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The Problems with Expired Dog Food

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

We all love to eat fresh food, don’t we? So does our dogs. That’s why choosing the right food for your furry friend is absolutely necessary. Your dog will need a well-balanced meal with all the right nutrients and protein for helping them build up their strength and good health.

However, sometimes we tend to overlook the most common fact, the expiration date. Should you really overlook this fact just because the food is for your dog? Find out the problems with expired dog food and a possible way of preventing this situation.

Let’s see what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

expired dog food

A Typical Question: Does Dog Food Expire?

Let’s start with answering the most basic question that makes many people confused. Obviously, every food made will expire one way or another. Dog food works just like our food does. However, dog food has some additional care products in them while they are still in the manufacturing phase. The food is treated to have longer expiration dates or better effectiveness. To get all the nutrition’s right, every dog food has a balanced formula, to begin with. Even though they have preventive measures, still, with time, they begin to rot or lose the effectiveness. You might not see the change at first, but your dog will definitely notice the difference. That’s why you shouldn’t feed your dog food that has already expired or past its prime time. It’s better to be a little caution than to make your pooch pay the price. The homeopathic ingredients of Pet Bounce for dogs makes it the perfect choice of owners to cure their dogs from many diseases.

To Prevent, Understand the Packaging Dates

Most of the dog foods have a ‘best by’ tag, rather than a hard expiration date. This technically makes stores somewhat legal to sell these products even after the expiration date. It’s not right, but still, it’s a common fact.

By the term ‘best by’ the manufacturer wants to let you know that if the food is past the prime time, it may lose the nutrients that it was originally advertised for.

So, technically right after passing the ‘best by’ time zone it won’t rot. Sometimes the food can be okay for months before forming molds or another form of bacteria in it. However, you need to be very careful while dealing with the expired product.

Usually, dry food may have four months to three years’ worth of shelf life. On the other hand, canned foods might have five years in total.

expired dry dog food

What will happen to the Food Past Its Prime Life?

As I said earlier, the change will happen and you might not even notice it. It will get worse as the time will go by. Let’s see what happens to the expired dog food.


  • Loses all the Food value


It depends on the formula that the manufacturers used when making the food, however, it will start to lose value once it’s past the shelf life. First, the vitamins will start to fade away and other nutrients will follow on that.

Dogs rely on the foods for all their nutritional needs. Every dog requires some specific type of foods to stay healthy. If it stops getting that nutrients his/her health would start to deteriorate.

So, you’ll have to add something extra to mend for the loss.


  • Fatty Ingredients Spoils


Fat is one of the important ingredients of every dog food. It ensured the energy level and strength of every dog. But it’s the first one to go. When it starts to go bad, you’ll smell a something foul and it would taste sour.

However, your dog isn’t that much sense to that smell, so he will eat it up without causing any trouble. Unfortunately, it will lead to digestive problems.

So, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.


  • Contamination


Canned foods don’t typically have this problem. However, you will face this problem severely with bagged dog foods. Kibble bags are not that much strong against bacteria and they allow the foods to absorb moisture along with time.

This contaminates the food and allows bugs to infect the food. This is not a good issue to deal with and you shouldn’t certainly feed it to your pooch.


  • Molds


After sometime when the food starts to moisture up, it will grow certain bacteria. The bacteria will cause mold formation on the food. This will only worsen up if you store the food in a moisture place rather than a cool and dry area.

What Might Health Issues Happen?

If you think that dogs eating this expired food are normal then you are dead wrong. The expired foods will lead to minor to severe health issues. First of all, your dog will have problems digesting all these expired food.

This could lead to indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can last for only a few days, but if you don’t stop feeding him the food, the situation will get worse.

Secondly, your beloved pooch will suffer from malnutrition. He won’t be getting the daily dose of nutrients he needs so he will slowly start to feel weak. You won’t notice it immediately, but after some time, you’ll see your dog wanting to rest more than fool around.

He would also lose weight. This will lead to organ and bone damage.

Food poisoning is another issue from the bacteria, it can seriously affect your dog and leave him sick for months or even kill him!

Be Extra Careful While Feeding Your Dog

Before feeding your dog anything, remember to check the dates on the packet. If it expired, then please don’t feed your pooch any of that stuff. Also, you should always check when it was manufactured before buying these products.

However, you should definitely check out the best dog food for your lovely pet, especially Dobermans. You should only get dog foods for Dobermans to ensure the full satisfaction.

Stores might sell products past the prime life and you might not even notice!

Be more careful and responsible for your dog. You don’t want him/her to be sick now, do you?

Don’t Be Clumsy: Love Your Dog

Your dog requires lots of love and attention to be happy and healthy. So, you should never slack off on taking proper care of your dog. Just make sure you feed him/her the perfect food they deserve.

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