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How to choose the best soccer gear

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Whether you’re intending to play soccer in your backyard or in a league, there is some important soccer gear that you need. We have written this article in order to help you choose the best soccer gear that will greatly suit your needs.

Having the correct gear can do great wonders for your game as well as your self-confidence on the pitch.

Below are some the major things that you require in order to kick off your hobby.

1. Soccer Ballbest Soccer Ball

This is the most important equipment in the game of soccer. Soccer balls are available in different brands, price points, sizes as well as design. The price of a ball can be determined by whether it is approved by FIFA or NFHS.

For you to select the right soccer ball, you need to have a basic understanding of a ball’s construction, size difference as well as the differences in the materials used to make the ball.

You can find more about soccer ball and other things at PremiumBalls.net. Nevertheless, the main features that determine the price as well as the performance a ball include:


Balls that are made using PVC are more affordable, resilient, harder and also less lively thus making them ideal for training or starter balls. On the other hand, balls that are made of PU deliver a much softer touch with more responsiveness. However, PU balls usually scuff and wear very fast.

Latex bladders or Butyl Bladders

Latex bladders are widely used to make professional balls since they offer a soft feel. Nevertheless, the balls do not retain air as compared to balls that are made of butyl. Although Butyl bladders don’t provide flight as latex bladders, they are normally used for improved air retention.

  • Soccer balls have different sizes and designs which are ideal for different skill levels, ages as well as games
  • Mini balls are ideal for training, indoor use as well as fun drill
  • Size three balls are ideal for kids aged between 7 and below.
  • Size four balls are ideal for ages 8 to 11.
  • Size five balls are ideal for ages 12 and above. This is the official World Cup ball size.

For maximum feel and durability, go for a mid-range ball (size 5). Also, ensure that the ball features a strong polyurethane cover as well as panels that are stitched.

Our recommendation

Adidas Performance Brazuca Top Replique Best Soccer Balls

This ball was used during the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil. The ball was named Brazuca in reference to Brazil. The top quality ball is made using quality materials and it is approved by most popular footballers in the world. The ball’s cover is made up of 6 premium polyurethane panel which enhances greater aerodynamic as well as reduced water absorption. Besides, the ball is very lightweight and it’s available in size 5. These top quality ball can be acquired on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

best soccer cleats2. Soccer Cleats

The type of soccer cleat usually varies Depending on the position that you play. For instance, a goalkeeper will need a boot with more flexibility and traction so as to enable him to move from side to side without tripping. Defensive players need a boot that provides more protection since they are the key aggressive interactors.

Lightweight boots are the best for the other positions since they offer maneuverability as well as striking force.

In order to get the greatest traction, stopping power, acceleration, as well as maneuverability on the pitch, choose a pair with outsoles that are specially designed for the normal playing surface:

  • Firm Ground (FG) / Molded – Adaptable and also popular with amateur and intermediate players, ideal for all natural playing surfaces.
  • Soft Ground (SG) / Replaceable – this type of boots are ideal for experienced footballers. The outsoles are great for use on soft or wet surfaces.· Hard Ground (HG) / Multigrain (MG) – specially Designed for use on artificial or hard natural surfaces.
  • Turf – these outsoles are ideal for harder field surfaces as well as artificial turfs since they feature numerous raised patterns in place of studs.
  • Indoor – ideal for indoor play on gym surfaces that are hard.

Moreover, the type of material used to make the boot also affects your touch on the ball. Soft leathers are the best since they offer you more control as well as improved touch, while also ensuring durability.

Our recommendation

Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon FG Soccer Cleat

These cleats feature a remarkable design that makes them be very light. They are ideal for any soccer fanatic and they can also be used on either grass or artificial turf. The boots are made using synthetic materials and they feature a rubber sole as well as a contoured sock liner so as to offer additional comfort. Besides, the top quality model comes in a choice of 7 different colors.
The boots are currently available at Amazon at a very reasonable price. Order a pair today and start enjoying the beautiful game.

best Shin Guards3. Shin Guards

Although shin guards come in different materials, styles, as well as price-tags, their main objective is to disperse and also enthrall impact energy in order to protect the feet, shins, as well as ankles from harm. Costly, professional -level shin guards use Kevlar, fiberglass, polyurethane, as well as other innovative materials to protect the leg and also offer maximum comfort.

