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How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Have you been looking to buy a new mattress lately?

buy a new mattressChances are you have been looking at the different options to buy a mattress online. It is definitely much more convenient than going from store to store and then selecting one from the limited options available at the store. Just like all the other things that we buy online, buying a mattress online has its own advantages – almost unlimited options, many choices to compare with and convenient shopping experience including a home delivery option.

With so many benefits, it is natural to look for the options online. But what we generally do not realize is that this also means, we cannot touch or test the product before purchasing it. Neither do we get the benefit of some of the great advice that we can get from the salespeople regarding the advantages or disadvantages of a particular brand. While the first part is taken care of by the companies selling their mattress online, in the form of trial periods, here we try to handle the second part.

Before getting into what to look for when buying a mattress online, it is important to understand that the limitless choices that you get over the internet can also mean, there are so many new options available that you may not even have heard of earlier. For example, the latest rage in the mattress world is the Memory Foam mattresses.

If you have even just started to look for a mattress online, you most certainly have come across multiple variations of these from nearly all manufacturers. Everybody is raving about the benefits these mattresses bring to you, but how do you choose one from the other in so many options. Here is a handy guide detailing out what to look for when you are buying a Memory Foam Mattress.

  1. Density – The Memory Foam mattresses are made up of multiple layers of viscoelastic material, thereby giving it its most important feature of supporting the pressure points. When sleeping on a memory foam mattress, you will get a feeling of weightlessness, as if you are floating on water. This feeling is created by the density of the material in the memory foam.

Thus, when you go to a store or are buying a memory foam mattress online, the first thing you must check is the density of the mattress. A high-density mattress (having anywhere between 5 to 6 pounds per cubic foot) is considered the best for those looking for a firm mattress. This adapts very easily to your body and is extremely useful for pain relief.

The medium density mattress having anywhere between 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot are not as dense or firm and are a good choice for those who are economically concerned since these are slightly lower priced than the high-density ones. However, that in no way means comfort is poorer.

  1. Indentation Load Deflection – Another very important parameter that is most certainly mentioned with each mattress, the ILD is the measure of firmness of a mattress. High ILDs create a slight resistance in the upper layers of the mattress and give you very comfortable support.

The lower ILDs, on the other hand, mean the firmness of the mattress is lesser and it is more soft and plush. This option should only be preferred if you do not want your mattress to be firm. The firm memory foam mattresses with higher ILD ensure proper support to your lower back or the lumbar region, which is not the case with the lower lids. Thus, as much as possible, go for those options providing higher ILDs when buying a mattress online.

  1. Durability – A very important factor when buying a new mattress is its durability. If the mattress keeps changing shape or starts sagging and needs replacement frequently, it is not a good option to consider. The big advantage of Memory Foam mattresses, apart from the pain relief and supporting the pressure points, is the fact that they are extremely durable and low maintenance.

A high-density mattress has a higher life span of about 10-12 years as compared to the low-density ones, which need a replacement every 4-5 years. So, it makes sense to invest in a mattress that lasts longer than the others.

  1. Sleeping Positions SupportedSleeping Positions Supported – Not every person prefers the same sleeping position, but the sleeping position is a major contributing factor to the mattress buying decision. One may choose to sleep on their back or stomach or even on their sides. It is important to find out the position you prefer, since that may define the type of mattress you should be using.

For those who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach, a high density or firm mattress is a better choice. On the other hand, for those preferring to sleep on their sides, softer mattresses will also do. This is because the human spine is naturally arched and the sleeping position defines the pressure applied to different body parts like shoulders and maintaining the alignment.

The memory foam mattresses are a unique type of mattress that supports almost all sleeping positions, though it slightly favors the ones sleeping on their back or sides. When you are planning to buy a memory foam mattress online, make sure that you take this factor into consideration.

  1. Size of the bed – There are certain parameters that are dependent on the nature of the material and make Memory Foam Mattress as a better choice in one or the other situation. However, this is one parameter that must be considered, irrespective of the nature of the material. The size of the bed is very important for a comfortable sleep and to fit into the surroundings of your room. Thus, you need to check the size of your bed and its position vis-a-vis the room, before buying a mattress online.
  1. Temperature Sensitivity – There is enough scientific evidence that mentions that sleeping in a cooler environment ensures a deep and peaceful sleep. While sleeping, the body temperature may rise a little and hence it is suggested to sleep on a material that has good air circulation so that one can get a cooling effect.

With its polyurethane material having a cellular structure, the Memory Foam mattress is a good example of how cooling can be achieved. Although, in some cases this may not be enough and hence the manufacturers come up with different variants like the 100% natural latex mattresses or the gel-based memory foam. The first is made of a natural material leading to a natural cooling much better than any other material. The gel-based one, on the other hand, has a top layer of a gel-like Aloe Vera gel, providing the cooling effect.

When buying a memory foam mattress online, ensure that you check out the options for cooling, especially if you sleep hot more than others.

  1. Budget – This one is almost a no-brainer. A very important consideration when making any purchase decision, this should be carefully considered. If you have the provision in your budget to go for a high-density mattress as compared to a low density one, it is good to go with the former. This helps you in many ways. It may be costlier now, but you get better comfort and longer durability.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight, do take a look at the options available for buying a mattress online that meets your budget requirement as well as does well in one or more of the parameters listed above.

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