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How to safely bike with your dog?

Last updated on: February 6th, 2020

Do you like riding bikes and would love to bike with your dog? You probably don’t because you think it may not be safe. You may also wonder just how to go about it since we all know that dogs don’t ride bikes.

Well, good news for you biker and dog lover; you can ride your bike with your pet and enjoy it! There are safe and easy ways to enjoy biking with dogs. Using these options, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself or your dog during bike rides.

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Different ways to bike with your dog

There are several ways you can ride a bike with your pet. The options differ depending on the dog’s size, age, training and level of activity among others. It’s up to you to choose the best way to ride a bike with your dog. The following are three methods you can try.


1. Let doggy jog along

The first way to bike with your pet dog is to let it run beside your bike. To make this a safe exercise, you need to buy a body harness and dog bicycle leash for your pet. You must also get it a reflective vest, dog booties and enough treats and water for the adventure.

Attach the bike leash to your dog’s body harness securely before clipping it on to the bike bars. Make sure you put the dog booties on your pet’s paws to prevent injury in case the ground is too hot, cold or filled with objects that can pierce it.

You may wonder why all these protective items are necessary when you only put on a leash when walking your dog. Biking, unlike walking, is fast. You will not have time to watch out for your dog as you would when walking. The safety gears such as booties, reflective jacket, harness, and bike leash are for your dog’s safety and comfort during the ride.

You need a disciplined or trained dog for bike riding otherwise you will end up on the ground in a mess with it. It must be able to listen and respond to commands quickly for both of you to have a safe and fun bike session. The dog should also be able to ignore distractions and stay the course with you throughout the ride.

It’s a good idea to start by riding your bike with your dog in your home driveway or compound to let it get used to running alongside the bike. Once its ready, you can bike slowly around the neighborhood with it teaching it to avoid distractions and obey your commands. With time, you can graduate to dog trails or bike trails in parks to enjoy biking with your pet in nature.

It’s better to keep to safe zones such as parks and nature trails instead of biking close to traffic areas with your dog for the first time. Your dog may get excited or confused, and it could lead to a fatal accident. Run-by-your-side bike rides with dogs are ideal for large and high energy dogs. Some good examples are Huskies and Labrador retrievers.


2. Basket bike rides

Pack Of Dogs Sitting At A DeerSmall dogs such as Pugs may find it hard to keep up with you if you want them to run beside your bike. Instead, attach a basket to your bike where you can place them for the fun ride. The basket can be at the rear or front of the bike, although front basket are best because they help you to keep an eye on your pet.

Ensure you strap the dog into the bike basket to prevent it from jumping out any time it feels like it. The basket should also be comfy for your doggy with some cushioning. Make sure you bring along some water and treats for your puppy in case of hunger or thirst.

A good thing about biking with your dog in a bike basket is that you can go as fast as you like without fear of losing your pet. You can also have adventurous bike rides in high traffic areas as long as you strap your dog to the basket securely. It doesn’t need a lot of preparation so you can even bring your pet along during errands such as visits to the shop.

Basket bicycle rides also come in handy with small sick and old dogs that may not have a lot of energy to run or walk but need lots of time outside in the sun. They also come in handy during hot days when you need to take your dog out yet the roads are scorching hot and could injure your pet’s paws.


3. Dog bike trailer ride

Some dogs cannot run beside your bike and are also too large for the basket. In such cases, you need a bike trailer if you want to take bike rides with them. A dog bike trailer is a small buggy you attach to the rear of your bike for your dog to ride in.

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A dog bike trailer will allow you to ride your bike freely as your dog sits comfy in the back and enjoys the ride. You can buy one with a protective cover for the days when its raining or too sunny. They come with safety features that will prevent the trailer from unhitching itself and harnesses to keep your dog firmly strapped in the trailer.

A good dog bike trailer has reflectors on it to ensure it is visible to other road users. They are also lightweight and spacious enough to hold any large dog. Pick one with a sturdy floor and frame. It should also have large wheels and a broad wheelbase for stability. Make sure you put a comfy blanket on the floor for your dog as well.

Dog bike trailers are ideal for long rides that would otherwise tire your pet if it was to run beside you. They will work for large or small dogs as long as you buy one that your dog can fit in. You can also use it to carry more than one dog if necessary.


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Bike rides are just one of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy with your pet. Dogs are social animals, and they thrive in the outdoors. Taking time to bike with your dog will make it a healthier and happier pet. Do it often, and you and your dog will be better for it.

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