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How to Choose the Right Accent Chair?

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

An accent chair is a great way to bring new life to a room. Accent chairs are generally used as a focal point that draws attention from other areas of the room. Choosing the right accent chair needs an artistic mind. There are many important factors that you need to consider while choosing an accent chair that perfectly suits your living space. Here are the best ways for how to choose the perfect accent chair for your living room.

Purpose of the chair

To select the right accent chair you need to ask yourself, what do you want from an accent chair? Do you want to sit in it as an armchair and read, or you want to relax after a day of work? Will you allow your kids and pets to play around or on the chair? Whether you are looking to create a style statement or a conversation space in your living room, an accent chair is a perfect solution.

Size of the chair

The scale and size of the chair is also an important factor while selecting one for your room. You should try to buy a chair that is neither too small nor too large. When the proportions are off, space will look awkward, despite the beautiful design of the chair. Make sure the chair you choose matches the scale and size of the sofa and other chairs in the room. So, it is essential to choose the correct size of the chair that fits well in your room.

Perfect color

Accent pieces of furniture are meant to look unique and appealing. You may not want your accent chair to be lost in the surrounding décor. You need to consider the rest of the furniture and colors in the room to create the perfect contrast. For example, if the surroundings are of a neutral color, you should get a patterned chair. The basic idea is to choose a color which makes a perfect contrast with the walls and surroundings.

Placement of the chair

Placement is another important consideration which affects the style of accent chair you chose for your living room. Choose the shape and size of the chair according to space where you are going to place it in your room. For an accent chair to be used as additional seating in your dining hall, choose one that matches the size and seat height of other dining chairs.

The fabric

Choosing the right fabric depends on how the chair is to be used. If you have kids or pets to play around, avoid the materials like suede or velvet as these fabrics are not much durable. Another option of material is leather. Natural and synthetic leather both are durable options for daily wear as compared to velvet or suede. The material also affects the overall feel and experience of using the accent chair. The leather and velvet offer a welcoming and warm feeling. The material of the chair and the upholstery both impacts the overall feeling it provides to the user.

Accent chair style

The style of the accent chair also impacts the overall style of your room. If you have sleek pieces of furniture in your room, you can choose a sleek silhouette accent chair. Or if you want a classic style, choose one with extra deep seating or with a large wingback. If you have a low seated sofa, choose an armless slipper chair with a low seat. A swivel chair is another option to add more versatility to your room. If you want a premium style and coziness, then choose the chairs with soft fabrics like velvet or suede. If you have kids and pets to play, then hard wearing leather and cozy chairs would be a perfect choice.


Before buying an accent chair, it is important to know your budget and stick to it. A low-cost chair may have inferior quality and craftsmanship. However, you don’t need to spend high to buy a good quality chair that can last for a decade. There are many accent chairs under $100 that you can buy within your budget. Usually, the more you spend on a chair, the better quality you get. However, if you don’t want to spend high, you should look for the average quality accent chairs under $100 that fits your budget well.

Final Words

Accent chairs are used not only for the purpose of placing in the living room. People also use them to create a statement of style in their home design. Accent chairs are available in a myriad of colors, materials, sizes and styles. What seems perfect to a person may not be good for others. However, the factors mentioned in this post will help you choose the perfect accent chair for your living room.

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