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Grooming is Caring: Advantages and Disadvantages of Waxing and Shaving

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Cleanliness has always been essential to the human body. Some would even spend a lot of money on expensive products and procedures to achieve the cleanliness they’re aiming for. Hence, maintaining proper hygiene is a must. Taking out of unwanted hairs is also part of proper hygiene.

Specific areas of the body such as the armpits and the genital area are the ones that usually need attention when it comes to taking out of unwanted hairs. There are different methods when taking out unwanted body hairs. Shaving, trimming, and waxing are just some the routines we can do to take out unwanted hairs.

You should also consider that there are pros and cons when doing these methods. Not being careful can lead to injuries even hospitalization due to infections. Knowing the pros and cons is essential because you will know what are the good and bad effect when doing any of these methods.

Grooming is Caring

The Process of Shaving

Shaving is the method where a person uses a razor blade to take out unwanted body hair. There are different materials you can use to shave off unwanted body hairs. You can shave off unwanted body hairs manually by using traditional razor blades. You can also use an electric or mechanical shaver to get the job done.

The Process of Shaving

Here are the Pros of Shaving

If you decide to start doing this method, there will be a lot of advantages and benefits for you. Take your cue from the list below.

Cultural acceptance

Cultural acceptance is essential to society. Body shaming is not new, that’s why people will do anything to be accepted by society. It’s been part of the culture since the early times. That’s why shaving your private parts can surely give you the confidence you need to surpass your fear of being rejected by society.

Less Sweat

Shaving can lessen the sweat build up in your private area. Sweating a lot is annoying, that’s why shaving unwanted body hairs can help you with that dilemma. Also, doing this method can lessen the chance of having an unpleasant smell in your private areas.

Making It More Inviting

Studies show that guys who shave off hairs in their private areas tend to attract more women. Some will say that it’s a bit messy. By doing this method, your private regions will look clean, and it gives you the confidence about your private parts.

Heightened Sensation

Studies show that shaving unwanted body hairs in your private areas can increase the sensation you feel during love-making. You get to enjoy more because of the feeling is given by cutting the hairs in your private parts.

If you want to experience this kind of sensation, then you better start shaving down there.

Gives Your More Choices

Some guys are not confident enough to wear swimwear because of the unwanted hairs they have in their private parts. Shaving it can give you more confidence, and it also gives you a lot of choices when choosing the swimwear you desire.

Cons of Shaving Unwanted Body Hairs

Shaving unwanted body hairs have a lot of consequences as well. It also comes with a lot of disadvantages.

Makes You Way Too Young

If you shave it all the way, it will make you look like a child. And by making this mistake, it can often lead to postponed love-making. It doesn’t seem inviting and attractive at all. Overdoing it can lessen your confidence because of the rejection you might feel in situations like these.

Itchy Feeling

You will feel itchy once you shaved off unwanted body hairs. Growing hairs are the reason why you will feel itchy in the private areas of your body. Other than the itchy feeling, it can also be annoying.

Can Cause Injury

If you’re not careful, you might accidentally scrape off a portion of the skin which can become a wound. Applying cream might help with the shaving process. Injuries might happen if there are no products used during the process. Also, some shaving tools are already overused that’s why instances like this can occur.

Traps the Hair

When shaving unwanted hairs in your private areas, you should always be careful. Shaving can cause hair follicles to change the directions of its growth which leads to having ingrown hairs. You shouldn’t shave it all the way off because this might be the result of that mistake.

Sensitive Skin

The process of shaving is not for all types of skin. Some skin is so sensitive that it leaves red marks even wounds in the private areas of a man or a woman. Knowing the right way of shaving can help you avoid situations like these.

Sensitive Skin

The Process Of Waxing

Waxing is also another method of taking out unwanted body hairs, but instead of using razor blades, paper strips and a particular type of wax are the things needed to get the job done right. Waxing will take out the hairs from its roots which can lessen the time of its growth.

Some people prefer this one rather than the traditional way of shaving because they don’t have to worry about any unwanted hairs growing in their private regions for a long time. Waxing is also one of the latest trends right now, that’s why people are curious about what are the effects of waxing their unwanted body hairs.

Pros Of Waxing Unwanted Body Hairs

Waxing can be much more efficient when it comes to hair removal, that’s why you will see that is has a lot of advantages and benefits as well.

Lasts Longer

You don’t have to worry anymore when it comes to hair growth because it lasts longer compared to shaving. It usually takes three weeks before you see any signs of growing hair. This way, you can be more confident wearing swimwear of your choice because unwanted hairs will not be present for a couple of weeks.

Prevents Ingrowns

Waxing can avoid the chances of having ingrowns. Unlike shaving, waxing is efficient when it comes to taking out unwanted body hairs. The process may hurt you, but it surely is worth it. Waxing can also get to places where razor blades can’t. Much faster and much safer.


Waxing can save up a lot of time because you don’t have to be that careful like when using razor blades. All you need is a certain type of wax and paper strips. Waxing can speed up the process and also leaves you the hassle of having hairs scattered around the floor.

Cons Of Waxing Off Unwanted Body Hairs

Cons Of Waxing Unwanted Body Hair

Waxing comes with a fair share of disadvantages too. As such, some people settle in the traditional way of taking out unwanted body hairs.

It Will Hurt

Waxing unwanted body hairs can hurt because your skin will be pulled using paper strips. Also, private areas are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. That’s why waxing can hurt a lot especially if you have low pain tolerance.

It Can Be Awkward

Going to places where they offer waxing can be awkward because there will be a stranger going to look and touch the private areas of your body. Even though the aesthetician will do everything to make you feel comfortable, you will still feel the awkwardness in the room.

Waxing versus shaving is one of the most asked questions by some people. Talking to your aesthetician about the matter may lessen the awkwardness, but you can’t still escape the fact that a stranger is working her way down in the private area of your body.

Can Be Expensive

Waxing can be expensive because you will be paying not just for the items that are going to be used, you will also be paying the rate of the waxing process they have. Waxing can be done at home, but if you’re not sure, it’s better to go to an expert than having the chance of hurting yourself.


Waxing and shaving are both effective ways of taking out unwanted body hairs. But if you want the process to be faster, waxing is the best suggestion for you. Also, if you’re saving money, then the best advice for the job is shaving. Grooming is essential to hygiene. Thus, always take good care of your body to prevent any problems that may happen in the future.

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