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Hire A Home Electrician Or Do It Yourself?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

That eternal dilemma — whether to outsource a thing or to do it yourself? You can feel this question gnawing at you, every time you have a basic life decision to make — Should you do the cooking or hire a cook? Should you learn to drive or get a driver? Should you do the laundry or go to a laundromat? Well, these are quite doable things, but what about tasks that require technical training such as plumbing, electrical work, accounting, graphic designing and so on.

diy electricianShould you do these things yourself or hire someone who has gone through a lot of training and has a lot of professional experience to match?

When it comes to DIY electrical work, there’s a lot to consider; so let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of the question — Whether you should hire a home electrician or do it yourself?

Rules and Regulations

Most of the electrical work needs to comply with the local and national laws

There’s a lot of standards, procedures, and regulations to be met

If you were to do your electrical work yourself, even after a lot of research, chances are that you might miss out on an important electrical aspect

For example, it is required by law in Western Australia to have at least two Residual Current Devices (RCD)s installed in a rental property before it can be leased or rented

This is one such requirement and there are a lot many other requirements

So even if you learn to install the RCDs yourself and comply with this particular requirement, there’s a high chance that you will miss out on the other important electrical requirements

When you hire an expert electrician, he/she would have all the knowledge of the electrical rules and regulations in addition to the technical know-how.

Expert & Relevant Solutions

Sometimes when you set out to tackle a problem — such as fixing a broken pipe or installing a new ceiling fan — yourself, you are acutely unaware of the options available to you

What if there was a Bluetooth-enabled, sensor-enabled, motion-detector ceiling fan with an attached LED light that came with the fastest twin blade technology so that it didn’t make any noise and led to the best possible airflow for you?

If you just went and installed a 132” white ceiling fan, then you would have missed out on the above option even if it was in your budget and cost the same as the ceiling fan

An electrician who keeps updated with the latest options would have been able to suggest this option to you and upgrade your style of living, sense of comfort, and overall decor of the home.

electrician at work

Speed & Time

Talking about expertise, it is a given that it would take someone who changes a light bulb every day a lot less time than someone who changes it once in three years

The electricians have accumulated practical work experience over the course of their professional career in the electrical industry

Suppose, you want to install a range hood (electrical chimney) or electrical grill in your kitchen, and with all excitement you decide, “I have got this. I can do it.”

So, you google it and find a few relevant YouTube videos that show you how to go through the entire process

Even after all this research and a step-by-step guidance, it is worth noting that the time investment for DIY electrical projects is considerable

As opposed to this, if you were to hire an electrician, he/she would be able to do it within one or two hours max, whereas it would have taken you a day or two to get the desired results.

Safety & Comfort

Even after spending a lot of time on DIY electrical projects, it is never a surety that the project you end up completing yourself is going to turn out to be safe … or even functional

Sometimes, the pendant light that you installed keeps dangling and a strong gust of wind could dislodge it and end up hurting someone nearby

Or, the pendant light could keep swinging such that the light is not in focus and doesn’t let you achieve the end result that you desired

If it is not functional or comfortable for you to sit and study under that pendant light, then even though that DIY electrical project (i.e

installation of a pendant light) is emitting light it is a big fail

To ensure that all your domestic electrical work is safe and comfortable for you to be using every day, make sure to work with a domestic electrician.

Trends & Technology

Technology is taking all the fields and industries by storm

So when it comes to your home’s electrical work, you need to ask yourself — whether you are aware of all the technological advancements in the electrical industry?

Like, do you know about the smart home revolution or the lighted bathroom mirrors?

If so, would you be able to get enough help about that particular DIY electrical project online and can you make it work for you?

As opposed to this, if you were to hire an electrician, he/she would be able to share the latest advanced options available to you in terms of electrical home improvement and so you can ensure that you are not missing out on the latest options available to you.

technological advancements in the electrical industry

All said and done, it is up to YOU to decide whether you want to put on your learning hat, get your working gloves on, and dig deep and work hard at the DIY electrical projects?

If you are someone who loves to learn a lot and gets a sense of accomplishment in having learned and achieved new things flawlessly (not always at the first go, obviously), then the DIY projects are for you

But if you feel concerned about the legalities, safety issues, rules and regulations, missing out on the latest technologically advanced options, then you can work with expert domestic electricians who would be able to help you with it all

The ball is in your court — do let us know what do you plan to do on your next electrical home improvement project: hire a licensed electrician or do the work yourself?

We would love to know your thoughts.

Author Bio: Elley Santhow is a blogger and works as an editor at Responseelectricianperth.com.au

He loves to write about home improvement, electrical and technology.

I’m a seasoned Interior Designer whose innovation, keen eye for detail and creativity have all earned me the reputation as a reliable go-to professional. Over the course of a decade, I’ve garnered extensive industry experience, successfully designing hundreds of bathrooms along the way. Additionally, I hold an Interior Design Certificate from College of Architecture and Design in Newark, New Jersey. Outside of my profession, I have an avid interest in all things related to fitness and cryptocurrency. If you are looking for a competent expert who can help you renovate your living space, then feel free to contact me today.

  1. I suggest to hire an electrician if the problem is out of your knowledge in order to be safe. But if it is something you can handle confidently, just do it yourself to save money from hiring an electrician to do an easy job.

  2. My mother wants to install some new hanging lights around her home. It is good to know that my mother should find an electrician who is doing a really safe work. That is good for them to know because I would hate for the work to be done poorly and for them to have to deal with it.

  3. My husband and I are finally getting around to finishing our basement. There is some lighting work that needs to be done down there. My husband was thinking about doing it himself, but I think it would be best to have a professional take care of it. Like you said, you need someone with all the right tools and equipment. My husband doesn’t have any of that, so an electrician seems like it would be the best way to go.

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