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How To Break In New Work Boots

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

When you buy a new pair of boots, it is most probable that your feet do not fit perfectly in them. You have to face few pinches and aches, which can be a painful experience. There are two ways to break in work boots; first way requires you to endure the pain until boots fit correctly and the second one requires you to use a break in method.

How To Break In New Work BootsBest steel toe boots are ideal for people who are required to carry out their jobs in harshest environments. Whether it is a construction site or a cold temperature area, working boots provide the best safety to your feet.

There are a variety of working boots available that differ in their design, area of application and the type of leather used for construction. Moreover, there is one major factor related to working boots, known as a break-in period.

The break-in period is the time for which user has to wear the boots to eliminate all aches and pinches caused due to improper fitting.

Different methods can break in almost any type of work boots. By using a break in method, you do not have to suffer that extra pain and inconvenience caused by a new pair of work boots.

Break in methods are easy, and there is no requirement of particular skills for following them. In the upcoming section of this article, we will elaborate each break in method.

  1. Hot water treatment

    This is a common method used by military people to break in their boots.

    In this method, you need to do the following steps:

  • Submerge your new pair of boots in a container filled with hot water
  • Let the boots remain in hot water for at least 30 minutes
  • After that, you have to put them out of the water and have to remove the excess water present in boots
  • Now wear these boots for 30-60 minutes
  • After completion, your boots will break in and will be ready to use for extended durations
  1. Cold water treatment

    Cold-water treatment is an easy method for a break into your new boots.

    You have to follow the steps mentioned ahead to break in boots:

  • Arrange 2 Ziploc bags and fill each of them with cold water
  • Other bags that can lock will also do the task
  • Ensure that water do not fall over the boot when you are pouring it in the Ziploc bag
  • You have to remove the excess air present in the bag before sealing it
  • Now you have to put the bag inside boots and have to angle the water in such a way so that it is in the direction where pinching occurs in boots
  • Do not forget to tie the laces of boots before putting them in freezer
  • Put the boots in the freezer and let them remain inside for an overnight. To avoid any chances of leakage, keep boots facing upwards
  • Water will freeze into ice and expands. The expansion will cause boots to stretch
  • Take out boots from the freezer and remove the Ziploc after the ice melts completely.
  • Your break in boots are ready to use
  1. Stick treatment

    This method requires very less amount of time for carrying out its procedure.

    It is also a very simple break in method. Here are the steps required in this method:

  • Arrange a broom or mop stick to proceed further
  • You have to insert the broom or mop stick in such a way so that it aims towards the portion of boot, which is tight or pinches
  • Now bend the boot gently over the stick
  • The leather of the boot will stretch out due to the pressure exerted by the stick
  • You can observe a small discoloration of leather at the area where you have applied the stick
  • The discoloration indicates that the portion has stretched out
  • Repeat the process until the tightness disappears completely
  1. Oil treatment

    Break in boots with oil treatment is easy, but you need to buy mink oil or a leather conditioner to accomplish the task.

    Below are directions that will help you to break in your new boots with this method:

  • Take mink oil or any other leather conditioner
  • Apply a coat of oil over the area of boot where you feel pinching or tightness
  • Let the oil remain for an overnight
  • Now you have to wipe off the oil applied on the boots. Remove oil as much as possible
  • The area where the oil is applied will become softer, and thus the boot will not pinch anymore
  • In actual, oil softens the leather to eliminate toughness from the area where it is applied
  1. Treating with alcohol

    This is another fast and efficient boots break in method and is simple to follow.

    Below are the steps involved in this method:

  • Identify the exact area of the boot where it hurts or pinches by putting it on and walking a little bit around
  • Take a cotton bud and dip it in rubbing alcohol
  • Apply the cotton bud to the area where the pinching occurs
  • Remove the bud after few minutes
  • You will feel softening of the area where the pinching was occurring before applying the cotton bud


There are very few chances that new best work boots offer a perfect fitting to your feet. Most times, you have to face pinches and aches caused due to the initial congestion in boots.

However, with a break in method, you can make your boots ready to wear for a long duration. Following a break-in process is easy, and anyone can do it.

You do not have to bear the intense pain caused by your new pair of working boots. Always remember that if the tightness offered by the boots is great, then it may be because you have bought a smaller size.

Therefore, be careful while selecting the size of boots. And take good care of your work boots.

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  2. I didn’t know about this break in methods when you buy new boots.

    I’m working on construction sites … but I’ve never did the break in to my new boots. What I usually do is buy ny boots one number bigger than my size.

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