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Gas vs. Electric Lawn Mowers Detailed Comparison

Last updated on: June 8th, 2018

Selecting a suitable lawn mower for you could be a really difficult job if you consider all important parameters that have to be considered. Just like all other devices lawn mowers have changed as well in the previous years and they will definitely also continue to change in the future. In the past century, people kept their lawns nicely trimmed with non-motorized multiple blade reel push mowers. Shortly after gasoline powered rotary lawn mowers were a big thing. And this type of gas lawn mowers is still improving nowadays.

Electric Lawn Mower

In the last couple of years it is modern to think green. Therefore electric lawn mowers were developed.

Time can be very limited because of our fast pace of living, so modern battery-powered robotic lawn mowers can save us some valuable minutes or hours since they can independently work without our assistance.

Since there are many factors to think of before buying a new lawn mower, we will try to help you with this guide.

In this guide, you will get a deep dive into modern lawn mowers with a detailed comparison of gas vs electric lawn mowers.

What is an electric lawn mower?

This question is sort of funny at a first sight but a lot of people refuse to buy an electric lawn mower just because they do not truly understand its work, abilities, and advantages.

Your mowing area is not limited anymore because of cord length and you do not need to pay attention where the cord is because there will be no hazard of unintentional mowing over the cord.

Modern electric lawn mowers come with batteries of different capacities so if you select right one you will get tired before your lawn mower empties its batteries.

What is the best type of lawn mower?

The best type of lawn mower is the one that will serve you well for lots of years, one that will help you to do your job nice, easy and convenient. First, you have to decide whether you want gas or electric lawn mower.

Best gas lawn mowers are usually heavier but this is not necessarily a weak attribute. A heavier lawnmower is often robust so that means it more suitable to do a difficult job on your lawn.

Gas lawn mowers are also louder because of their engine so if you live in quieter and urban area it will maybe be better to select an electric one – they could be so quiet that you can also mow your lawn in the evening!

Check our electric mower vs gas mower comparison in the following table.

What to consider or compare? Gas Lawn Mower Electric Lawn Mower
Area of mowing Suitable for large areas since they use gasoline Suitable for smaller areas, but with a powerful battery you can also mow larger areas without problems. Area of mowing could be limited by cord length if you use a corded type of electric lawn mower.
Loudness Louder, more suitable for rural areas Quieter, more suitable for urban areas
Weight Heavier Lighter
Power Usually more powerful Usually less powerful, but this does not mean that they are weak – some little more expensive models could be more powerful than an average gas lawn mower
Robustness More robust and durable Less robust
Maneuverability Less maneuverable More maneuverable because of lower weight
Mower deck material Usually steel or aluminum Usually hard plastic
Start Usually pull cord pulling Usually easy power button start
Price of a mower Price usually does not vary according to the mower type – you can find cheaper and expensive models of both types
Later price of working and maintenance Oil and gas refills and all the ongoing maintenance costs Electricity costs and all the ongoing maintenance costs
Your physical condition Less suitable for older population More suitable for older population
Cutting width, Height adjustment systems, Grass cutting options Usually do not vary between the mower type but be careful on this specification when selecting your desired lawn mower


Cutting Width, Height Adjustment Systems, Grass Cutting Options …

No matter what kind your new lawn mower will be it is important to take into account some important things before buying anything.

Cutting width means the width of a track you are going to mow in a single pass with your mower. The smaller your yard, the smaller the cutting width can be. But if you buy wider mower deck you can save your time and cut your backyard faster. Speaking of the mower deck, it is important to know its material. Electric lawn mowers usually have plastic mower deck while gas type usually has more durable steel mower deck.

Height adjustment systems are also very important. Buying a lawn mower without height adjustment system is not a good idea, so if your desired lawn mower has not this ability try to select another model. This system will make it possible to select how high your grass will be after mowing.

If your terrain is bumpy it will be impossible to mow your grass on low height because mower deck will keep colliding with soil.

Electric and gasoline lawn mowers enable similar height adjustment system technologies but it is very handy if you can adjust the height on each wheel separately.

Grass cutting options do not differ a lot between electric and gas models. These techniques are side discharge, bagging, and mulching.

If you have your own compost heap at home it is good to collect your grass clippings in the bag. Mulching will cut grass clipping in numerous pieces and there will be fewer residues on the lawn.

Also, nutrients are released when the grass is cut and this works as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Maintenance and Storage

Maintenance is a part where electric and gasoline lawn mowers differ a lot.

Electric types have no exhaust fumes because there is no combustion so they are cleaner for the environment. They also do not need oil.

On the other hand, they have a battery (or two) which you have to care – just like any other battery, it will lose its capacity slowly over the years and with proper maintenance and storage you will extend its lifetime.

It is important not to forget to remove the battery from lawn mower and storage it in warmer space during the winter.

With the gas type, you regularly have to check your oil lever in the lawn mower. That way the engine will work smoother and will have a longer lifetime.

Into maintenance, we also count regular care of all other parts of your lawnmower. Small maintenance jobs such as cleaning are desired after every use and some other maintenance jobs are done more seldom.

You can check oil level few times each season. Nuts and bolts could loosen over time, so fasten them when you feel they are not tightened enough. Lawn mower has numerous parts, and it is important to dedicate some time to each of them.

Those parts are usually blade, mower deck, ventilation system, power system, fasteners, and wheels. After last use in each season make sure to thoroughly clean all these parts and prepare your machine for a winter. As already mentioned above remove the battery from an electric type and put it in a warmer room.

If your storage space is limited it is desired if you buy a foldable mower. Electric and gas types could be folded, but folding style can vary between models.

Your physical condition

When choosing a type of a mower your age and physical condition into account. As mentioned electric type is usually lighter and more maneuverable so if you are weaker or older it is more suitable to select this type. Also starting the mower is easier.

On a gas lawn mower, you have to pull the cord fast and this can present a problem for older, women or weaker people.

On the other hand, starting an electric lawn mower is easier – after inserting a charged battery into the mower you usually just have to press a power button and you can start to mow.

All in all, a buyer has to think about numerous details before selecting a type of lawn mower. We hope our electric vs gas lawn mower detailed comparison will help you choose your dream mower that will serve you lots of seasons. As you can see some of the attributes are the same no matter which type you choose, this is because they are all designed for the same task – to make your lawn well mowed.

We hope that this will put your last second thoughts away.

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