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How to choose the perfect dog toys for FIDO?

Last updated on: September 26th, 2018

One of the fun ways to appreciate your dog is to choose the perfect dog toys you can find for it. Apart from eating and snoozing, playing is one of the activities that dogs enjoy a lot. Most dogs will play for hours on end with a toy they like. It’s up to you as a dog owner to purchase a great dog toy for your pet.

Reasons to choose the perfect dog toys for your dog

As a dog owner, buying toys for your dog can benefit you significantly. For starters, it’s an excellent way to keep your pooch busy as you concentrate on personal projects. A good toy can capture your dog’s attention for a long time giving you a chance to accomplish any tasks you have at hand.

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Playing with toys is also a great way to relieve stress for you and your dog. It’s especially important to keep your dog happy so that it does not get bored, or depressed. Once this happens, dogs can exhibit unpleasant traits that can disrupt your home and life in general.

Many dogs act out in unpleasant ways when they are bored or depressed, and no dog owner wants this to happen. You can prevent this by engaging your dog’s attention with an exciting toy. A good quality toy will physically and mentally tire your dog so that after the fun, they are at peace and easy to handle.

It is also vital that you develop your dogs mental capacity. It helps them to be more obedient, grasp instructions fast and even perform tricks if you train them. In case you need to train a dog for a specific reason such as for the use of a wireless dog fence, it will grasp your orders better if it’s mentally sharp.

As you can see, there are many reasons to purchase dog toys for your pet. However, you cannot just pick any toy for your dog. You have to consider several factors to help you choose perfect toys for it.


Factors to consider when choosing dog toys for your pet:

1. Your dog’s age

Before you order dog toys for your pet, ask yourself -how old is my dog? The age of your dog will determine the type of toys you buy for it. For example, dogs are very active when they are pups. A good toy to get a young, energetic dog is a dog ball launcher. It will help the dog burn off excess energy playing fetch to keep from tearing up your possessions from frustration and boredom.

2. Size of the toy

If your dog is large and you buy it a small toy, it will get bored quickly and abandon or destroy it. If the toy is too big for your dog, it will not enjoy playing with it. So you have to pick a toy size that is compatible with your dog’s size. For example, if you buy your dog balls to play fetch, they should be big enough to grasp otherwise your dog will have a hard time holding on to them.

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3. Goal

Also, ask yourself what you want your dog to achieve by playing with the toys. If you want your dog to get rid of excess energy, you should purchase a toy that will challenge it physically to help it exert lots of energy. If you want to develop your dog’s mental focus, you need an interactive toy. Something to exercise your dog mentally and teach it new skills.

4. Safety

No matter which toy you choose for your dog, you must ensure its safety always. Dogs can get into a lot of trouble when playing with the wrong toys. For example, if a ball is too small, your dog could swallow it accidentally, and that’s going to be troublesome to get out. To avoid such incidents, only buy toys that you can leave to your dog with no fear of the dog injuring itself or others.

5. Number of dogs

Buying toys for multiple dogs is more complicated than buying them for one dog. When you have two dogs, its a good idea to buy toys they can share. Playing together with toys will strengthen their bond and keep them happy and content.


Different types of dog toys you can buy for our dog

When you visit the pet store, you will find a lot of toys on display. It’s easy to get confused and end up picking the wrong toy for your dog. Here are a few examples of the types of dog toys you can buy for your pet.

1. Throw toys

Throw toys such as balls and frisbees are great for playing fetch with your dog. A throw toy is something for you and your dog to enjoy together. Make sure you buy something it can carry without swallowing or getting injured. It should be sturdy so that your dog does not destroy it in one day with its teeth.

Best dog ball thrower

If your dog loves to play catch, but you are too busy to play with it, consider buying a dog ball launcher. A ball launcher is a machine that throws balls for your dog. There are ball launchers with a re-slot mechanism that allows your dog to throw the ball back into the launcher after retrieving it. With such a device, your dog can play fetch on its own for hours without you and have a lot of fun.

2. Interactive toys

Interactive toys are meant to develop your dogs mental capacity. They push your dog to respond positively to challenges in exchange for rewards. Most of them involve hiding food and challenging your dog to get the food out. Your dog has to press the toy in different ways, or turn it in a specific way to get the food out.

An interactive toy is a great way to train a dog through play. It teaches your dog that there is a reward after exertion. Dogs that play a lot with interactive toys are easy to train when it comes to critical tasks such as training your dog to use a dog crate or bike trailer among other types of dog equipment. Some examples of interactive toys for dogs are food mazes, and puzzles.

3. Comfort toys

Some toys are suitable for comforting your dog. Some good comfort toys to buy your dog are flavored chew bones and chewy plush toy. They act the same way as teddy bears do for small children. They make the dog feel calm and relaxed and are great for your dog to use during stressful times.

4. Tug and pull toys

Dogs enjoy playing tug because it challenges them. A tug toy is a great way to play with your dog. It’s also a fun way for your dog to burn off energy. Two dogs can also play with a tug toy together. A good example of a tug toy to get your pet is a braided rope.


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These are just a few examples of toys you can buy for your dog. With this information at hand, you should be able to choose the perfect dog toys for your pooch. Dog toys are essential for your dog’s well-being and development. Make sure you buy the best ones, and your dog will love you for it.

One of the fun ways to appreciate your dog is to choose the perfect dog toys you can find for it...read more in article on our website.
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