On the other hand cheaper shin guards are designed using hard plastic shells which are backed using foam as well as other comfortable materials so as to ensure that the legs are safe from injury. Normally, larger shin guards ensure that you’re safe from injury as compared to smaller shin guards.

Our recommendation

Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guard

This shin guard is ideal for all players regardless the levels they are playing in. The model features a protective shell that’s hard so as to prevent the legs from serious injuries in the event of a collision.

The shin guard also features hook and loop straps as well as ankle straps that help in maintaining the guards in the right positions. Besides, the guards also feature a thick EVA padding that ensures maximum comfort. The product is currently available on Amazon.

best soccer socks4. Socks

Soccer socks ensure that your calves, as well as ankles, are protected from scratches.

However, before choosing a pair of socks you have to ensure that it has form-fitting fabrics, anatomical shape, and it is also of suitable length.

5. Ankle brace

Since soccer involves much sideways movement, it is hard on the ankles. If you have had injury problems before and you’d like to feel more confident you should go for an ankle brace that’ll remain secure during the game and won’t also be easily damaged.

Our recommendation

Mueller Soccer Ankle Brace

These braces are lightweight as well as sturdy so as to offer great protection and support. The model feature front laces which can be easily tightened so as to offer additional compression without inhibiting ankle movements. The braces are perfect for players who are recovering from injury. The braces are available on Amazon at a very reasonable price

best Soccer Apparel6. Soccer Apparel (Shorts and Jerseys)

Soccer jerseys and shorts ensure that players look and also play very well! Since they usually come in various styles as well as colors, the choice of soccer apparel choice largely depends on your personal preference.

Nevertheless, for you to stay fast as well as agile on the pitch, ensure that you purchase a soccer apparel that’s comfortable, fitting, and also of low-profile.

7. Soccer Goalie Gear

Goalkeeper Apparel (Jerseys, Shorts, and Pants)

Soccer goalkeeper jerseys are mainly about style & performance. With the different colors and designs, you will stand out between the posts and strike fear in the game. However, before you purchase goalkeeper jerseys ensure that the arm and elbow pads that are usually present in most goalie jerseys can safeguard you from injuries when you dive for shots.

Most goalkeeper pants & shorts usually feature impact-absorbing, low-profile, padding around the hips and knees. The padding helps to reduce sting from dives as well as jumps thus providing you with the poise to play very physically.

best goalkeeper glovesGoalkeeper Gloves

Goalkeepers require the finest goalkeeper gloves in order to improve ball control and also make great saves without injuring the fingers or bruising the hands. Gloves are specially designed with different types of materials, foams, styles, as well as advanced technologies so as to improve your experience between the posts.

However, before you choose a pair, you have to ensure that it fits perfectly. Moreover, the gloves should also offer you the right grip.

Our recommendation

PUMA evoPOWER Protect 3.3

These gloves are among the best goalkeeper gloves that are available in the market today. The gloves are not only well-fitting but they are also very affordable. The PUMA evoPOWER Protect 3.3 is great for use by players of all levels. The gloves can be purchased on Amazon.

best soccer goal8. Soccer Goals

Since there are many kinds of soccer goals you have to limit your search by understanding your financial plan, the intended use as well as your skill level. Plastic soccer goals are very lightweight, inexpensive, and also ideal for drills, training, and scrimmages. In contrast, metal goals are a bit more expensive, robust, and also heavier thus making them ideal for match play as well as institutional or league use. Young, inexperienced players should use a goal that’s between 4′ by 6′ & 4.5′ by 9′. On the other end, players who are more experienced should use normal, full-sized goal measuring 8′ by 24.


Now that you know the features that you need to look out for when choosing the best gear for playing soccer, you will be able to enjoy
playing football without having to worry about being injured or having any difficulties.

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