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How to Eliminate Bathroom Odor

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

Sometimes even if you feel your bathroom is clean, odors linger, and this could be pretty annoying. It’s time you realize that scrubbing and scouring cannot on their own give your home that refreshing smell. Get rid of bad odors and freshen up your bathroom with this detailed guide;

Open a window

clean bathroomA pinch of fresh air can go a long way into diluting the unpleasant smells from your bathroom.

You can also make use of a fan to eliminate strong odors in just a few seconds.

However, this strategy works best when you implement it immediately you enter the bathroom and not when exiting.

You can also opt to leave the window open all day long as it doesn’t consume any energy as compared to the fan.

Use a spray

While upmarket air fresheners turn out to be the best choice for most people, they can turn hazardous as they contain some toxic compounds.

Therefore, this could work against you if you happen to be allergic to some minor triggers.

In this case, get creative and invest in your time on DIY videos.

There are pretty of them out there, and the result could impress you.

Most DIY room sprays contain lemon and alcohol, with a few other ingredients.

You will also need a good spraying bottle from the local store.

Soak your toilet Brush

Rinsing the toilet brush with plain water isn’t enough as this can encourage the harboring of some gems and odors.

Hence, if you have been neglecting that side for long, it’s time to put it into consideration.

Besides, you might discover the source of that unwavering smell you have been trying to locate for so long.

Doing this is pretty simple as all you need is to soak that brush holder with one of your favorite cleaners for a while, before giving it a thorough washing.

Clean the toilet seat

While you might be ensuring to give your toilet a clean every morning or evening, you might be overlooking some areas.

Smells tend to find handouts in some of the tiny spaces you forget to clean, such as toilet seat fittings.

It’s even practical if you have young boys in the house.

Why not take out that removable toilet seat and scrub.

Who knows, you might have pumped into your household cleaning secret.

Deodorize that trash can

No matter the tight lid your toilet trash bin has, there will always be leakage of lousy smell once you throw something inside.

Therefore, be sure to remember freshening up this area as it could be one of the leading odor contributors not only in the bathroom but also the surrounding areas.

As usual, you can try out some of the self-made odor deodorants in the can or purchase some on your next shopping day.

The move might seem a simple one, but the impact could surprise you and your loved ones.

Essential oil in toilet paper

Most essential oils come with a pleasant smell.

Take advantage of that and get some few drops in the toilet paper.

Through this, the tissue can release some fresh scents every time you/anyone else pulls a roll.

The secret is to counter smells with every bathroom use, which curbs smells as they emerge.

Try this, and you would be surprised at the magic you have been neglecting.

Don’t ignore those Molds and Mildews

No matter how much troublesome mold and mildew can be in your home, you should never tire of eliminating them as soon as you can.

First of all, the presence of these two in your household is a clear indication of humidity presence.

Therefore, use dehumidifier in the air surrounding fixtures.

If you discover that your bathroom is prone to mold, you should conduct this process on a regular basis.

However, the immediate solution to such smells is placing a bowl of baking soda in the area as it helps to soak up the moisture and any smells in the air.

Undiluted vinegar also comes handy in cleaning the areas.

Get a flower vase in the Bathroom

flower vaseMost people don’t consider placing a fresh flower or plant in the bathroom.

Well, as it’s widely known, plants make great air purifiers.

They are not only cheap bit also smell nice and take up little space.

You can also use a plant as part of your décor and get to enjoy the multiple benefits.

Don’t be shy to be creative and bold.

There are several shapes and plant colors you can use in your refreshing journey.

Light a match

Many people might have heard of this secret once in a lifetime.

It’s however unfortunate since most individuals haven’t seen the need to try it out.

However, the ability of a single lit match to absorb methane can leave your bathroom odorless, especially when you having a “bad” day.

Use this when you have visitors over with frequent visits to the toilet.

Get an air purifier

If homemade air fresheners aren’t your thing, then you can as well invest in a purifier.

The good thing about this move is that there is a wide range of them in the market for selection.

You can get one that perfectly fits into your space concerning color and size.

Purifiers are also great for sucking up bacteria, viruses and other allergens in the air.

Go traditional with charcoal

Charcoal is widely known to be an excellent smell absorber.

In addition to that, it also helps in countering harmful toxins in the air as well as drying up moist.

As you can see, there are diverse reasons as to why you should consider using this component.

You can decide to have a few pieces in a raised area or drop a bit in the toilet brush container.

There are also some beautiful fresheners with charcoal as an ingredient you could use in your bathroom.

You don’t have to try everything, all you need is to pick the ones that work best.

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