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How To Ride Bike Trainer And Stay Cool

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

If you are riding and training inside you, have probably had problems with getting overheated and I know it is not the most comfortable thing. If you have experienced getting really hot during the workout, you probably want to know which the possible ways not to get so hot are. If you want to know which are the most effective ways to keep you cool while training you should continue reading this article and being hot while cycling will be the past.

Find A Right Fan

Find A Right FanThe first thing you can do is that you purchase yourself a fan.

Fans a great because they are constantly making sure the air is circulating the room, and it won’t be so hot in there.

It is important that the fan is big enough so it can manage to cool down the amount of air in the room.

You should do a little research (like check our bike trainer reviews) too because some bike trainers already have fans preinstalled and that’s a great thing especially if you are one of those people who gets overheated fast.

There are different options where it comes to fans; you can get a box fan or maybe a floor fan depends on your needs.

Once you don’t feel as hot as you were a few seconds ago, you will be able to put much more effort in training and, you will be able to do it better.

Set Up In The Cold

Set Up In The ColdIf you don’t like the idea of purchasing a fan, there is also a little bit cheaper (if you need to purchase the fan) version.

If you own a garage or maybe a downstairs room which is underground and you don’t use it for anything specifically, it can be transformed into your training room.

Garages and underground rooms are great because they are colder in the beginning.

You can also cool down your living area or the room where you are usually training and make it cooler which will also help.

But you need to be careful because if you are riding in a cooler like in a garage and it is also winter outside, you should make sure you are dressed properly too.

Because even though you are going to get a little bit hot later that doesn’t mean you can’t get sick because you are too hot in an environment which is too cold.

Learn To Love The Heat

Another way to get through the phase when you are very hot is that you are getting used to it and slowly you are learning how to love it.

It is possible to believe me!

When you are sweating you need to know that all the bad substances and excessive products are leaving the body and that means if you are sweating, you are also doing something great for your body too!

If you start thinking that way, you will gradually love the feeling of getting sweaty.

Mix Up Your Workout

Another great trick is that you don’t do only indoor trainer workouts, but you do a little bit of a mix of workouts.

Read these trainer mistakes to avoid beginner problems.

If you don’t spend a lot of time inside and training on a bike trainer, you might even not get hot.

If you are doing only a warm up inside and then, you go outside and do some intervals or maybe you do only a recovery ride on the trainer you won’t even know what getting hot means.

If you don’t like sweating and getting hot a lot, this might be the right trick for you too!

How To Use a Bike Trainer

I know that it can be a little bit boring to train inside and you usually get very hot.

Riding inside can be as difficult as it is if you are riding outside and it can sometimes be even harder because it is more difficult to motivate yourself while you are staring at the same wall over and over again.

Here are some tips and advice about training inside and how to train on an indoor trainer.

These workouts are great if you want to activate your system fast but you would still like to get a nice workout without tons of sweat.

  • Speed intervals: if you want your power and speed to get better and improve you should try doing some speed intervals. They are great if you want to recover after a very hard training where you had to try very hard. They are usually made out of 3 steps. The first step is fast-pedal intervals which you are doing for one minute, and then you have recovery time for around 2 minutes between every effort. The second stage is easy going pedaling for like 5 minutes, and the final stage is the 30-second intervals with followed 30 seconds rest. The circle is being repeated for few times depends on your physical condition. If you want to get it heavier, just add up some intervals.
  • Climbing bursts: the next ones are climbing bursts which are similar to doing hills. You first need to raise the front wheel, so you feel just like you are riding up to a hill. The first stage is riding for 10 minutes, and you should do it at a pace you could easily hold for an hour (RPE 8). You should add up a little bit effort every two minutes and then you have easy spinning for 10 minutes. Repeat it three times. If you want to make it even harder, you can try 2x 15minutes and 10 minutes of recovery or maybe 3x12minutes and then 6 minutes of recovery, etc.
  • Ladder intervals: the last one are the ladder intervals, and they are great if you are training for a race. Start pedaling for 4 minutes (RPE 8) and then 3 minutes (RPE 9) and then 1 minute at your maximum. For recovery, you have 5 minutes of easy spinning. The next interval starts with all maximum at RPE 9, followed by spinning for 4 minutes at RPE 8. Recovery is easy spinning for 10 minutes. Repeat few times and if you want to make it even harder you can add up some time on each spinning (at first adding 30 seconds, then a minute).

I hope this article was helpful and you will now know how to enjoy in a cooler ride without huge amounts of sweat which can be annoying.

If you will follow all the tips and you will try the workouts at the end, you will be able to enjoy a dryer workout and focus on other more important things than just focusing on how sweaty the workout is.


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