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How to Buy a New Hair Dryer?

Last updated on: November 28th, 2017

Let’s talk abought hair dryers!

If you are lucky, your hair is smooth, silky and strong. They have a special glow, and probably you often hear a question: »What is your secret?«

how to choose the best hair dryerOn our disappointment, we won’t hear anything new or any shortcut. Good genes, healthy lifestyle(which includes eating healthy food, drinking lot of water, sports, positive minds,…) natural hair care and good hair dryer. Yes, a good hair dryer!

But how does it works on our hair? How can a hairdryer so important impact on the appearance of our hair?

Specialty of good hairdryers

The market has a lot of good hairdryers. They differ on the power, features, technology, position of function buttons, size, weight, volume, design (which may also be ergonomic) and anything else we could find. It’s important which one will you choose because it has a big influence on your confidence, determination, and style.

Let’s start with power

Choose strong and powerful motor which provides up to 1600 wattage. They will reduce your drying time.


With the best hair dryers, you can choose speed and heat control. Mostly they all have cool/cold shot button.

Use this button when your hair is already or mostly dry. With this button, you will add volume and reduce frizziness.

srong and healthy hair with the best hair dryersCooling has a positive influence on your scalp. After hair drying cooling closes up the pores on the scalp and less moisture will be lost.

Cooling the scalp leaves it in a better condition.


On the market, there are three leading technologies by hair dryers. Nanotechnology, ion technology, and infrared technology.

Ion technology creates millions of negative ions. They break down the water molecule and allows the hair dryer to dry your hair faster.

The problem of ion technology is that we don’t know when to stop and we can over-dry our hair.

Ion technology can be combined with ceramic tourmaline technology and infrared heat technology.

Ceramic dryer goes a step forward. It emits non-damaging infrared heat and dry dries hair gently and safe.

Ceramic and tourmaline element prevent overheating. The hair heats from the inside.

With tourmaline emitting infrared heat and negative ions make the heat much gentler. Hair is shinier and less frizzy.

All of the technologies are super fine! They are offering you the most important feature- protecting your hair. Your hair will be unbreakable, shiny, silky smooth, no frizzy and healthy. With the latest technology, you will cut down the drying time in a safe way.


By buying a perfect hair dryer for you pay attention to the weight, size, volume, and  place of the settings buttons.

It is very awkward if your hand hurts while drying. If you have the opportunity to take a hair dryer in the hands, hold it over the head.

If your hand hurts already, imagine drying with it more years.

It’s good to choose a quiet hair dryer. Just think how close of ears we hold the hair dryer.

Too much noise can cause us a headache, ringing in the ears and bad mood.

Pay attention to the handle. Most of the professional hair dryers have an ergonomic handle and are well balanced. They can be too thick, oversize or overweight.

Also be careful to the length of the cord. Usually, they have a long cord from 9 to 11 feet long so you can be more flexible while drying. Some of the hair dryers include the hook for hanging so you can easily store your hair dryer.

When buying a hair dryer, it is helpful to buy on with a concentrator and a diffuser.
With these accessories, you will be able to style your hair like a professional stylist.

What else affects on the purchase of a hair dryer?

Your needs

accessories for hair dryerOn the choice of a hair dryer also change your needs and lifestyle. If you travel a lot and if you are away from home mostly, a smaller hair dryer will be more practical for you. Look for those who are well-stacked. Ask whether the price includes the travel pouch for a hair dryer. Maybe you will need a flexible adapter for 110V. Ask for it. It is useful if you are traveling to other countries.

Type of hair

currly hair need strong hair dryerMostly all of the professional hair dryers are suitable for all hair type. You will have to check what’s your hair type, are they long, short, thin, curly, strong, thick.  Are they healthy or damage and dry?

Each type of hair needs a different power, wattage.

Short and thin hair are dry in a short time, so they don’t need to be exposed a hight heat. The power of motor can be smaller, 1000W is ok.

Straight, thick and curly hair take the time to dry. So they need more power between  1600 and 2000 W. It is also recommended that the hair dryer has multiple speed and heat settings so you can control and regulate the heat.

When buying a hair dryer see which accessories they include. Usually, they include one or two different nozzles. It’s good to have few extra nozzle because they help you to style your hair easier.


For beautiful, natural and healthy hair you can skip the cheap price range. A cheap hair dryer can damage your hair. They look frizzy, unhealthy, damaged and without glow.

Look in the middle and upper price range. Mostly the price depends on quality. It’s true that offer is huge.

The time that you will invest in research will give you amazing and stunning results.

For natural hair, full of glow and softness we recommend a good quality hair dryer. Surely you will have it for years.

Choose one that fits your needs and budgets. The basic features of professional blow dryer are ceramic and tourmaline along with ionic or nano technology.

All professional hair dryer offers you the best technology.

taking care for hairMy opinion is that the hair dryer for $30 can’t compare with a professional hair dryer for $100 or more. They may have new technology like ion ceramic technology, but soon you will note that it’s overweight, too loud, burns hair and it will stop working in few months.

Take care of your hair with natural shampoo, hairspray, and conditioner. Your hair will be thankful.

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