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How To Assemble A Maxi Climber

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Assembling a maxi vertical climber is an easy task as the unit already comes about 90-95 percent preassembled. That means almost all the task is already done for you. You only need to adjust the screw, readjust some nuts and bolts, align some parts, and you’re all set to start your workout with the maxi vertical climber.

A maxi climber lets you enjoy a full body workout at your home.

It is a very fast and efficient way of getting rid of calories.

There are so many models available that can help you achieve all your fitness goals much faster and more effectively.

What Do You Need?

Before you divulge into the assemblage of a maxi vertical climber, you need to organize all the things that you require for the purpose.How to Assemble Maxi Climber

Make sure that you have all of these before you start assembling your Maxi Vertical Climber:

  • The maxi vertical climber
  • U-bars of different sizes
  • 2 handles, right and left
  • 2 fixed handles
  • A tightening wrench

All the things required for setting up the exercise unit comes included with the maxi vertical climber.

You don’t require any bolts, drills, screws, or any other tool to complete the assembly process.

Almost 90% of the unit is already assembled.

Hence, you require only a few number of steps to make your way to use the indoor exercise unit.

How to Assemble Maxi Climber Machine in 7 Steps

Assembling a maxi climber is easy and quick.

Here is the complete process explained in 7 simple steps:

  1. Clear Up The Space For The Unit

    You need to make enough space for the training machine first.

    You need to consider two areas for the maxi vertical climber.

    One, where you’ll workout and the other where you’ll store the machine once you’re finished your workout session.easy to store maxi climber

    Though you can use a single space for both purposes, it is recommended that you consider two separate places for the purposes.

    Typically, a fully assembled vertical climber takes as much as 6sq ft. of space.

    Of course, this is a very small footprint when compared to other indoor full body workout equipment.

    The machine can take up about 7 to 8ft height.

    Hence you need to make sure that you have adequate height wise space.

    One of the best thing about maxi vertical climber is that it is foldable.

    This means that after working out with the machine, you can easily fold it and store either in your closet or behind a door.

    Thanks to its compactness, you can even place it on a shelf.

    Moreover, the vertical climber is a lightweight unit and hence would not pose a problem when moving it from one location to another.

  2. Check All The Materials

    Once you’ve grouped all the required pieces together, you need to double check them.

    Check carefully that every piece is in its best shape.

    If there is any broken or missing part, then you need to contact the manufacturer to ask for a replacement.

    Though it is simple to set up a vertical climber, it never hurts to take a look at the instruction manual.

    Sometimes, specific parts need to be attached in a specific way that only the instruction booklet can tell you.

    Moreover, it’ll help you during the assembling if you come across some unexpected problem.

  3. Readjust the nuts and bolts at the top of the machine

    First of all, we would form the base of the machine.

    It needs to be solid so that you can work freely with the indoor exercise machine.

    One arm of the vertical climber can be lowered down.

    Check for it, and then lower it down.

    At the top of the machine, there will be nuts and bolts.

    Unscrew and remove these from the machine.

    After unscrewing them, keep them somewhere safe.

    Now, the big 2 U-bars need to fit within the small cradle.

    Simply line up the U-bar holes in sync with the holes on the cradle.

    Now, replace the bolts through the U-bar and the cradle at the same time.

    Use the included tightening wrench to tighten up the bolts.

  4. Readjust the nuts and bolts from the smaller cradle

    In this step, we’ll repeat the previous step but for the smaller version of the part that we assembled earlier.

    The arm that we folded down earlier should come back easily to the top of the machine.

    The part that we’ll work now will have similar two bolts and nuts in identical locations.

    Like done before, carefully remove the nuts and bolts and place them aside.

    Now, let the smaller U-bar fit into the cradle.

    Align the holes of the U-bar with the machine arm.

    Replace the bolts and let them run through both the U-bar and cradle.

    At last, tighten them using the tightening wrench.

    These two units, the one mentioned in this step and the one described in the previous step, form the vertical climber’s base.

    Turn the machine upside down so that the 2 U-bars are now on the ground and some distance apart.

    The distance set between the 2 U-bars has a major contribution to the stability offered by the vertical climber.

  5. Readjust the safety pin

    A safety pin will be holding the stabilization bar at the bottom of the machine.

    You need to remove the safety pin while holding the stabilization bar firmly.

    As soon as you remove the safety pin, the bar will drop down.

    It will be now resting on the small triangular bulge present at the opposite side of the machine base.

    Carefully align the holes of the bar with holes in the triangle.

    Now, reinsert the safety pin into the available space.

    Slowly push the safety pin as far as possible.

    Don’t push too hard.

    Your vertical climber will now be stabilized.

    This means you can now have workouts on the machine without worrying about the device from extending too far.

  6. Fasten the pulleys

    This step will allow you to have a full body workout with the exercise machine.

    At the front of the climber and near the base, there’ll be some screws present on the left and right side of the machine.

    From each side, remove the nut present on the top of the middle bolt.

    Now, reach up to grab the pulley strings.

    Find the circular attachment at the base of the machine.

    Place the circular attachment at the pulley’s end near the bolt to secure the pulley strings.

    Now, put back the nut and tighten it.

    Your pedals will now be able to move up and down opposite each other.

    This will help you to get a full body workout from the vertical climber.

  7. Add the handlebars

    There’ll be two different types of handlebars accompanied with the machine.

    While one type is long, L-shaped and marked R or L; the other type will be smaller with handgrips.

    Identify the respective left (L) and right (R) L-shaped handlebars.

    Insert them into the respective slots.

    Insert them in such a way that the grips are parallel to the ground.

    Press the metal pin to let them slide perfectly into the slots.

    You can adjust the height as per your requirement.

    Now, attach the smaller handlebars with the hollow cylinder present on the back of the front side of the machine.

    Slide the ends, push the metal pin and continue sliding until the handlebars are in the sweet spot.


easy to Assemble Maxi ClimberMaxi vertical climber has one of the easiest assemblies.

You don’t need to consult someone to assemble the training unit.

All the steps mentioned above are easy to follow and require no more than 15-20 minutes to complete the purpose.

Keep the instruction booklet with you so that you can better understand about all the parts of the machine.

It will make your maxi vertical climber assembly much easier for sure.

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