such is the vanity mirrored cabinets that are easily available in various shapes, designs, and colors.

Here you can opt for the traditional mounted box look or the modern sunken invisible cabinets.

Lighting; if you are thinking of a makeup mirror, then consider buying one with an inbuilt lighting system for better functionality.

They normally provide that extra sparkle for finer details and require a professional electrician to install.

It’s important to inquire about licenses for the same in your location.

Mirror Mounting Styles

Permanent Installation; this is typically meant to last a lifetime.

So if you are sure about this, you should consider getting a glue that would withstand that amount of weight for several years.

Semi-permanent Installation; this is for a good while but not permanent.

Therefore, if you are considering fixing your bathroom mirror in one spot for a couple of years, make use of a less permanent glue that can you can easily loosen off whenever you want.

Temporary installation; this is for the “meantime”.

Most of the time, these styles make use of wires and brackets that are simply screwed into the wall.

The method is pretty expensive and is favorable for a temporary residence.

Is it a Must for the Mirror to Hang Above the Basin?

The answer is well as you anticipated, a quick no and here is why.

While it naturally comes that the mirror should be above the basin for convenience usage, it isn’t a must to have yours there if you dislike it for a reason, want to be unique or circumstances cannot allow.

The main focus should be you and what you want.

Are You Sick of Steamed up Mirrors?

Nothing is more frustrating than not having a clear view of yourself when you need it most.

While this is common, you can avoid the same by investing in a demister mirror that is condensation repellant hence retains clarity in wet/dry environments.

These types of mirrors also blend well with your bathroom décor.

A Very Brief History of the Mirror

Ever thought of what the world was like without mirrors?

Well, humans being as clever as they are, must have had other means of mirroring themselves, right?

Maybe still waters and the like.

However, word has it that the first mirror manufacturing took place in 600 BC from polished stone.

And 2000 years later, metal mirrors emergence as well.

It, however, took more than six millenniums to change the outlook of mirrors from the primary glass material to more tiny shiny layers.

But the fast innovations began just 5 years ago.

What are the Benefits of LEDs?

There must be a number of reasons as to why LED lights are currently trending in every sector.

To begin with, they these types of lights are cheaper as compared to their fluorescent counterparts.

The same case also applies to the entire production procedure.

Secondly, LEDs are, energy efficient thus saving their users on energy bills while preserving the environment.

They also have a long lifespan.

Lastly, with LED lighted bathroom mirror you get the flexibility to turn your bathroom space into what you want.

Since they tend to be small, you can place them wherever you desire.

You also get to select the colors that complement your entire décor.

Final Word

So that’s it for now and we really hope you found this article useful in getting all the information you need to know about mirrors.

You can be sure to achieve an enjoyable daily routine in front of your new mirror with our tips.

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.

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