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7 high-tech bathroom components for dream bathroom

Last updated on: February 9th, 2020

A majority of people, if not all, always consider the bathroom as a critical component whenever they consider home renovation. That is evident of the importance of your bathroom and the desire that everyone has of having a modern bathroom as the sanctuary of their home. Most of the population no longer feel a bathroom is a place to shower, and brush your teeth, but rather a place where you can get to unwind and relax after a long day.

However, not everyone who wants a modern bathroom is aware of the assortment of high-tech components that would go into making their bathroom into a contemporary and high end.

If you fall into that category, you, fortunately, get to learn about the latest cutting-edge tech that will go into advancing the beauty and functionality of your bathroom with more modern vanities.

Here are some of the most recent high-end components to give you that luxurious and personalized feeling of a modern bathroom for your dream bathroom experience.


Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000In today’s society, the contemporary toilet only serves a rather simple design and purpose.

However, to add to their functionality and sophistication are bidet systems.

In other quarters there are often referred to as smart toilet due to their high-tech capabilities.

While it may come as an astonishment, there are already numerous of these systems within the market offering different kinds of technology just for your toilet.

A good sample is KOHLER who are known for their high-tech bidet system with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, heating option, Self-cleaning mechanism and even motion sensors.

There are models which take things even further with an automatic flush, energy-saving function, self-closing lids and water-saving measures.

You can make a bidet-like toilet part of your plans and experience the latest technology for your bathroom experience.


While it is apparent that there is need to conserve water, the best option in line is to improvise high-tech as seen in the modern faucets.

Nowadays it no longer the usually as the high tech is enabling these simple bathroom components to work like magic.

The Ripple Faucet has an inbuilt electromagnetic sensor to control the water flow and temperature.

Others have energy-saving capabilities that come with the temperature control.

Some of the most advanced get an inbuilt-face recognition system, internet connectivity and e-mail access like the iHouse SmartFaucet.


best shower body spraysWith the traditional shower heads, the best you could get is only a cold and hot water system.

However, the modern shower heads come with so much technology that will go into giving you a relaxing shower.

There are showers with in-built speakers to put on your favorite playlist through the Bluetooth connectivity.

There are also digital showers with custom settings to accommodate your household in term of having changeable shower height, water flow, pattern and steam control.

That kind of technology could go a long way into personalizing the showering experience for each person using the bathroom.

Other tech shower gadgets also have LED lighting, and programmable features such as temperature, water pressure, and control.

The eco-friendly features could go a long way into saving you on cost and bills.


Another cutting-edge technology to make your bathroom heaven is the use of radiant floor heating.

While most may wonder why there is the need for floor heating, not everyone is a fan of stepping on cold tiles whenever visiting the bathroom.

The leading tech for the radiant floor heating system entails hot water tubes running under the bathroom’s tile floor structure.

While there is the option of using an HVAC unit or air furnace for your floor heating, RFH is more effective and at a low energy cost.


WoodBridge Modern Freestanding BathtubSoaking tubs are no longer the models we are accustomed to from the ‘80s or the models you see in the Jacuzzis.

Designers have taken the concept of incorporating technology to give our new version of soaking tubs.

New tubs now have mood-enhancing lighting, massaging jets, and temperature control functions.

Others have found ways to blend the traditional Japanese tub design with modern technology to come up with underwater lighting, Bluetooth audio system, and automatic tub-refilling.

Additionally, other stylish and luxurious models come with an iPod docking station, in-built TV, stereo and CD player.


Smart bathroom mirrors are more of something straight from a fairytale.

The technology for a bathroom mirror may seem unnecessary, but that has not stopped home devices manufacturers from coming up with a smart mirror.

The KOHLER VERDERA is an excellent example of how your simple mirror could turn into having more functionality than just looking at yourself.

The digital mirror with a news portal, lighting features and pairing features with other devices.

You can also read out commands to the mirror for your highlighting, stereo playlist, and other KOHLER KONNECT devices.


A bathroom is a place that is always busy, and you may need adequate storage to keep all the toiletries, gels, soaps and more in a compact spot.

While you can select the typical bathroom vanities, there are more advanced bathroom furniture units that will give your bathroom a look you want and complete functionality.

The STRATUM-N furniture unit has inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and additional lighting.

There are also others that feature smart origins and chargers to warm your towels while in the compartment.

Coming up with your dream bathroom

To achieve a more satisfactory bathroom layout, it is always wise to combine the devices to get the most out of a modern bathroom.

While some are expensive, there are a variety of options that can suit your idea of your bathroom functionality.

All-in-all, a modern bathroom is going to take a lot of high-end components to offer the most luxurious bathroom experience.

The best option is to first seek the possibility of a wide assortment of the modern bathroom components before making a decision, as not every device will suit your bathroom.

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