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Faucet Selection; Pull out vs. Pull down

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

When it comes to the choice of faucet you have to make for your kitchen, you would probably have more than one factors to consider. And like household fixtures, there is a given type of faucet that most people prefer for their space. However, that doesn’t make choosing between the pull-down and pull out simple. In fact, most individuals still struggle with this even when they know having both is costly.

luxury kitchenAs most people would say, the best thing technological evolution continues to bring is the fair range of competition in the market.

Through this, you get various accessory options from each brand.

However, although both the pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets come with merits and demerits, many manufacturers still lean to the pull-down market even with their latest releases.

Is there a particular reason for this move?

Read on to find out more.

Differences and Similarities

One of the reasons as to why you might experience difficulties selecting the best touchless kitchen faucet between the pull-out and the pull-down is the similarities they share.

So don’t beat yourself up if you’re in such a situation.

One of the seemingly apparent similarity is the fact that they come with a spout containing a spray head and appear practically the same when not in use.

However, if you are keen enough, you will notice that a pull-down faucet includes a taller spout, which means you would require a larger overhead allowance to accommodate.

Its spray head offers a shorter option as you would only have to pull it down the sink.

Some models, however, might have taller spray heads.

On the other hand, a pull out tap generally come with a short spout only that the accompanying hose is long, so offering you usage flexibility as you wouldn’t have to work by the sink all the time.

In this regard, if most of your kitchen tasks involve filling pots, then going for a pull-out option would be an excellent decision.

The same case applies to individuals working with multiple sinks in the kitchen.

As for those with few kitchen tasks, a pull-down sink could do you some justice.

Pull-Out Faucets; Pros and Cons

kitchen interiorA quick tour around the pros of the pull out faucets reveals that they make excellent options when you want a beautiful looking faucet strategically at the middle of the sink.

Also, the faucet’s low arch doesn’t take up much space, making it favorable for homeowners working with limited space.

The faucets are also a perfect match for individuals seeking to work with different types of sinks.

And with a flexible spray head, you can avoid the splashback effects.

On the downside, we find pull-out faucets quite inconveniencing especially if you have to fill up tall pots and pans.

Some users also find it difficult to get a firm hold so make sure you can comfortably hold the grip.

There is also a limited option of styles and designs so you will have to

Pull-down Faucets; Pros and Cons

It’s indisputable that the pull-down taps stand to be the number one kitchen fixtures over the years.

And with manufacturers reporting massive sales yearly, it would take more effort for the pull-outs to reach this level.

The amazingly beautiful designs of this faucets instantly uplift the appearance of any kitchen.

Users also find them preferable because of the many styles they offer, for selection.

While you might find it exhausting going through all these forms of designs, there is no doubt of the satisfying feeling that comes with it.

With this type of tap, users can make go with the different forms of sprays that come handy during the rinsing and filling procedures.

And since the hose is short, it less likely to develop hitches as you don’t have to keep moving it to different places, something that’s common with the pull-out faucets.

If you have a liking for deep sink and would like a faucet that would perfectly complement it, then the pull-down tap comes in handy.

You will love its efficiency as well and would probably forget about the short hose.

Just like the pull-out faucet, the pull-down has its set of demerits.

For instance, the standard sink faucet placement is in the middle.

However, you will have to give that up as most models require side placements to make up for the bigger space that they take.

So if your kitchen isn’t that spacious, you will have a problem adjusting.

The pull-down taps also by design require a high water pressure for best functionality, so not favorable for homes with low water pressure.

Are Pull-out faucets outdated?

Just because there is a higher preference of pull-down faucets in the market, it doesn’t mean that the pullout loses their viability.

Reason being humans will always be different and as some people are leaning towards pull-out purchases, so will they be in future and that won’t change anytime soon.

Pull-out faucets are also cheaper thus an excellent pick for individuals working on a tight budget.

The main captivity of the pull-down taps is because they offer variety, but with their placements on the side of the sink being an issue, pull-out faucets would remain relevant.

You can also think of pull-out faucets as a valuable classic choice.

With the pull-down taps class and modern look carry the day.

Quite a long, in-depth list, right? Well, with the long list of advantages and disadvantages of both the pull-out and pull-down faucets, you are probably now ready with all the necessary information you require to make a perfect choice.

You, however, shouldn’t consider only one feature as an overall examination will go a long way into ensuring you get a mix of value and quality.

So if you find pull-out faucets more attractive just because of their pretty affordable price, you will have to miss out on the sleek designs of the pull-down.

All-in-all whatever choice you make, ensure to set a trend mark among your peers.

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