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5 Ideas for Innovative Flooring That Wows Exhibit Visitors

Last updated on: February 7th, 2020

When you’re organizing a trade show, there are a lot of things to consider. The first things that come to our mind are usually the overall design, the walls, our products or the services we offer, the accompanying furniture and so on.

What we tend to neglect is the flooring, even though the flooring is just as essential for our trade show booth as the walls. The flooring is a part of our general design and besides the aesthetics, it serves other purposes as well.

The flooring is used to highlight some elements of our booth. For example, you can highlight some new cutting edge products. You can easily use the psychology of colors here, where you choose specific colors to achieve certain effects. You can also use color contrast to draw attention to demonstration tables and stands inside your booth. For example, if your floor is dominated by one color, you can use a different, contrasting color beneath the elements you wish to highlight. You can also outline the perimeter of your exhibit with a bold color to attract more attention to your booth. Other than these, there are some other ways to impress exhibit visitors with your flooring. Check them out.

Go classic with tiles

Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home isn’t easy and neither is choosing the right flooring for your trade show booth. Both require some thought about the materials used, the colour, the patterns, the setup, etc. However, classic is always the way to go. Tiles come in many materials so you can choose from carpet, foam, rubber and plastic tiles. Plastic tiles are a great solution if you’re dealing with an uneven floor, while rubber tiles are a good option for a floor that undergoes heavy traffic. On the other hand, foam tiles are very soft and comfortable, which both your staff and potential customers will surely appreciate. Accordingly, they come in many colors and patterns. The great thing about tiles is that they are easy to assemble and can be upgraded and expanded (if needed) without difficulty. They are usually assembled through an interlocking design, so basically everybody can assemble them quickly, without breaking a sweat.

Ideas for innovative flooring definitely include a new trend of raised flooring tiles. When you opt for a raised flooring, it means your booth is raised and stands on a custom-sized framework, above the floor. It is easy to install it and it also provides space to hide all the cords underneath it. So, there’s nothing in your booth to distract your visitors or to create some hazards. Raised flooring is a great way to make your booth stand out from the rest of the booths.

Be eco-friendly

There are some solutions that both look great and are eco-friendly. One such example is rollable bamboo wood flooring. This is the perfect way to promote your company as an eco-friendly one and raise people’s awareness of the importance of switching to some eco-friendly materials and options. Rollable bamboo flooring is easy to install, it is lightweight and it comes in a few natural tones. The best part is that it can last for quite some time since it’s made from highly sustainable wood. It will give your whole exhibit a luxurious and sophisticated finish.

Be unique

Besides serving the aforementioned functions, the flooring should also look attractive and unique. The question is how to make high-end exhibition flooring that will attract many visitors and potential customers? The first thing you should definitely have in your mind is to use every inch of the space you have, and that includes floors, too. Nowadays, it is popular to brand your whole booth and that means floors as well. You can custom-print your floor with your logo, slogan, products, anything you wish. Almost all types of flooring such as foam, vinyl, carpet and plastic can be custom-printed. Let your imagination and creativity guide you.

However, if you already have enough branding in your booth, maybe you should consider some other options for kicking your flooring up a notch. You can opt for bold, eye-catching, unusual floor patterns that are sure to draw attention. If you want to achieve an elegant look, you could try a herringbone pattern. There are many other high-impact patterns available for you to choose.

Achieve the Wow effect

You can easily impress your exhibition stand visitors by using the proper lighting. The lighting provided at big exhibition centers is fine, but it is certainly not wow. Luckily, there are some ways you can achieve the wow effect with some LED lights. You can use LED light strips to mark the perimeter around your booth or to highlight some demonstration areas as well as products. LED strips are highly beneficial since they are flexible, waterproof and easy to mount. You can “steal” some ideas from your local coffee shops, as they always tend to play with all kinds of different light ideas.

Make your floor the center of events

Among the ideas guaranteed to attract visitors is to make the floors the centre of happenings. You should definitely consider how to make your booth inviting and interesting for people. Think about how you can make it interactive. As dogs like to play fetch, people like to participate in some engaging activities such as quizzes, questionnaires, puzzles, etc. Make sure you provide your visitors with the chance to try out your product or service, people love that. They get the chance to see why your product is one of the best. You can also organise some quick games and hand out prizes and some materials. An effective marketing trick to have in mind is to hand out the prizes, small gifts or materials in the biggest bag (people tend to put all of their small bags into the biggest one). That’s how you ensure your company is promoted all over the exhibition centre and beyond.

Even though it can seem that organizing a trade show booth is a piece of cake, there are many layers to consider actually. You should start planning your exhibition way ahead of time, so you would be certain not to miss anything. A well-organised trade show booth is always a plus on the promotion of your company.

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