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How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Four-Legged Friend

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility but the fun of finally having your own furry pet vastly outweigh the extra things you have to do. Imagine gaining a walking companion or a cuddling buddy.

Your pet gives you unconditional love and gives you no judgment the way your human relationships do.  Many studies have shown evidence of the health benefits of getting a pet. A pet can increase happiness and joy in your life but make sure your home is pet proof. Aside from making your place comfortable and safe for your pets take them to regular visits to the veterinary to check their health.

Have your pet’s internal organs checked with an ultrasound and coupling gel in order to discover any health-related issue. Get your pet’s teeth checked also for signs of decay and disease.

A Puppy’s Eye View Shows You Potential Hazards

Cute labrador retriever puppy playing with rubber ball while lyiYour pet sees the world from a different eye-level so make sure to see your home through their eyes. Get an idea about what may be potential hazards for them. You may have to get down on all fours and crawl around your house to get more sense of the surroundings.

Inspect areas your pet can access by jumping or climbing. Specifically look for choking, electrocution and suffocation hazards. Make the necessary safety measures by wrapping exposed wiring with electric tape or cutting through loops.

Human Foods and Medications

Pets are curious creatures who may end up ingesting toxic foods and medications. Protect them from fatal substances by putting food for humans and meds on a safe place such as inside a cupboard or fridge. Eliminate ladders inside your kitchen where your pet can jump on and access countertops and storage areas.

expired dry dog foodDiscard trash daily with human food waste so your pet won’t rummage through it. Apply baking soda in areas around your house to get rid of odors that may serve as a temptation to your pet to ingest something. Look out for chicken bones on the trash. Small and sharp bones are choking hazards for your pet.


Plants look great on your home but not all varieties may be pet safe. Lilies, in particular, are dangerous for cats and may cause kidney failure.  Other plants to be wary of because of its toxic effect on pets include amaryllis, poinsettia, mums, and aloe Vera. Making research on a plant’s toxicity before bringing it home can save you from having a sick pet.

Hazardous Items

Cats and dogs are great acrobats and they can access your cupboards and shelves by manipulating stuff around your house. Pets can access your home cleaning products, pesticides, and fertilizers. Although pets may not necessarily ingest these items imagine the mess of toppled bottles.

Keep rooms and storage areas for these items tightly locked. Antifreeze is an especially dangerous substance to pets. The smell and taste of antifreeze are appealing to both cats and dogs. Pets die instantly upon exposure to antifreeze so better keep this item stored in a locked place and immediately wipe off any spills of antifreeze around your house.

Toilet Lids

Keep your toilet lids down so your pets won’t be tempted to mess with an open toilet. If you use automatic bowl cleaners your pet may ingest the toxic liquid. Smaller pets may even end up getting trapped or drowned inside your toilet.

Safeguard Windows

Animal Brown CanineCats have a tendency to jump out of high windows and injure themselves that the veterinary profession has dubbed these numerous incidents as the “High-Rise Syndrome”. If you have cats, it is not enough to install window guards on high windows; you must install screens. Cats can easily squeeze out of window guards and attempt a jump.

Make a Safe Space for Your Pets so They Don’t Wander Off

Your pets should be given stimulating activities on their own space complete with toys, bedding, food, and water source. Pets tend to wander off to get stimulation and you may find your kittens and pups inside dangerous areas such as an opened dryer.


Pet are great companions but you have to pet-proof your home and make some changes in your habits so they will be fully part of your life. Create enough space on your home for your pets and you will reap the benefits of a harmonious existence. Making your home safe for your pets is a small investment of time and money with long lasting results that will keep you and your pets happy.

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