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How to get Pet Hair Off And Out Of Your Home

Last updated on: May 3rd, 2018

If you are a pet owner, you know that battle with pet hair is a never-ending saga. You cannot completely get rid of it. You just vacuum and then suddenly here comes the tumbleweed of pet hair rolling by. A pet owner, of course, is wise to know that no matter how many times you vacuum; there will always be pet hair in another. How to detangle dog hair?

Here are some ways to reduce the hard labor and make you somehow furry-free.


Floor Surfaces

Clean house and environment

Switch to an electrostatic dust mop for your floors instead of vacuum on your first run. It will save your sanity. See when you vacuum the exhaust will send hair flying around and back to your floor. You will not completely get the hair out of the floors. If you are still frustrated with your broom doing the same thing, then try this hack.

Use a microfiber cloth; it has the needed electrostatic charge to catch the hair. You can reuse this cloth plenty of time as you can get it washed. It will save you not only time trying to catch the hair and money if you are using disposable wipes.


Carpeted Floors and Area Rugs

How to vacuum dog hair from carpetBefore getting vacuum crazy, it is better to dust the carpeted floors and area rugs with baking soda to lessen the hair and freshens up at the same time.

Another useful tool is a rubber squeegee or rubber broom. These two are can lift the hair out of your carpet. Do not get mad at your vacuum though for missing out the hairs on your carpet. Short and fast strokes will help you do the job in a moment.

If the edges and corners of your carpet are a little dark, chances are there are hair build-up happening there. The quick and easy solution is in your hands, literally. Put on your rubber gloves, wet it a little and run it across the carpet edges. For a hassle-free cleanup, a robot vacuum will get the job done for you. No hands just turn it on and it can work day and night. As a bonus, your pet will have a playmate too.


How to get dog hair off from furniture, couch, etc?

Quick tip: put your furniture at the end of your list or else it will be a never-ending battle with the pet hair. If you have not figured out yet why here it is. When you are sweeping or vacuuming your floor, the hair will just float around and settle on your furniture. Hack: clean the furniture in between two vacuuming sessions.


Furniture with glossy finishes

Non-upholstered furniture like wood, glass or laminate finished is the easiest to clean. Just bring out your trusted microfiber cloth sprayed with a little water and wipe it on the furniture surfaces. As mentioned earlier, microfiber has an electrostatic charge that attracts the hair, add water and the hair will stick. The trick here is to change the microfiber cloth as often as possible or else you will be guilty of redepositing the hair all over the place.


Upholstered furniture

Of course, the reliable vacuum cleaner seems to be the easiest solution or you can use a lint roller. Another trick is to use a clean dampen sponge or a rubber glove or a rubber squeegee. You can rub it on the upholstery and voila, the hair will come out.



Furminator or several brushes of this kind can help remove excess hair from your pets. They will love it too and will help their hair become healthy. You must do your brushing outside of your home if the weather is fine. If not then put your pet on a towel when brushing to catch the hair.



Best hair stripper for petsGiving your furry friends a bath once a month is a good exercise. Here is trick, to get as much excess hair as you want, you must brush your pet’s hair before giving a bath. Shampoo and conditioner should follow this, then dry, and brush. Repeat the process twice.

If you think this task is too tedious for you, you bring your pet to a pet groomer. They will apply a special shedding treatment (twice a year). This is quite helpful during spring and fall, which is also the shedding season.

Lastly, there is a special vacuum attachment pet called Groom Tool for one brand of vacuum cleaner. What I am not sure is if your pet will let you vacuum them. These tips and tricks can help you have an almost fur-free home. All it takes are few changes in the routine and you can make it happen. Do not forget to always have a lint roller with you.

Blankets or pet beds

Your pet maybe has a favorite spot on the furniture; the trick is to place a washable blanket on top of his favorite spot. Let him busk in all its glory and when guests are coming over, you can remove the blanket with hair and all. For pet beds, just follow the instructions on the care label but be sure to wash it frequently.


HVAC and ducts

Air ducts are included in the areas you should clean as regularly as possible. Pet hair can go to the ducts and have it recirculated into your home. More hairs for you to clean. The furnace filter can also have hair accumulation.



I can helpThis is an ever-present problem for pet owners, having hair all over their clothes, even in clean clothes. It is important to loosen the hair before turning on the washing machine. The machine will just agitate the clothes and will weave the hair unto them. How to remove dog hair from clothes?

Here is a trick: start washing by setting the machine to heat-free, tumble the only cycle. Let the machine do this for 10 minutes. This will loosen the hair. Do not forget to remove the hairs from the dryer vent.

Next step is to pull out all the clothes from the machine and shake it to remove extra hair. Then proceed to set the machine to, as you would normally do. Another tip: add half a cup of white vinegar it will help the fabrics relax and loosen the extra hair.

How to get dog hair out of blankets and sheets? Tricks are similar to those of clothing.  Once the wash is done, take it out again and shake. Then you may proceed to dry. Dryer sheets and dryer balls can also help.

Now let us go to your pet. Remember that no matter how much you clean, if your feet are shedding hair like now tomorrow, then it is like not cleaning at all.

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