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How To Avoid Indoor Trainer Boredom

Last updated on: November 28th, 2017

I know training inside can be boring to hell and this is why I am here, and I am writing this article. If you’re one of them who just doesn’t know how to keep themselves motivated on their best bike trainer and how not to think about how boring this session is you should read this article. I will give you some tips and some instructions on how to avoid and prevent your indoor trainer boredom. If you are interested, jump in and read on.

Keep It Short

Why do you even think about those long sessions?

There is no effective way to cut out the boredom out of a long lasting training session indoors.

Why won’t you try keeping it a little bit shorter and level up the intensity?

You don’t need to have those long sessions if you can give all you have to a more intense but shorter ride.

If you pick a shorter session that means it will be over sooner and you will make much more effort which means you did a better training and that is better for you.

Be Intense

Be IntenseWhat is more fun: riding a longer session at the same pace or adding up a few intervals?

Okay probably now more fun, but it will be over much quicker because your mind won’t be overthinking about how boring this session is and when it will be over.

Adding a little bit of like 30 sec maximum intensity ride and then 5 minutes of normal tempo and again will make your session much more fun, and that means you won’t have time to think about the end of the training.

You should repeat this a few times and then don’t forget to cold down too.

Play The Mental Game

Are you having trouble with your mind?

Are you overthinking?

You should try to motivate yourself with some motivational quotes and think about that you are doing something that makes you different from others, that makes you better than others and then be proud of you self.

What is your goal? And what are you willing do to reach it?

Try to motivate yourself and if you manage to succeed be proud of you because not anyone can do it.

Get Out

Get OutDon’t be stuck on that trainer inside and alone forever.

It is cold outside, and it is raining but your friends are going for a ride anyway and what do you do?

You probably think that it is better to stay inside and have a session indoors, but no that is not the right way to do it.

Go outside and make a session even though the weather is not the best.

If you are going to join your friends are going to be pushed, and you will be much more motivated for the next indoor session too!

Try it sometimes, and you will see it works!

Trainer in your basement is going nowhere.

Find Ways To Distract Yourself

It can be a little bit boring when you have to look the same wall for the whole training session, and that might be a mood killer for a great workout.

There are few ways how to keep the training interesting and how to keep yourself focused.

With the help of this tips your training will be more bearable and will go by fast:

  • Listen to music which makes your body feel good. Make yourself a playlist of good music, and you will see how fast the time will go by.
  • Watch TV or a movie which you like
  • Read a book
  • Play video games
  • Try talking on the phone etc.

Watch A Training Video

Do you need a motivation?

Try watching a cycling video online, and you will see you will get a lot more motivated.

When you see other people competing and training online, you will want to compete and give the maximum yourself too and what is bigger than a motivation like that?

There are few apps available online like Zwift app where you can compete with other users and if you are not in the best mood for training try doing a session with the help of this app with other users in a no time you will be very motivated and trying to be the best.

Buy Yourself A Fan

You are training inside, and if you are not in a cold basement or you don’t heat in your apartment a lot, you will get hot and start sweating a lot.

What can you do?

You can simply turn off the heating if you can, or you can buy yourself a fan which will keep the air constantly circulating, and you won’t feel hot anymore.

There are also some trainers who have a fan already installed, and you can check those too.

Have A Structured Workout

Don’t get lost in the same workout over and over again and try something different every time you have a cycling session.

And don’t forget to warm up and cool down. These are one of the bike trainer mistakes you need to avoid.

Structured workouts are a great thing if you are having problems with getting bored during the training.

Try different intervals, try turbo training, etc.

If you want to be motivated and push yourself forward, it wouldn’t be bad if you made yourself a training plan of a variety of different sessions and keep your mind focused and not bored at all.

Train With Other People

Train With Other PeopleIf you are training alone all the time that can get anything else than boring and if you have the option to train in a group that can be a great distractor.

When you see other people training that makes you even more motivated, and you will be able to get done a better training, and you will do much more for yourself too, but with a little bit of help from others.

The Commercial Break

This is one of the two workouts which are being very successful when it comes to lowering down the level of boredom.

This name is a very interesting thing because you do the workout during commercials.

The workout is made out of a few minutes of warm up and they you do sets of 1,5 to 3 minutes long intervals of the maximum effort.

You have 5 minutes of recovery then. Try this few times like 8-10, and you will see what a body pump this is, and you will also forget about boredom.

Skip The Game

Okay, this is the second one which is very effective when it comes to boredom in the trainer.

It is the reverse training as we have seen at the commercial brake training.

You give your maximum of the intensity during the game, and when the commercials are on, you are recovering. How long can you go?

TV won’t be a distraction anymore because you will be working very hard when the program is on.

Okay, this is the end.

I hope this article will help you on your way to more interesting and more effective training sessions which will be everything else than boring.

If you will follow my tips and do everything I wrote in this article you can already say goodbye to sessions which are full of boredom and without any motivation.

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